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Professor Layton and the Curious Village

by Dragonatrix

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Original Thread: A thread? That reminds me of a puzzle in Professor Layton!



The Professor Layton series is one of my favourite games by far. The stories are surprisingly good and not just thrown in for the sake of it, the music is amazing (and has some of the best alternative versions of anything this side of Phoenix Wright), the voice acting is mostly pretty darn amazing, the puzzles manage to always be approachable regardless of how good you are at them... Honestly, I could go on about what I like for ages and we'd get nowhere so rather than just tell you about it, I'd much prefer to show you.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village is a bit of a rough start in places, but that's to be expected being the first game in the series and all. Released in 2008 it manages to be the only game in the whole series, thus far, who's name is consistent for all localised versions. As we'll see very quickly, however, there are some differences in the actual game; in a trend that will continue throughout the whole series some puzzles are different depending on the version of the game you have. Some are exclusive to Europe, whereas some are exclusive to North America; for the sake of convenience, we'll be solving both sets when they're relevant.

Oh "we?" Well, you see, there is over 100 puzzles in any given version of Curious Village by a fair margin, even, (so a bit more as we'll be seeing both sides of the exclusive ones) and that number only increases in future games in the series. As you might expect, that's a bit too many for me to do on my own so in some cases, where relevant, I will place the solution to these puzzles in your hands. This isn't possible with them all, of course, as some just do not work in that manner very well. I'd appreciate if anyone who knows the solutions already does not spoil it for everyone else. It just kills the fun for those who haven't played the games before, y'know?

A lot of the links below, and even the images themself, while good for recapping stuff will potentially contain massive, gigantic, not small, very large spoilers so peruse at your own risk.

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