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Professor Layton and Pandora's Box

by Dragonatrix

Part 21: Pandora

Puzzles Remix

3. You only need to draw one wire!

Uh, right, so we'll just blitz through these three as quickly as we can and move on.

Well, there's really only 1 left from our perspective but it doesn't matter too much.

2. Focus your attention on the spot at the far right of the page and how if forms a line with the number 4. Were you to insert a smaller number like 1 or 2, your total for the whole line couldn't be any larger than 6, making the puzzle unsolvable. So what should go in that far-right blank?
3. When arranged properly, each line of numbers can add up to either 9 or 10. The puzzle asked you to use the largest sum possible, so you know you should add up to 10.

In a town as steeped in greed as Folsense, meeting someone like you is a true breath of fresh air.

3. We know that the water is in one of the four cans on the left, so finding the can in question should be a breeze. Just look at the position of the four cans on the left relative to the string attacking all four cans to the big stick above. Which can looks heavier than the others?

I don't know any harder ones, but some of the grown-ups in town might.


Same as before.

While we're right next to the area where our final photo scrap is allegedly waiting for us, we have something more important right here.

Having trouble, my dear?
A bit. I'm trying to remember all the things Mum said would help cure a cold, but I've forgotten.
Let's see, I need a clover, and some kind of leaf, aaand... Hmm... Nng... There's one more...
It sounds like your mother was talking about ingredients for a blended tea.
I think with what you've told us, we might be able to make a cup of tea for you to try, if you'd like.
Really? That'd be great!
Good. Let's see... We'll need the two things you mentioned plus something that works on colds.

Thanks! This tea is great. It makes my tummy feel all warm inside!
I'm going to try making this for my dad! Sometimes when I look at him, he seems so old and tired.
Maybe the garlic fumes from his shop are playing funny tricks on my eyes.

Alright, so now that we've got that we'll just move on to our destination at last.

So, to the surprise of no one, our last scrap immediately gives us a puzzle. There's nothing else here, so...

From what I can tell, yes.
Gosh, anyone who would live out in the middle of a spooky forest like that must be a little batty.
No wonder people think whoever's out there is a vampire.

W-was that meant to be a pun? I'm not entirely sure if that was intentional or an accident.

Ha ha! Show a little courage, my boy! We- Oh, what's this here? Something's stuck on this fence.
It's the last piece of the photograph!
Now that we've recovered them all, let's see if we can't piece the photograph back together.

116 The Torn Photo

Puzzles Remix

1. When you get right down to it, this photo is essentially a jigsaw puzzle. Give yourself a leg up on this puzzle by building the outside edges of the puzzle first. The white rim around some pieces represents the edge of the photo.
2. Once you place every piece containing a portion of the edge, you only have four more pieces to deal with. Stay sharp, though. The pattern on these four pieces can make it hard to identify where they need to go.
3. When assembled properly, you should be able to see an ominous-looking goat head in the middle of the photo.

Okay, so this very easy functional-jigsaw is the only puzzle we'll be getting in this update. You'll see why soon enough, of course.

Anyway, it's like 200% plot related so this puzzle is not allowed to be very difficult.



Gosh, Professor...

Oh, look! The design on the top of the box looks the same as the one in front of the fountain!
Yes, I noticed the resemblance myself.
What an unusual emblem. The imagery seems to resemble some sort of monster, doesn't it?
Well, that seems appropriate, doesn't it? I mean, the box did kill poor Dr. Schrader, after all.

For now, our best course of action might be to show this photo to the townsfolk and see what they say.
Sounds good to me. Who knows, maybe the photo will help job someone's memory or-

This certainly presents a major problem with the current plan. Hrm.

This is quite an unfortunate turn of events.
With that piece missing, the emblem looks completely different. Less evil and more like a, um, frog.

Let's paste the remaining pieces down so we don't lose anymore to the wind.


I think at this point now that we've got all ten mysteries, I'll compile a "cleared" version in the second post as well (underneath the original of course).


Anyway, we've got a brand new lead that should seem familiar to SOMEONE around here. Let's start asking everyone all over again.

Like Barton. We'll start with Barton.

...Wait, Barton? Without Chelmey?

Barton, my good man, whatever is the matter?
The inspector has found the person responsible for Dr. Schrader's murder.

Understood. We shall head there without delay. Come, Luke, let's hurry.


And so begins the penultimate chapter of the game.

Yes, really. It sure doesn't feel like it, does it?

With you here, we now have every suspect in the murder of Dr. Schrader gathered in this room.

To The Darkness

His murderer is still at large, but look around you. You could very well be sitting next to the culprit.
A suspect? Me? Utter nonsense! What reason could I possibly have to kill a man I don't even know?

