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Part 12: Frilly things

11. Frilly things.

Suenteus Po posted:

Our little chef needs something more elegant. The studded leather was fine for a warrior, but if she keeps fighting she'll make daddy cry again. And daddy crying means Evangelion yaoi.

Lizzie needs to stay the hell away from fighting from now on. Vote for cooking classes. And a purple dress.

Well, you heard him. It's time to get you all dressed up.
Heard who? Daddy? Are you feeling alright?

Good morning! What can I get for you today?
A red silk dress
Wonderful. Anything else?
30 yards of chiffon ribbon.
Here you go! Will that be all?
A phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range.
Only what you see, pal!

Witness, Lizzie, how fools prostrate themselves before you when you've only just started climbing the social ladder. Work hard at this, and the world shall be at your feet.
I'm right here you know.

I feel like a giant tomato.
Alright, you're dressed like a lady. Now you have to learn to act like one.

"In 'ertford, 'ereford and 'ampshire, 'urricanes 'ardly ever 'appen.”

A month passes...

My dear Lizzie, please take a break from class and do go try out your skills. Else I'm afraid I shall have to strangle you or myself to end this torment.


But of course! Listening to the voice of the people is also part of my duty.

Lizzie spends some time conversing with the Minister of State

I like intelligent folk. Nowadays, women too are required to be knowledgable and educated.


Weren't you the one complaining about how expensive these classes were?
Psh, it isn't like it's my money that we're spending.
Oh. HEY!

December comes and goes with few fatalities in the art, dance or decorum classes... and a visitor turns up at the doorstep!

Hello Paimon.
I'm glad to see you're working hard. I have come again to give you power, as I promised.
Hm, he does seem a little scary, but I guess he is really trying to help me out.

Or not.


Art, Theology and... housework?!? What is this, the 13th century?

Hmph. Well, at least that's done.
Aren't you forgetting something?
It's January. You-know-who's in town.

That is such a beautiful dress. You look lovely in it.
Aww, you're sweet.
But I know someone else who would look even better wearing it...
Wh-what? Hey!


Lizzie works through her trauma with art therapy, staying at home, huddled in a ball, and regressing back to her childhood years and playing with younger children.

I suppose I will, if it means never having to come to one of these classes ever again.
Oh, I'm pretty sure it does, Lizzie.

Really? I thought it'd be... I don't know, sensitivity and care.
Get back to work!

I'd hope you'd keep your nose out of my affairs, thank you very much.
Yes, Lord.
I hope you always hold on to your faith. Go with God, my child.



Lousy Smarch weather...

Stupid lousy housework... should burn them all!
I'm not seeing how this is supposed to improve her temprament at all, sir.
Well, I suppose a little time off couldn't hurt.

Awesome. Hope you like housework.

April is another tedious month, punctuated only with an incredible, blood-splattered fight.

Shortly afterwards, Katana commited seppuku from the unbearable shame of having challenged, then lost to a 13 year old girl.
Hey! I'm 14!

Oh, right!

Why, Sir, you're not going soft now are you?
Only in the heart, Cube, only in the heart.
...that's what I meant.
The only thing that's gone soft here is his head.

It's the end of April, so let's see how she doing.

Cube looks like he's got something to say too:

We're running a little low on funds, but the new jobs give decent stat gains and wages, and the bar is the only way we'll raise her conversation skills. Unless anyone has higher priorities, she'll be working at the bar until her brains run out of her ears.