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Professor Layton and Pandora's Box

by Dragonatrix

Part 1: Visiting Dr Schrader


Considering the last game ended with a town who's entire population (minus two) was robots? Yeah. I could think that very easily.

But, enough spoiling a thing you should already know. Like the previous game, we begin here en route to our main destination.

Sadly, this time we don't be taking the Laytonmobile much of anywhere. I kinda like that rickety old thing.

Oh, and it seems like our duo are being followed by someone I definitely don't recognise. Nope.

Meanwhile, people who totally are not going to be relevant later in this update are being held up.

Just look at this room!
Yes, I can certainly see why some call the Molentary Express

Now don't forget, Luke. A gentleman pays attentions to his manners. In every setting.

And with that, we are off to our destination of... uh...

Hey look, the plot!

All who open it die? Sounds awfully fishy to me.
Perhaps so.

The answer is out there, Luke. But I just need to find it.
We will. I know it.

Seems a bit weird to make the probable main conceit what the prologue revolves around.


It worked well enough for the previous thread. Got any complaints, come up with something better.

But all that changed with the arrival of a single letter.


What's that, Professor?

Is everything all right?!


Of course, it is more commonly known as "Pandora's Box," in reference to the famous myth.

I'm dubious of this reputation, of course, but when my interest is piqued I simply must investigate.
That's why I'm pleased as punch to tell you that the elusive item is finally in my possession.
What's more, I believe I'm on the cusp of unravelling a great mystery tied to this box.
For the moment, let's just say I have a theory, though I haven't been able to prove it yet.

But I must confess that my curiosity is simply overpowering. In the unlikely event that anything should happen to me, please finish the work I've started here.


I just can't shake the feeling that something awful has happened...
Well, your intuition's usually spot-on! I say we head out right away!


These'll be in the second post for you to check at your leisure.

They're in one of the drawers in that desk.
Will do, Professor! Erm...
If there's something you wish to interact with, Luke, you need only reach out and touch it.

Tutorials excised, and here's a weird thing this game added. These mini-recaps at the end of scenes. They add nothing and serve no purpose. Skipping them too from here on out.

Anyway, nothing else to do here, so we'll grab the keys and move on.

Oh, here they are, Professor!

Also a neat change is that we kind of have an inventory now. This doesn't mean much but it's a good thing to have anyway.

Many thanks, Luke. Now, let's get moving!

We shall do just that. Once we do so...

During one of his visits some time ago, he was kind enough to leave me a map to his home. The map itself, however, is a rather unusual piece of cartography. Look here, Luke.

Oh, how clever! The map itself is a puzzle! Professor, do you mind if I take a crack at it? I just know I can solve this one!

Puzzle Remix

Now we're getting to the important stuff! Picarats are kind of but not really an indicator of difficulty. Like before they let us do other things way down the line.

Like before, I'll be putting all hints under spoiler tags so you can use them if you really want but easily ignore them if you don't.

1. Including the one piece that's in the middle of the map from the start, you have six pieces to move around. ...And only five places to place them in. That means one of those pieces won't be used in the solution.
2. Take a close look at each individual piece of the map, as well as the set portion of the map. As long as you make the roads on each piece fit cleanly into the larger framework, you'll find the answer sooner or later.
3. You may have already noticed, but the piece positioned in the center of the map at the start of the puzzle isn�t used in the solution.

Now, this game does add a series staple in the memo function. It's nice to have but it's not super-useful in many cases.

However, because this game does not like allowing you to have nice things that applies to many, many puzzles here. Still, there are some where it's very handy.

There are also still plenty of puzzles that can really only be done via actively playing it (so many sliding puzzles...). This one isn't really of that ilk, but it's close enough.


Laytonmobile makes a cool cameo appearance for this scene at least. It's only like 14 seconds long, so it's not worth making a video of.

But which flat is his?
That, I'm afraid, I don't know. But come to think of it, the letter I received did mention something about this place...

You'll see that at the end of the update!

Now follow me, Luke. We're going up.

Sadly, there's still not much to do but at least now we get a cameo from everyone's favourite member of the Inazuma Eleven.

All right. See that postbox over there? Try touching it with your stylus for me, will you?

Yeah, so this guy gives us our hint coins tutorial.

We'll just skip past that and collect the rest on this screen.

Only chance to collect them, you see. They are still very finite and you might care about that a little.

The same applies to these two here. There's not much else here beyond the door so we'll grab them and enter Dr Schrader's home.

Dr Schrader? Are you home? It's Hershel Layton. I came as soon as I read your letter. Hello? Are you there? Doctor?
I don't hear anyone in there, Professor. What if he's...
This is no time for idle speculation, Luke. We must get this door open first.

