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Professor Layton and Pandora's Box

by Dragonatrix

Part 11: Mr Anderson

Puzzle Remix

3. Since the rim of the whole net is fashioned from a single piece of rope with no tears, take the drawing you did for Hint One and count the number of fish on the inside of the net. That's your answer.

3. Do you see the yellow loop of rope? It may look tangled in with the others, but it turns out that when it's pulled, this rope will slip free of all the other ones in the pile. Now, what about those other two ropes?

I am pretty damn awful at picturing this sort of thing in my head to be completely honest. I still don't get why the answer is what it is; it just looks, sounds and feels wrong to me.

He must be hopelessly addicted to puzzles if he's talking about them in his sleep. Even I don't do that!

H-how do you actually know one way or the other, Layton? Unless someone tells you that you do, you're just presuming!

Nyum nyum... Zzzzzz...

3. Doesn't that area around the hole in the board look like a good place to cut?

We're actually very close to being done with the camera parts now. Still a little bit to go though...

3. When cut properly, the two boards both have a maximum length of four units. To make a piece with that length, try cutting the board below the fourth square down from the upper-left corner. You'll need to make one more cut, but we'll leave that one to you.

Something amazing! I thought I'd have to scrap this board, but now I can use it to build my shed.

2. Assign a breed to a cow and then run through all the cows' statements to see if they are consistent with your findings. You should come across the solution soon.
3. Let's assume for a moment that cow A is a Troomoo. If you assume this to be true and go through the statements for each cow, you should come to the conclusion that you must have three Troomoo cows and two Nowheys. Since you know this to be false, you know that your original assumption must be incorrect.

This is a really, REALLY easy logic puzzle. Which it pretty much has to be out of necessity because hard forced puzzles can just kill the pacing something fierce.

Alright, so where were we?


Puzzle Remix

2. The wind in Dropstone seems exceptionally strong today.
3. "Over there! See the guy chasing after his hat? That's him!"

Okay, if I can be real for a second. This scene coming up right here? It's Good. I like this scene. This game cannot get it right often, but it gets it right here.


The one and only, my friend! And with whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?
The name is Hershel Layton. My friends and I have come to this fine place in search of the Elysian Box.
I thought a man of influence such as yourself might be able to offer us some direction.
The Elysian Box, you say? Why would you want to go chasing after a thing like that?
I take it you are familiar with it?


I also believe my dear mother once searched for the very box of which you speak.

Iris (Music Box vers.)
hey look its something new and different and cool please listen to this (i will not be saying this often)

Interesting. Please, elaborate.
Ah, well, my birth mother died when I was very young.

She founded this village way back when. The kindest soul I've ever met. Sharp, too.

Since I never knew my own mother, I suppose it would be fair to call Sophia my real mother.
Even after my wife passed away, Sophia continued to treat me as one of her own.

So she made efforts of her own to search for it. Fascinating. Tell me, where might Sophia be now?

Sadly, I never found out why she was so intent on getting her hands on that box.
I see. I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you. Well, my mother may have known something about the subject, but she's gone now.
Now you know as much as I do. I regret that I couldn't be more help to you, sir.
Not at all, Mr Anderson. I've learned a great deal from our conversation. You have my thanks.
Oh, one thing before you go, Mr Layton. Please take a look around you.

These picturesque hills... These happy people. Dropstone has been blessed with so much.

Dropstone must never be allowed to wither and die like so many other villages.
After all, this place owes its current prosperity to the many sacrifices she made.


Ah, forgive my ramblings. Once I start talking, I sometimes have trouble stopping.
Enjoy your time in Dropstone and be well. Good day.

Okay, you can stop caring about the plot again now.

...Why, yes, Iris is almost entirely the reason why that scene is so good.


Oh, I wouldn't say that, Luke. It would appear this village is inextricably linked to the Elysian Box.

Well, that is something for us to ponder later. For now, let's make our way to the station.
All right, professor!

With that, we're done with the scene and can continue on towards the train station.

But first, I skipped over a thing for pacing reasons!

Well, from the look of your duds, I'd say you've got your act together, so try this puzzle on for size.

Nah, I'll pass. Thanks anyway, Lopez.

Nick has nothing new or interesting for us, so we'll continue making our way back.

