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Professor Layton and Pandora's Box

by Dragonatrix

Part 25: Heading for Herzen Castle

Puzzles Remix

3. Need another hint, do you? OK then, here's a good one. The card at the top-right corner is a spade, and the one at the bottom of that same column is a heart. The rest of the solution is up to you, but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

You know the deal, let's quickly get through these and move on.

Listen, Herzen Castle is on the other side of this forest.
No one will go within a mile of it, but I hear the duke's fortune is just sitting there in piles.
If you're thinking about heading in, keep your guard up against the vampire or whatever's in there.

Good advice!

Very easy here; nothing too surprising or hard to spot, really.

3. When you turn the red dial, the blue dial moves the same amount, only in the opposite direction. So all you need to do is construct a quick table to show you how values on the red dial correspond to other values on the blue dial. Try writing up the table using the Memo function, if you like.

2. The gear at the very bottom has to rotate clockwise to hit the switch, so the board of teeth directly above it will need to move to the right. Make sense? Now continue that line of thought as you move up toward the knob.
3. The board of teeth underneath the three gears at the top needs to move to the left. Therefore, the gear directly above it needs to rotate clockwise. Keep going until you reach the knob at the top!

3. The upper door in the first room is fine the way it is.

Still, it's odd, Professor. Why would someone go to the trouble of placing a puzzle down here?
Perhaps the miners made puzzles to pass the time between shifts down in the mine.

Two keys left now before we have the entire diary available.

Alright, now where were we?


To The Darkness

So, let's go up and out of the mine now. We gotta get to Herzen Castle after all.

But what's this? The lift is out of service!

.....How? We JUST took it! This is so arbitrary and forced.

I say, this won't do. Oh, but look here, there's a set of buttons built into the wall.
Surely one of these buttons will send the lift back up. But they're disconnected.

Mandatory puzzle, it's so hamfisted and awfully placed. Whatever. Moving on!

Nothing else happens in the mine until we're back in the enrance where, uh...

We run into a familiar face.

Hey, I know you!
I was travelling el mundo, and last thing I remember, I was en transito to Egypt.
Tell me, por favor, how long ago were these fine pyramids built?
Sorry, sir, you're not in Egypt. Do you remember how you got here?
I haven't the foggiest, señor.
Un minuto I'm heading for Africa, the next minuto I'm down here.

It's so hard to not like Pavel. He manages to get so lost he just... turns up here. It's amazing.

With no one around, I started poking at this thing to pass the time and I think I broke it. Ai-ya!
Help me fix it, s'il vous plaît?

I'm sure Pavel can handle this himself at least.

Now then, let's just leave and head to the gate.

Folsense (Live Version)

Um... What are you doing here?
Now, Luke... Sir, if I may be so bold, what brings you to these parts?
Well, to be blunt, sir, I've been doing a bit of, um, spying on you for some time now.
You've led quite the investigation, and it won't be long before it all snaps ito focus for you.
It is for that reason I feel I can no longer hide the truth of this place from you.
What are you getting at, sir?

A Disquieting Atmosphere

The ones in the station are my work as well.
Those photographs have held my interest for some time now.
As they should. Mr Layton, do you remember our last meeting in my shop?
You pointed out a certain strange phenomenon occurring in photos taken within Folsense.
Yes, just one curiosity among the many we've seen in this town.

To call it such may seem base, but I assure you the town's past is the very definition of the word.
Perhaps the curse is a punishment we are meant to endure for the great mistakes of our past.
But all nightmares eventually end, and I feel it won't be long now before we awaken.

Is this Anton the eldest son of the previous duke?

I served the Herzen family until that day 50 years ago when I left it all behind and fled.
I don't think Anton will ever forgive me. You see, he's a man who abhors betrayal above all else.
What transpired 50 years ago?
The answers to all your questions can be found at the castle. I urge you to head there.

Don't worry, we already were.

If you believe it will settle the matter, we'll visit the castle.

We were already en route to the castle.

Yes, see with your own eyes what's become of this town.
Perhaps then we'll finally reach the end of this dark tunnel we've been travelling through.

Folsense (Live Version)

The exact same place our next destination already was. Did they just write this game in one order and then piece it together in a completely different one, somehow?

The people we've talked to are scared to death of the vampire they say is living up in that castle.
And that chat with the photographer only raises more questions.
What happened 50 years ago? And what on earth is going on in that castle?
Almost overnight, the Herzen family became incredibly wealthy when they discovered that seam of gold.

