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Part 4: The Child is Missing

Puzzle Remix

Alright, not too many things to go over before we continue our train journey this time so let's get this done quickly.

3. The tree in the upper-left corner and the one to its immediate right belong to different groups. Additionally, the tree in the upper-right corner and the one directly below it belong to different groups as well. Use these hints as stepping stones to solve the rest of the puzzle.

Honestly, this is pretty simple so this answer should be the right one.

And this one I did, uh, get wrong once.

2. Why don't you take a closer look at the corners of the picture?
3. You can complete most of the drawing using only two colours, but did you notice there's one pesky area down in the lower-left corner that requires an additional colour?

I just went "oh yeah it's 2 obviously" and then whoops. It was not actually two at all.

Basically Layton helps make it clear that I am secretly a giant moron. Thanks, Layton.

After a puzzle like that and a filling meal, I feel a rest is in order. Let's retire to our room.

Molentary Express

So with that done, we now begin to make tracks towards our room. Except there's a couple distractions right here! Also something kind of important we forgot to do.

Oh, yes. The menu was excellent in both its variety and execution.
You honour us, sir. Professional waiters such as myself live for praise such as yours. Now then, shall I provide you with the bill?
Oh... I do apologise, sirs, but I seem to have forgotten your order. Could you enlighten me?

Um, uh, sorry but I kind of don't remember right now either. I'll get back to you on that though!

remember true gentlemen dine and dash unless explicitly caught

Anyway, it is very easy to miss but there IS a second puzzle in the dining car now.

It's tied to that glass on the left you see. Something you would probably just never thing to click on since it did nothing earlier.

I'll say! Look at this glass!
Yes, the etching is quite impressive. Speaking of glasses, have you heard this one, Luke?

I don't know. Probably?

Right so, anyway, we can't head back towards the observation deck right now. Our room isn't in that direction after all.

But the kitchen is open, so we should totally pay our compliments to the chef (who's not actually a chef). Oh and probably cheer him up too because Beluga was kind of a giant jerk!

You mean he always blows up at you like that?
Well, you know, me or someone else on the staff. The boss can be a very hard man to please.
That's awful. You and the others shouldn't have to put up with him bullying you like that.
Well, the boss does have a point. After all, he made this railway what it is today.
He always says that a first-class train deserves a first-class atmosphere.
I mean, even the plates we use in the dining car are custom-made. The craftsmanship is amazing.
Take a look at the fine detail on the bottom!

Um, that's okay. Can we do that later?

Normally I would totally rise to the bait and just do this here and now.

But we're still kind of full anyway so let's just go chill in our room.

Madam, please calm down so I can understand the situation.
Oh, Inspector Chelmey. I had no idea you were on board.
Well well! If it isn't Mr Layton! What are the chances, eh? Well, enough small talk. I have other matters to attend to. Namely, a missing child.

No, I don't believe I've seen any young boys.
My little boy wandered off and he hasn't returned yet! I'm simply at my wits' end worrying about him!
Gentlemen, I demand that you drop whatever it is you're doing and help me find my boy!
Hrmph, she's been going on like this from the moment I walked in.

We'll have the best chance of recovering your son if we start searching immediately.
Are you still here? If you have time to stand around talking, hurry up and bring my boy back!
It seems the only clues we have to go on are this shoe that the tyke left behind and his name, Tom.
I've tried to squeeze more details out of the woman, but it's useless. She just keeps demanding I search the place.

Wait, hang on what? That looks way too small.

Yes, I find it quite curious myself, Luke. Very puzzling indeed.
I didn't think children with feet that size could even walk!

Alright, so let's start our little investigation into this matter shall we?

I'm sure Chelmey will have something useful for us. Probably. Hopefully.

...Kinda doubt it but you never know!

During the investigation, we stumbled upon the late doctor's diary. Its pages detail the doctor's final days, which led me to this train.
But since that investigation is none of your business, that's all I can tell you, Mr Layton.
Besides, finding that lost child is my top priority right now.
With only a shoe and a name to go on, though, it's going to be an uphill struggle to find him.
Luke and I would be glad to offer our assistance in the matter.
Oh, I'm sure you would. I've heard about you, Layton.

If you want in on my case, why not show me your famous powers of deduction by solving this puzzle?

Neither the time nor the place, Chelmey. No need for these petty squabbles.

Man, forget you Chelmey. You just... stand here and look pretty I guess? Meanwhile, we'll go do your job for you. Jerk.

So, we just came from the dining car and passed no children on the way here so we'll keep heading towards the front of the train for the time being.

En route, we can find a new woman to talk to!

No, can't say that I have. There's no way I'd forget seeing a boy with only one shoe!
I see. Well, thank you very-
Oh, but while we're on the topic of shoes, maybe you could help me with a little predicament of my own.

I would love to, but alas we have other things to be doing right now.