It's easy to have missed, but Jacques wandered off after we last spoke to him. He's finally come back on-screen so we have to nag him some more.

...No, I mean we actually have to.

Everyone's efforts will have been in vain if she misses her train out of town... Oh my, oh my.
Maybe women just need more time to get ready for things like this... Oh, why must she make me worry?
Excuse me, but are you waiting for someone?

Luke, perhaps it's best to leave him be. Sometimes it's best not to barge into the affairs of others.
Well, if he doesn't want us to talk to him, maybe he shouldn't be thinking out loud!

Hmm. He's keeping mum about something involving a girl and not wanting to tell "the master" huh? I wonder if Dorothea knows something about this.

Oh, uh, maybe but maybe not.

Say, that reminds me of a puzzle I once heard. Would you care to hear it, sir?

Sadly, no, I would not. I was after more information.

I guess we'll just leave her to her apples instead. Now, I do believe we were heading for the station...

Careful, Flora. If you don't watch where you're going, you're likely to run right in to someone.
Oops, sorry. This is all so new to me that I forget to pay attention to where I'm going.

Yeah, for one thing, these people are all people and not robots.

Wow, Flora, you certainly seem to be excited!
Just don't stand around gawking for too long or we might accidentally leave you behind.

One short fade to black later...

Professor? Luke? Where did you two go?

Oh, dear. We must have become separated in the crowd back there. Let's retrace our steps.
It's going to be awfully hard to find her with all these people about.
Now, where could that girl have gone off to?

Oh, there she is.

Flora, where did you run off to?
Sorry, there were so many people that I must have lost you.
I turned to look at something and, before I knew it, you two were gone.
Well, I'm relieved you found your way back to us.
With so many people around, who knows how long it could have taken us to find you.
I'll be more careful from now on, I promise.
Although, you know, I heard a few interesting things while I was wandering around over there.
Oh? What did you hear?

If we can track him down, maybe he can tell us something we don't know.
I heard from one person that he's been wandering around near the station.
That is interesting news. Let's head to the station and see if we can find this Romie.
Good on you, Flora! That's some top-notch intelligence you gathered out there.
Hee hee hee. Aww, it was nothing.

It's honestly really easy to miss that Lulu's turned back up as well. She kind of blends into the background in my opinion, but we've noticed her so...

Oh, hi there. Do you, um, need something or something?
We are currently in search of an item known as the Elysian Box. Does that name ring any bells?
The Elysian Box? Nope, never heard of it. But I do know a great puzzle about a box! Check it out!

Um, no thanks. I think you've misunderstood the question.

Instead, we'll head to the left here since we're looking for Romie who's "near" the station and that counts as near to me.

Alas, no Romie but we'll see what these gentlemen can do to help expedite our search instead. Starting with Parcelle as to go left-to-right again.

Tell me, how's the festival treating you? Make sure you enjoy it all while you can, eh?
Truth is, I'd like to be out there having fun with you, but I've got post to deliver.
The directions I received for my deliveries were a bit vague, though. Maybe you could help me?

Ah, um, sorry no time to help with that today.

Yeah, yeah, we have other priorities right now. How about you, Kostya?

Everyone's been busting their buns to get Dropstone ready for today's festivities.
Thank goodness you saved the day. It would've been a mess if that spat back there ruined the celebration.
Yep, everyone's been working like mad. I spent all day yesterday making flags.
I helped put them up, too, and while I worked, I thought up a puzzle. You want to hear it, right?

Oh I sort of don't if I'm being honest!

Anyway, since this is a dead-end I suppose we'll head on south towards the station proper. Just to be safe.

Hm, I don't recognise this lady. Perhaps she'll be able to help direct us to Romie.

As you're new here, let me fill you in on that family.
The Andersons live in the mansion at the north end of town. Makes you turn green with envy, eh?
Anyway, Mr Anderson has a young daughter who's grown up to become quite a beautiful young lady.

That's... really not unusual, lady. I think you're just projecting.

Also, hey, we finally get a name for Mr. Anderson's daughter. That's useful!

Plus, I hear she's very respectful towards her father, unlike most youngsters.
The only thing kids these days love more than talking back to their parents are those baggy jeans!