That box ties each of you to our dead man, so there's no doubt that one of you here did the deed.
I'm sure putting this case together has been a triumph of police work, Inspector.
So, tell me, what facts have you unearthed in these last few days?
Heh heh, now watch closely, Mr. Layton. This is how we unravel mysteries at the Yard.

Oh that's ok; Layton isn't a detective. He hasn't said that yet this game, but he's definitely not a detective.

You have my full attention, Inspector. Please, hypothesise away.

According to his notes, Schrader spent quite some time here in town researching the Elysian Box.
When I learned that he died shortly after returning home to London, everything became crystal clear.
I believe our criminal first spotted the doctor when he was enquiring about the Elysian Box here in town.
Spying a chance to obtain the coveted box, the fiend followed the doctor to London and murdered him!
Oho, now that's a deduction worthy of London's finest. So, out with it then. Who's our man?

What's more, this person must have also had the ability to travel freely between here and London.
Now, as we all know, only those affiliated with the Molentary Express have that ability.

Mr Beluga stated he was in London conducting business that day, and his alibi checked out.
What? But if it's not Mr Beluga...
That's right. Our murderer stands before us, and his name is...

A Disquieting Atmosphere

I know Mr Beluga ordered you to turn over every stone in this town to find the Elysian Box.
He worked you like a dog and you resented that treatment.
So you decided you'd beat him to the punch and make off with the precious box.
This is an outrage! Samuel, what do you have to say for yourself?
I'm being framed! You're outta your gourd, man!

No! I haven't, I swear on my favourite leather trousers!
Come on, unko, you know me. I'm a wild card, but I'd never do anything as crazy as that!
You'll have plenty of time to make your excuses later. From your cell, that is. Now come along.

Professor, do you really think Sam could have committed such an awful crime?
Well, all we have to go on is this single torn photograph recovered from the doctor's apartment...

...Oh, my! Flora...

To The Darkness

Really? Do tell, Professor!

Just watch this instead. Really.

You'll come along quietly if you know what's good for you!
Just a moment, Inspector Chelmey.
I believe we've all committed a large and rather unfortunate oversight.
Can't you see I'm in the middle of something right now, Layton?
Where are you going with this, Professor?

The one and only piece of visual evidence we possess is this torn photograph.
And? Get to the point!
The point is this, Inspector.

And it is this person who must have stolen the box in the first place.
Yes, and I've got the slippery fellow right here!
Ow! Take it easy, officer!
Pipe down, you hooligan!
And watch the hair, will you? YOW!


Suddenly an actual cutscene!

Oh, right and Katia's here too. You probably already forgot that, huh?

Who should be wearing the handcuffs?

If the criminal does indeed reside in our midst...

Which means the culprit...

Um... L-Layton...???


That's the photo I dropped!

It's a photo of the Elysian Box, and I have every confidence that this shot depicts the real thing.
So, this little knick-knack here is what started the whole mess?

I see you've put the pieces together too, Luke.

A goat? Not by my eyes, it doesn't.

In its current form, the image looks like a frog to most people, as was the case with you, Inspector.

Well that clears things up nicely.
If you say you saw a goat, that must mean you've seen the real Elysian Box before.
Why, you...
Who are you really?

Okay, so if you're not watching the video for whatever reason...

Not-Flora's voiced dialogue from this point onward has a cool effect where two different vocal tracks play at once. It's a pretty common thing in some games, sure, but for something like this where that tiny extra detail not needed it's a Thing I Actually Like.

Of course when you realise it only lasts for about two lines of dialogue it doesn't amount to much!



The Great Don Paolo

Hey, that guy. From the first game. He's back again. I guess he's a recurring antagonist, huh? And killing a man is much more evil than being interested in a robot...

I beat you to the box, and given a little more time I would have beaten you to cracking its secret.
And of course, the Herzen fortune would have been mine. But that ship has sailed now.
So you're the one who had the Elysian Box all along!
Another brilliant deduction from Layton's apprentice. Clearly he's learned from the best. Nyeh heh!

The geezer probably caught a cold sleeping on the ground like that. Not that I care one iota!
Snoozing? But Dr. Schrader wouldn't sleep on the floor...
Hey! Wait a second! If you've been posing as Flora, then where's the real Flora?

Or maybe she's just sitting there fuming because you bumblers didn't even notice we switched places!
But I must thank you two dolts for your help. You've given me more than enough information.
The jig may be up, but the dance is far from over.
I'm so close to unlocking the secret of the Elysian Box. Now I need merely take this box to th-
Hold it right there, you scoundrel!
I've got a lot of questions, and you will ansewr them once I've escorted you back to London!

