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Professor Layton and Pandora's Box

by Dragonatrix

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Original Thread: Every Puzzle Has An Answer in Professor Layton and Pandora's Diabolical Box



Like before, I'm going to request no plot nor puzzle spoilers. If it hasn't occurred in the LP, or is in a later game: don't post it!!
(there is no current megathread unfortunately, so please just be patient!!)

...Professor Layton and Pandora's Box, alternatively named the Diabolical Box in North America, is a DS puzzle game and the sequel to the Curious Village. The game expects you to know what happened in that game, so if you haven't played it before you might be at a loss for a few moments. I will also expect you to know what happened, so either play it or read the linked LP if you like. Or don't and jump in even more in the middle of things. That works too.

Diabolical Box, um... how can I put this? It's not a very good game compared to the first one, nor the next one. It doesn't really suffer from middle of a trilogy so this does not mean it's a bad game, necessarily. It adds some things that are fantastic quality of life changes, has some good puzzles here and there but in general it's just not quite as enjoyable. Maybe that's just me though! Hopefully you'll get the idea over time.

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