"And I remember when MTV was about the music!" is all I can think of here for some reason.

Oh, sorry, I do believe I've gone off on a bit of a rant. Did you need something from me?
Actually, yes. Tell me, madam, have you ever heard of a rare antique known as the Elysian Box?

That name's new to me, hmmm... I can't help you at all, so will you leave me alone now?
Oh, but you know, you did just remind me of a gem of a puzzle I know that concerns a box.

It's strange but I'm not particularly vested in this one for some reason.

...Honestly, yeah, this one IS hard but let's presume I'm competent and can solve it.

Because, much like Balsa, she has a second puzzle behind this first one. We don't care though.

Anyway, I don't like this woman so we'll just head to the left.

Certainly. How may I be of assistance?
It seems you've done a great deal of investigating today.
Tell me, during the course of your enquiries, you didn't hear anything about my daughter, did you?
Your... daughter, sir?

Sophia and my daughter were very close, so her death came as a great shock to Katia.
If you should see her, would you please tell her that her father wishes she'd come home?
If a fine gentleman such as yourself delivers the message, she just might listen.
Unfortunately, our train is leaving soon, so I may not be able to be much help at all.
Katia is my - no, our - only child. She means everything to me and I'd be forever in your debt if you could help me.

Your guess is as good as mine.
But judging from her family and upbringing, I'd imagine she's both beautiful and refined.
Steady on, Professor!

While I'm pretty sure that Layton is not actually going to hit on Katia, we have other things to worry about right now. Like how Romie is right here.

Oh yeah, that thing. People say it kills whoever manages to prise open its lid. Pandora's Box, they call it.
I just found out about it during the course of my travels. But that box isn't what I'm really after.
Well then, if I may be so bold as to ask, what are you looking for, sir?

A place only the chosen may visit. The only way in, I hear, is on the Molentary Express.
That train, and its many mysteries, have been the subject of my research for years.

Wow! So when can we set out for it? How do we get there?
Yeah... That's the one detail I haven't managed to pin down yet.

Anyway, it's probably something like that. I'll just have to keep searching until I find a way in.
Interesting. Thank you for your time.

It's a bit early to celebrate, but it looks like our journey on the Molentary Express isn't over yet.
All right, you two. Let's start making our way back towards the station.
OK, Professor!

Fortunately, it's a whole one screen away so...

We'll just talk to Sammy twice in a row, since the first is a puzzle plot barrier we've smashed through already, and see what that gets us.

This train isn't ready to move quite yet, so while you're waiting, I'll lay this sweet puzzle on you.

Nah, that's fine but for the sake of expedience I'll just pretend that I actually solved this one.

Leaving Dropstone



I feel like I recognise a non-zero amount of these people. The one closest to the train however...

And with that, she turns to board the train but...

Instead she gets momentarily distracted by Layton's existence.

Then she boards the train.

I believe we may have stumbled upon Mr Anderson's dear daughter.
That's a cracking send-off she's having.
Considering the size of the party, I doubt she's just going on holiday.


1. You know that C's wearing red pants and isn't wearing anything he was previously, so his shirt has to be blue.

1. "If Johnny gave Thomas one apple, the two men would each have the same number of apples." A little critical thinking applied to the above statement tells you that Johnny must have two apples more than Thomas.

1. Consider each of the two layers of cubes separately.

1. If you read clues one through four and are still stuck, try starting from clue four and working your way backward.
2. The red house is closer to the tree than the green house.

1. You have three paints you can use on the flag, but that doesn't mean those are the only colours at your disposal.
2. Maybe you've noticed that the white colour of the flag's fabric is another colour your can use in making your designs.

1. When you start, you only know the position and orientation of the spade, so suss out where the other tiles should go by examining the second of the two cube images.
2. The yellow-circle tile goes directly above the spade.
3. The green-club tile should be placed in the square above the yellow circle.

Honestly, this may just be me but I really cannot manage to work this one out on my own even with all three hints. I'm presuming that's just me though. Still, better safe than sorry right?

1. Who wouldn't want to show off their new car or television for a while?

1. The number of links in each small chain is a crucial clue that will help you solve the puzzle.
2. You haven't been opening only the links on the ends of each small chain, have you?