So without a key, there's no way to get in!
Ah, of course! How could I have forgotten? These keys were enclosed in the envelope, along with the doctor's letter to me.

Quick, Professor, let me try them on the door.
Huh? That's strange. It doesn't seem like any of these keys work on the lock.
Luke, don't you see? The doctor has set us yet another puzzle to solve.

Puzzle Remix

1. At a glance, the ends of the keys seem too intricate when compared with the simple shape of the keyhole. Concentrate on finding a key with a shape that matches the structure of the lock.
2. Who's to say one end of a key is any better than the other?
3. Turn each key around and try inserting the part you'd normally call the grip.

This is also absolutely one that could be done via thread interaction, but I think it just makes way more sense not to.

Dr. Schrader

With a fit of desperation, Layton and Luke fling the door open...

However, they appear to be too late. And the box is nowhere to be seen either.


This is terrible, Professor. Do you suppose the Elysian Box did this to Dr Schrader when he opened it?
I honestly don't know Luke. But that can wait. Right now we need to notify the police!
Of course, Professor!
Hm? What do we have here?

Look at this, Professor. There's no destination written on the ticket.
I've never seen a ticket that didn't say where it was taking you. How strange!
Yes, very strange indeed.

Man, this guy who we have never met before is a giant rude jerk! Who just suddenly pushes a child like that?

Huh? Hey, it's you!

Remember, we HAVE never met him before. In Curious Village, it was an imposter pretending to be Chelmey the entire time.

You two found the body, did you?

Luke remembers a bit too well...

No, Luke! Let him go!
Off with that mask!
G-get off me!
Luke, stop that! That's his face!
Off of me!
Listen here, Luke!
Show yourself, imposter!


I'm so sorry, sir! I didn't mean it! I, um, was sure we had another imposter on our hands.
What in the world is this child talking about?! I swear, young ones these days have no manners!

I'm a professor of archaeology at Gressenheller University.
And I'm his apprentice, Luke!

Not at all, sir. In truth, he's-
Professor Layton's apprentice, like I said!
Well, it's really none of my concern. I have a crime scene that needs my attention. Clear a path, will you?
But of course.

Remember, a true gentleman is guilty of obstructions of justice frequently.

Usually for the greater good but this is seriously an awful lesson to teach a child because this is explicitly advocating a crime.

You got it, Professor.
Hmm, yes. Let's see. What do we have here? A murder? Or was the crime self-inflicted?
Inspector, I should tell you that the door was locked before Luke and I came in.

It's a classic locked room mystery. I love it!

Then the doctor was holed up in here, completely apart from the outside world, yes?

What?! How did you come to that conclusion, sir?
Use your noodle, laddie. What other explanation could there be?
It's true that the flat is on the eigth floor and that the door was locked, Inspector. Still, I'd hesitate to say that this room was completely closed off from the outside.
Is that so? Please elaborate.

It's as plain as the nose on your face, Inspector.
Feh! I suppose you academics think your fancy degrees prepare you to play detective, eh?
I tell you, nowadays it seems like everybody and their mum thinks they can do my job.
Now, as I was saying, the cause of death was heart failure, plain and simple. And there's what caused it.

This? It's a scaled-down model of a Kronosaurus, if I'm not mistaken.
I reckon that ugly mug would give anyone nightmares. Here's what probably happened.

But... this is the doctor's own home. Why would the bones he put up himself scare him?
People have a way of becoming forgetful with age. Not that you'd understand, boy.
Well, you're right about that. I don't understand it at all...
Mr... Letton, was it? No? Ah yes, Layton. Mr Layton, what do you think?
The scenario you paint certainly isn't out of the realm of possibility.
But considering the lights were off when we entered the room, I don't think we've found our answer yet.
Oh, really.

What do you mean, Professor?
Study your surroundings, Luke. I'm sure you can see it too.


Puzzle Remix

While an unfortunate stopping point, there are two things to deal with here.

1. Since the doctor mentions hearing music from a nearby flat, you can rule out the window the music is coming from.[spoiler]
2. [spoiler]As the doctor makes special mention of being able to see the sunrise, it's likely his apartment is one of the ones higher up in the picture.

Don't feel bad about actually needing a hint (or two) for this one. I'm sure we've all seen that webcomic strip at some point...

Plus, this one is a mite more important to get done, so I can understand if you focus more on it.

1. Take a good look at all the views. You're looking for something unusual. There are lots of odd objects in the room, but while many may be strange, they aren't the brand of unusual you're searching for.