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Part 17: .5

15 1/2. Whatchoo gonna do when they come for you?

When we last left, two dragons in human form had turned up on the Shinkicker's doorstep.

I say thee nay!
Just as I thought, it's not going to work. He is not so easily swayed by money. Well, let's just give up and go back to the ruins.

Oh god, here come the waterworks.
Miss! What are YOUR feelings?
Hahahahahaha! You're kidding, right?
...I see. Well, I'm a man. I'll just forget about it.
I pray that the rest of your life will be bright and happy.
...thank you.
Well said. Farewell, Shinkicker!
Here it is, master!
Cube, you fool, this is my ogre-slaying knife! Where's my dragon-killer?!
Miss, come by the ruins and see me again some time.


Well, that's taken care of. Let's see how Lizzie's doing for herself.

And Cube has something to say.