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Part 13: A Rival Appears!

12. A Rival Appears!

Dear Diary, Papa's been insisting I try out some 'normal' work instead of stabbing monsters to death and taking their money.

Well, I'll be! How did you do it? He's behaving so well now!

Teehee, that's my little secret!

If-if you say so.

...I felt a little light headed, but otherwise that wasn't that bad.


Ah, where does the time go?

Lizzie helps out with the housework before heading out to the bar.

I... I think I'm feeling a little woozy from the cooking fumes.

And it's vacation time!

It looks like we're having a heatwave, shall I have the Mistress change into her summer dress?
Hmmm? Oh, yeah. Sure. But why are you asking me?

Gott in Himmel!
I think it's about time for a new dress, sir.


Well, how sweet. Come, we'll have tea together.

Lizzie sits down for some tea with the queen...

Lizzie, your strength and beauty will someday fade. A good temperament is the most important thing for a girl.

I don't know. I think being popular makes up for a lot.


Where does the time go?

Don't worry, this isn't some kind of sleazy bar. That's not 'til you're 15.

After work I started giggling and couldn't stop for an hour. I hope this job isn't hurting my brain.

Another vacation? You're the boss. I'll make sure the house doesn't burn to the ground while you're away.


Later, at the Palace...

Oh, what a cute little girl. Come here, let's talk...

Lizzie enjoys chatting with the royal concubine...

With the king being so old, I'm always so bored I could die... I'm just starving for someone I can really talk to...


August comes and goes uneventfully...


*knock knock*
Who's that at the door?
Looks like some shrivelled up old hag who wants to tell our futures.
I'll do your horrible, agonizing demise for free.
Ah, right... well, how about your daughter?

Cool, now get out.
Hey, what about my 35 bucks?!
Hahahahaa, you should have seen that one coming!


Ah, you're Shinkicker's adopted daugher. My, how you've grown! Your father was a magnificent warrior. You should work to bring honor to his name.

Holy crap-covered balls, what have I been doing, wasting my time with these other losers?!
We heard that.


September starts off with Lizzie back at school, which passes without incident.

But, after school...

Yes, but who are you?
Of course. I knew at once it must be you! The adopted daughter of the famous hero Shinkicker, the up-and-coming young magician girl who's making such a name for herself.
Young magician girl?
It's okay, don't be shy. Now's the only time you'll have the chance to brag.
Huh? What is she talking about?
Hm, I should introduce myself. My name is Wendy. I'm a fourteen year old magician girl, just like you.
Would you stop calling me a magician girl? It's embarassing.
My goal is to defeat you and become the number one magician girl. Then, eventually, I'll be the greatest magician in the country, and I'll grow old in luxury and comfort!
She wants to defeat me. I-I don't really know if you could say that's a big ambition.
I'd say it's closer to suicidal delusion, Mistress.
Anyway, you're a real smart dresser, but come to the next Combat Tournament. I'll be waiting!
I see. Well, let's both work hard and become wonderful magicians.
Ma-gi-cian girls!

And now, back to work for Lizzie...

Maybe it's gas... I don't feel so good, oh god, that guy just passed out in front of me! I'm going to die in here!

Fortunately, October arrives and everyone takes the whole month off to screw around at the Harvest Festival. But first, at the Shinkicker home...


Lizzie, what do you think of me?

Papa? Oh my god, what are you doing?!
I think... I think he's hugging you. And crying.


Lizzie and Cube rush to the Coliseum...

Well... looks like Wendy showed up. I wonder what kind of fight she'll put up?

Take this!

...and this!

...and THIS!

Holy fuck! What kind of idiot are you?! You can't deflect a swordblow with a bare arm! Hold still and maybe someone can stitch it back on.

Haha! You have lost! Now you have to roll and wallow in the dirt forever!
Let's see, next I've to face Leftor...

...Salam Nasir...

...Massal Halbar...

There he is! The final boss!
No, wait! Don't kill me!

What's that, Lizzie?
Oh, just the first prize at the combat tournament.
What, another one?

Lizzie's stats as of October 31, 1214!