Alright, so, we're actually right outside our room right now. Needless to say, there are no small boys currently in there.

But we haven't exactly gone down towards the front of the train from here yet, have we? Mayhap the child is over there.

What's the matter, mister?
Wha-? Oh, hey... OK, so I snuck into my uncle's room and borrowed his camera, right? Think is, then I dropped it.

This smells like a fetch quest. Fortunately, we're not in that kind of game so we should be okay!

That's quite the predicament.
Yeah, and if word gets about this wrecked camera, I'm gonna catch major flak from the bossman. Whoa, brain flash incoming!
Dig this. I'm going to give you this busted hunk of junk. You do with it what you want, just get rid of the thing, will ya?
OK, catch you on the flipside.

Instead, we are in the kind of game where we could gather the pieces and then put the camera back together. Sounds sort of similar to something we've done before thinking about it.

We'll deal with this later as well. For now, since we've got this we should be able to get into the next carriage.

Hold it right there, man!

Now, I know you'd like to sneak a peek, but the whole carriage's been booked, so that's a no-go.
The people who reserve rooms in this carriage must be super-rich mega tycoons!
Indeed. I wonder what it must be like to have that much space to yourself on a train of this calibre.
Well, for now I suppose you'll just have to keep wondering, eh, Professor? Ha ha ha ha!
Yes, quite.

Welp, never mind then. But I did see something on the door so maybe we can just look at that instead?

What if we just took a reeeeally quick peek?
No can do, little guy. You need a ticket to do that. I'll tell you what.
Your pal Sammy Thunder has a puzzle that'll take your mind off that door. Check it.

Sorry, Sam, I'm really not interested in your puzzle right now.

Regardless, I think we can now safely guess that Tom's not past here. Which means we need to start a systematic sweep of every single room back towards the observation deck.

Room-after-room reveals nothing of interest, until...

It's not immediately obvious but this open door immediately past the dining car is a room we haven't been in yet!

I immediately regret this. Let's just grab those coins and check out that mess on the floor.

Food scraps, if I'm not mistaken.
Do you suppose Tom wandered into the kitchen to grab something to eat?
Well, it is possible, though if that's the case, the child certainly is lacking in the manners department.

Because, y'know, they are a child even younger than Luke. This should not come as a surprise.

Thankfully for us, Babette is currently fast asleep but even in her sleeptalking she gives us nothing useful.

At least her vase has a puzzle for us? Sure, why not.

Lovely decorations really do wonders for a room, don't they? Doubly so in the case of flowers.
Tell me, Luke, what do you think of flowers like these?

I think we can deal with this later, Professor.

Right, so, anyway the point here is that Tom went to the kitchen at some point. Probably before he went missing considering the location of the scraps and that Babette didn't mention this at all.

Though she's useless so that means nothing.

Still, a lead is a lead so let's go check it out!

Maybe the cap belongs to Tom.
We certainly shouldn't rule out that possibility.
Oh, hey, since we're on the subject of caps, have you ever heard this one, Professor?

Once again, this remains not the best time for this Luke!

I'll give that one some thought. For now, we'd better return to searching for that lost little boy.
Good idea. Let's get back to that.

Hmm... Good question.

So, hat in hand (don't question it) we can continue our search some more. There are a scant few rooms left to check further towards the back after all!

Puzzle Remix

There weren't too many puzzles last time, no. There's plenty this go around though!

1. Start by adding up the cost of the entire meal.
2. Luke's meal cost twice as much as the professor's. That means the ratio of Luke's cost compared to the professor's cost must be 2:1.

1. "This design is preposterous!" The owner wasn't angry because the design in question was hard to assemble. He was upset because one design was physically impossible to replicate in real life.
2. A and C could probably be pulled off with steady hands and a lot of patience.

1. You don't need to do any kind of special calculation here. In fact, all you need is a little intuition.
2. How would things look if you rotated the smaller triangle?

1. Had the shoe clerk not gone next door to get change, he might never have realized he lost money.
2. In the end, the shoe clerk essentially passed back the 50 pounds he got from the shopkeeper next door, so he neither lost nor gained money from these interactions.

1. Working backward from the goal in your head is a great tactic that can help you find the answer.
2. The solution requires that you take exactly 19 steps from the start point to the goal.
3. From the start point, begin your walk by taking a step to the right.

1. Since the puzzle tells you that no one got on the train during the ride, it's safe to say that the number of passengers on the train never increased.

1. The black-and-white color scheme of the altered image makes this puzzle a lot more challenging, doesn't it? However, this change to the image may ends up helping you more than you know. Remember, in the altered image, dark spots are now bright, and vice versa.

1. The puzzle says that some of the children received red balloons. From that, you can infer that there were no fewer than four children in red hats.
2. The puzzle says some of the kids received a red balloon. By definition, therefore, not all kids received a red balloon.