Ugh! You meddlesome oaf! You have no idea just how slippery I can be!
ARGH! Don't just stand there! The worm's getting away!

So long, Layton. Nyeh heh heh heh!
Think you can give me the slip, eh? I'll catch you yet!
Oh, wait for me, Inspector!


Wow, look at the pair of them shake a leg. I didn't think they had it in them.

I just hope the real Flora is OK. We absolutely can't forget to pick her up on the way back to London.
Of course we won't. But I'm sure Flora is having a grand old time playing with the cows.
Another thing I can't get out of my head is what Don Paolo said about Dr Schrader.

I think you're spot on there, Luke. Something else is responsible for the doctor's death.
Right now, I'd say the Elysian Box is the key to learning what that something is.

Professor! Look!

Well, isn't that just ever-so-convenient.

Well, look at that!
Don Paolo must've dropped it when he was running away from Inspector Chelmey!
So this is it. The Elysian Box...

I beg your pardon, sir?
Mr Layton, I'm going to ask you to hand over that box now.

This box belongs to the Herzens?!
You hard of hearing, boy? Inside this box is the key to cracking the secret of the Herzen fortune!
Seeing as how I share the bloodline, that box should pass into my hands and no one else's.
Oh my, that does change things. I suppose we'll have to-

So now Krantz is more involved in this cutscene than Katia.

She's still here by the way. Just... sitting there off-camera.

You're no more entitled to that box than I am, or any other person in this room for that matter.
You listen here, porter! This is none of your business, so I suggest you keep your cakehole shut!
No, I'm sorry, but I won't stand by and watch as you claim that box as your own.

Besides, I've heard about you. You turned your back on this town and left of your own free will.
In my book, your claim to the fortune was lost the day you walked out of Folsense.
Oh, is that so? You've got some nerve, you know that?

Hey, Unko, what do you say we give up on chasing this box? I'm sick of sneaking around all the time!
Don't you dare tell me how to run my affairs, Samuel! I think you've forgotten who got you your job!
I never even wanted to be a conductor in the first place!
Plus, playing errand boy is getting old, man. It's more than a guy like me can take.

Hey, world! I'm climbing back on the rock train and riding it to the top! YEEEEEEEAH!
Hrrm?! Samuel, what are you babbling on about? Come back here at once!

Fine! Do what you want! I hope that awful box curses all of you twice over!


It still feels like we've not really made a whole lot of progress, and that the end is so far off...

But at the same time, it's kind of really easy to argue that we've achieved a lot almost entirely without doing much of anything.

I know I said it before, but this game is badly paced you guys.


Yes, it sounds like he was already on the floor by the time Don Paolo arrived on the scene.
Perhaps you're right, Luke. The box could very well contain a lethal element that killed the doctor.
But without opening the box ourselves, how can we be sure?
Surely you don't mean...?!
I do, Luke. We must open the box. It's the only way.

Nice of you to finally join us, Katia.

Hmm? Katia?
Is there any way I can convince you to let me have that box? It's of vital importance.
Before I do that, I would need to know more first. Why is this box so important to you?

Who is this person?
I... I can't tell you any more. But once I'm done, I'm certain this awful curse will go away forever.

My dear, what is it that you're getting at?


The vampire's going to suck his blood and then he'll steal his soul!
Why did it have to be him? Why? That guy had a heart of gold!

To The Darkness

Wait! Katia, where are you running off to?!
She certainly left in a hurry. Maybe all that vampire talk scared her off.
Do you know what she was talking about, Professor? I could barely follow what she was saying.
I'm as confounded as you are, Luke.

The path to understanding everything lies right before us.
While potentially perilous, opening the box seems to be the only course of action left to us.
Understood, Professor.

The Elysian Box
Once again, just watch this if you can. Much easier.


Indeed, Luke.

Huh, what do you know? It does have an evil goat symbol on it, and lets out a creepy ominous glow when opened...

I can't look!


...Wait, sorry, what?!

Then it would seem my theory was correct.
What do you mean, Professor?


Oh good, more aimless wandering.

Don Paolo's Theme (Live Version)
This is the only version of Don Paolo's theme on the Elysian Box soundtrack for some reason. Using it here because I can.

Also welcome back, DLC.

1. Essentially, this puzzle is asking you where to add a wire in order to create a 3D shape you could draw without ever lifting your pen from the page or retracing a line. Two of the potential answers let you do this, but only one works when you start from the point under the white arrow.

1. Since both of the boys are younger than 10, there are only so many combinations of ages you need to explore. Don't forget, Bill is the older of the two boys.

1. Did you notice that point P would be divided into four sections?

1. In the hidden segment of the formula is something very important.

1. You're only seeing part of the conversation. Try drawing a picture of the gems' layout.