But how are we going to get into the castle, Professor?
I don't think it's the kind of place we can just waltz into.
Oh, but I wouldn't say it's impossible by any means.
What do you mean?
The tracks we saw on the road to the castle were still very fresh.
It would seem that the stagecoach is bringing something to the castle every day.

Oh, of course. That stagecoach is our ticket in!

Apparently true gentlemen are sarcastic jerks.

I'm ready to go whenever you are, Professor. Just lead the way!

Yes, this really happens here. For some reason. Okay, sure, whatever.

In order to get in, we'll simply have to wait for the stagecoach.
Look, there's the stagecoach now! Quick, let's hide!

....How? It turns up once a day, or so, and we already know it's done something today!

Y'know what? Sure, okay, whatever. I don't even care. Everything after we cross this scene is good so let's get to that as quickly as possible.

It's open! Professor, the gate's open!
And we've escaped their detection! If we're going to enter, now is our only chance. Move quickly!


I have to say, I find this place rather... spooky...

Lost Forest
hey this is actually good give it a listen

Luke! What's the matter?
A g-g-ghost! There's a g-g-ghost in the f-f-forest!

But I'm p-positive I s-saw it, Professor!
Deep breaths, Luke. When on edge, even something as harmless as a gnarled tree can look like a ghost.
I suppose so...
Feeling better? Good. Come along, we mustn't let the stagecoach get too far ahead.

The forest is cool, but it's a little on the long side which is a shame. It also has a few mandatory puzzles, and a lot of optional ones.

We can't advance past the first screen without doing this puzzle, for example.

Yes, without some sort of light, I don't believe we'll be able to advance.
But what do we have here? We're in luck, my boy! I think someone left a lantern here.

Puzzle goes here.

Curious though, isn't it? Who would leave a perfectly good lantern out here?
I can't imagine someone simply forgot it here. It's almost like someone is leaving a trail for us.

Alright, NOW we can advance to the next screen...

But this is right here, so why would we?

Yes, but fortunately somebody left behind a second lantern. Let's see where we are...

Eh, we're fine.

Let's just head further into the forest, since it's going to eventually lead to Herzen Castle.

Couple more hint coins here, and a hidden puzzle related to that camera. But it's not on this screenshot because of its location.

It's pretty much EXACTLY where the camera symbol is.

Oh, and the thing you definitely noticed first is the location of our next mandatory puzzle.

Curious, I've never seen this type before. Let me study it just a moment before we move on.

Insert Puzzle Here.

We can, actually.

We're just not going to. This comes first.

All right, let's see if we can use this lantern to get our bearings back.

Alright, now we can just put this thing down and head further into the forest.

We can see plenty as-is.

Speaking of sight, look what's within view now! Herzen Castle is very close, relatively, now...

Did I mention this forest area is long? Because it is, especially with it only starting partway through the update. So we'll finish it off next time!

Puzzles Remix

1. You need to connect wires with the same symbol together. So + goes with + and - with another -.

1. The center strand of ornaments won't affect the balance of the bar, so ignore it. Also, the two strands hanging farthest out on the bar are the same weight, so try comparing the ornaments on the far left to the ornaments on the far right. You might find out something new.

1. The fewest number of lamps you need is four.
2. The straight paths are easy enough to contend with because the lamp will light an entire straight path end to end. The problem is the diagonals. So think about how to light all the diagonal paths first.

1. The fewest number of lamps you need is five.
2. The diagonal roads need three lamps, so think about those first. Make sure they don't mess up your placement of lamps that light the horizontal and vertical paths.

Hey look, it's the penultimate one of these. Hurray!

1. You need to find a foothold to get started, and the stars that are locked in place should do nicely. Remember, if two stars are locked into a row, you can only place one more there
2. The topmost row of blocks contains two blocks locked into place. Within this row of blocks are two rows of stars. The top row has two stars locked in place, and the bottom row has one. Therefore, the one block you can place in this row must have one star in its top row and two in its bottom row.

Honestly, I'm not entirely sure how well this one will work out via thread-participation. If you have image editting stuff you can totally do it no problem, but I dunno if you can convey it via text all that well. Never know unless we try, though!

1. Go right first!
2. You head to the goal from the right.

This one, though, is more than doable as-is. It may not super clear in the European version, but you start at the red circle and are working towards the yellow one. Personally, I think the arrows make it obvious enough but the US version has big ol' "START" and "GOAL" written next to them instead so clearly someone disagrees with me.

1. The fewest number of lamps you need is six.
2. There are six horizontal paths and six vertical paths, so you know you need at least six lamps just to light all of them. Use that as your starting point.