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Part 5: A trip to Pedo Lake.

5. A trip to Pedo Lake.

So there've been requests for Lizzie to take up Poetry, Theology, Stratergy, Fencing, Combat, Dance, Magic, adventuring and farming. Sorry to whoever who'se requests I missed. I just lost count of time and didnt get everything done in time as I really wanted to get her to a point where she can survive outside before the end of the update. Did she meet my expectations? Read on...


February 1211

Liz, did you know that February is National Fence Until Your Arms Drop Off Month?
No it isnt!

It is now.

Well those weeks just flew by. Let's throw her into some more lessons, then send her off to the Lakes.

A challenger appears!

The master isn't here? I'll go take the sign right away then!

The master has already left. The other students cower in terror.

One moment. I'll fight you!
Are you crazy?!
So, Little girl. It seems you've got a bit of courage.
She's only ten years old. Ten. Years. Old!

This is going to be horrible.
I'll call the mortuary.

Thrust! Spin! Parry! Yeeek!
I feel like such a dick.


It's no use, I can't win. I surrender!
You gigantic pussy.

Lizzie's win against Bon-Bon Bizarro pushes her fighting reputation up by 15 points!


Off to the lakes!

'Beware of waterfalls.'? What waterfalls?

Oh. Iieeee!

You okay there? You could have drowned!
Thanks mister... hey. What's with that sack?

Oh, uhm... it's my toy sack! I'm Santa!

Lizzie, get away from that man!
Shush you. It'll be good to get Lizzie friends she can play with.

See? He likes her already.
That's right!

That is no way to treat your friends, young lady!

And I'm pretty sure that cold blooded murder is still prosecutable (if you leave any witnesses)

But look at all the stuff in his pockets!
Sigh. Oh hey, sir! Did you want to be my daughter's friend?
Hello little girl!

So is this nectar that fairies collect, or nectar made out of fairies?

I thought mermaids were supposed to be nice!

Back under the sea with you!

More loot!
And more kidnappers!




All that killing is getting to her.

Alright! Fishsticks for dinner!



And kidnappers!

Come back! I'm not done with you!
Look out for dinner!



Maybe you should take this chance and have some time off with Lizzie?
Why? I dont even do any work as it is.

Wow, a mermaid that isnt trying to murder me!
Hello, little girl.
Oh boy, you dont want to know what happened to the last person that said that to her.
Dont be afraid. I'm just a normal mermaid.
I'm pretty sure that's an oxymoron of some manner.
I'm not like those awful fishmen or black mermaids.
Now that's just being racist.
I see you have a "Mermaid's Tear" which you got from a fishman. It is one of my own tears which has hardened. The fishman got it by tormenting me.
Oh those fishmen are really mean.
Because you've been defeating the fishmen, they havent been bothering us as often lately. As thanks, please let me offer a prayer for your happiness.
Thank you. That would be wonderful.

The mermaid offers up a prayer for Lizzie.

Lizzie is more attractive! Lizzie's skin gets thinner!

There was a mermaid!
I was checking her out the entire time.
*knock knock*

Now who could that be?

Really? What sort of things? Hmm, nice ring. Say, what are these... pills...

Look, how about I take the ring and you dont come back?

You're lucky I dont break both your arms off, you sick shit. Come on Liz, we need to go to a real store now.

Hey, want buy a fish scale and a ground up midget?


Is it April already?
I'm afraid so sir. What would you like to plan for her birthday?

I dont know... how about a trip to the desert?

Blood for the blood god!

You know... I'm starting to think I may have begun something that may ultimately destroy me.


More milk that's been left out in the sun.

This looks like a safe place to set up camp!


Just as Lizzie is packing up her things, she hears voices nearby, lifted in merriment.
I wonder what that is?

Mm? How did this happen? There's a human girl here.
Oh hey Lucifon.
I am Lucifon, the Prince of Darkness. Don't look so frightened. Today we enjoy ourselves with drink. Will you join us for some?
Good idea. It'll stunt her growth.
I can't drink your liquor. I'm not of drinking age yet.
Hahaha... in deference to your spunk, I will give you some of my power. What kind of power would you like?
Well, I'd like to be able to take a few more hits...
Fine! In exchange, I will take some of your faith. Abra kadabra, hocus pocus!
That's the worst spell ever.

I cant help but feel ripped off somehow.

No you!

Yup. t

As Lizzie stands by the spring, the surface of the water begins to move in sparking waves!
The waves soon become a shaft of spray, and the spray takes on the form of the beautiful Spirit of the Spring.

Well, I never.
Please give me back my egg.
What she said.
I am the Spirit of the Spring. I watch over the water here. The jewel of the Spirit Ring which you carry is a spirit egg.
A spirit egg?
Once every 99 years, we lay an egg. Last year I laid my egg at last, but it was stolen by someoen.
The egg will naturally hatch after a year's time, but a new-born spirit cannot survive without water from this spring.
Oh, my...
The lifespan of a Spirit of the Spring is exactly 100 years. If the spirit does not have a child, then the spring will lose its protection. It will dry up and die. Please give me back my egg.
You poor thing... But this was a gift from my father. It's very important to me. Wait, what am I saying? Daddy's a jerk! Here!
Thank you. You have saved the spring.
No need to thank me. It really belongs to you after all.
You're so nice. I wish you a wonderful life.

The Spirit of the Spring smiles warmly, and disappears into the waters.

Well, there's that money down the drain.


Oh you poor monster, you have no idea what you're in for.

Fine. Dont say I didnt warn you.

Told you.

Liz, maybe you're getting a little carried away!

But she's being such a rude bitch!
LIZ. I'll not have you using such language, even if you're disembowelling someone.
Shut up, you're not even my real dad!
Hey, arent you forgetting something?




Liz once more sets out to the Southern Lakes. Her visit pretty much looks like this:

Except for one night...

Her rest is interrupted!

Looking around, she notices a number of fairies having a tea party in the shade of a flower petal.
Oh... that looks like fun.
Oh, hello, Miss. Can you see us?
Yes. Hello, Miss Fairy.
We're invisible to people who don't have much sensitivity. You must be a girl with a rich and sensitive heart.
Heehehehee! *snort* uh, thank you. That looks like a fun tea party you're having.
We fairies like good food and drink. How about you?
Me too!
We like nice children. I'll cast a charm to give you some cooking skill.
Abra kadabra, hocus pocus...
Wasnt that the one Lucifer just used on me?

Wow, this worked out pretty well.


Must I?
It would only be proper, sir.
If. I. Must.

What's the cheapest thing you've got?

Happy Birthday Lizzie!

Or at the salon.
You suck Cube.


May arrives and we sign up for Fencing, Dance and Poetry.
Well, we do have enough cash to polish up Lizzie's rapidly diminishing social skills.

My power grows!

Why you money-grubbing sumbitch!

Tobi teaches Liz to move that ass.

The class pushes up her Art, Charisma and Constitution! Awesome.

And finally, a little poetry to refine her soul.

'Oh freddled gruntbuggly,
Thy micturations are to me
As plurdled gabbleblotchits
On a lurgid bee.'...
What is this garbage?
You just dont understand me, Papa!


Next update pushes us through June and towards the festival in October! Put your orders in and I'll get around to them if I dont forget!