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Part 14: 'LizZ3'

13. 'LizZ3'

Hey Lizzie, guess what?
What, Papa?
I arranged for Dimitri at the bar to give you a permanent job. You get a day off for every 5 days, and he pays 20 gold a day.
Neat! Though...
I hope they fixed that gas leak.

'Deer diri, is Lizze. I tink sumthing is rong with myy brane, but I cannot figure out whut.'

'I keep seeing pepul no one else sees. One day this guy come into the kitchun and says he is Domovoi and blessud me bekus I wuz good at keeping kitcn nice.

'The King lukd a litle sad when he talked tu me. I don no why. But he tuld everyone to be nice to me. I like friends.'

'Sumtimes they let me out of the bar. I like it becus I can breeth outside. I met a lady-snake and we talkd and talkd.'

'The pretty boy came again but he startud crying when I sed helo tu him. I dunt no if he wants tu see me agen. Did I make him sad?'

'Jenny came bak and was mean like she is.'

'I forgot. I think there was sumthing I wanted tu do when I saw her agen, but I forgot.'

'She hit me. I did not like it so I hit her bakk so hard that she fell. I got skared. Wud I get in truble?'

'Then I got relly skared, but not becus I thot I was in trubl.'

'Sumtimes I like tu pretend and play with my imagenary friends.'

'I was so happy today. It was my birfday agen!'

'But I started krying when I opened my presunt. I kould not reed all the wurds. Papa startud krying tu, I dont no why.'

'I told Papa, 'Don't be sorry for me Im glad I got a chanse to be smart becaus I lerned a lot of things that I never even new were in this world and Im grateful that I saw it all for a little bit. I dont know why Im dumb agen or what I did wrong maybe its becaus I dint try hard enuff. But if I try and practis very hard maybe Ill get a little smarter and know what all the words are.''


All that bar work has shot Lizzie's conversation skill up to 92! But she's dumb as a sack of retarded puppies now!

Cube has something to add too:

Cube, you sick shit!

And to recap her options:

*with apologies to Daniel Keyes.>_>