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by Samovar

Part 11: Thank you, sentients of Thule, for your support

Thanks for JamietheD's suggestion of Towelette for the Kaynik beastie; but we're no David Attenborough here - we've got bigger fish to fry.

Well, with respect to our most recent accomplishments, I think it'd be prudent to report in to Esteban at Freehaven. Now, you'd think he might have some type of insight into what we just saw...

However you'd be completely wrong; he doesn't have any information about what happened to W5, he just asks for more money. Even after we tell him all the species are now on our side.. Are we being subjected to a need-to-know policy? Or poor script writing? Please write your answers on the back of a postcard and send them to anybody but me.

: Commander Bowman has registered planet Pleadies. This discovery was made at coordinates 090, 102.

Oh who cares.

: To: Xted Y Re: Roommate wanted; Maybe... what kind of pet did you have in mind? > T Posipulus

Oh Posipulus, these things never turn out well. Keep looking.

: New alliance established; The Ghebraant announce their membership in the allied species. This new coalition will oppose the Skeetch and all other aggressors. > Sector Affairs

I bet you can imagine how the body of the remaining three announcements are going to look.

Well, you'd be wrong! They actually did add a bit of additional text for each species. How nice.

: To: Errun R X Re: Megolaphrids; I give up. How many Megolaphrids does it take to install a Calip thruster? > Anonymous

Y'know, my Dad sends me these kind of emails. It's at times like these that I wish I could have studied law so as to have a greater understanding of justifiable homicide.

: Alliance wins majority; The Vantu announced their membership in the allied species. This coalition is now the dominant force in Thule. > Sector Affairs

We also find out it was one Commander Heitman who SOMEHOW managed to get to Kaynikai itself without being vaporised before me. Would have been nice if HE had been able to get them to join the alliance at the same time, but oh no - that'd have been too much bother!

: To: All Re: Displacement piston; Does anyone know the clearance tolerance of a Dysprosium displacement piston? > Jack Wisko

...when would you ever be dealing with so much raw dysprosium that you'd need a piston to displace it?

I like the 'Sect or' in that last line. Gives it a real professional sheen it does.


So THIS is what we're dealing with? Some kind of vessel called a 'Dreadnought'? Well, we've fought off several different enemies, even up to several Skeetch warships at once. What makes this one any different?

Hmm. I wonder if I could ask around a few people; see what they have to say about this thing. Maybe Dodel has something to say?

No sign of the old guy. I do hope he's OK, wherever he is.

Let's head back to Kaynikai. We can pick up some fuel there and see what the city life is like down there. And I have the strangest feeling that the Vantu may want to speak with us...

Oh, hey Joe Pesci's ugler older brother! I didn't know you were in this game! And I didn't know you had such a shitty taste in mood music!

After a session of selling and buying...

: What can you tell me about the Dreadnought?

: I'm not suggesting we're gonna give in ta the Skeetch...

: ...but things 'r gonna get real ugly unless we can figure a way ta defeat that vessel.

: Ya were right 'bout there bein a species out there tougher than tha Kaynik.

...this ship must be something special if it has the Kaynik running scared...

Unfortunately, even though their ships are seen flying around the Outposts, you'll never be able to talk to any of them there, so we have to go exploring to find a Vantu vessel/planet. To Tavantal!

: It is my good fortune to be speaking with you, Samovar.

: Nae danger big yin, the feeling's mutual.

: ...there are times when I regret our alliance.

: I'm sure there are! However, I do have a purpose in coming to yer home planet - what's the deal with this Dreadnought hingmy? Why's everyone running scared from it?

: It is a product of impressive design.

: How unfortunate that the Dreadnought serves our enemy.

: I sympathize with those Allied vessels that face it in combat.

: ...there are times when I regret our alliance too, chief. Thank you for that utterly useless observation; you were of no help whatsoever.

: My pleasure. With your permission, Commander Samovar, one of our linguists wishes to speak with you.

: You mean... someone who knows enough about languages that they won't say sieging for once?! Please, please put them through!

: Com-link connected... you may proceed.

: I am Tanuva, liaison for the External Contact Council.

:What can I do for you, Tanuva?

: I have monitored your interactions with my species. Our alliance to the Human cause is well founded.

: Your acheivments ARE truly impressive!

: I agree. And thank you for the praise... but is that all you wanted to say? Cause if I wanted to get my ass kissed, I'd just head over to Boobolla, like.

: Yeah, I've heard that line most my life, chief. What of it?

: An esteemed Commander such as yourself should have communication expertise at their disposal.

: I can't spare the time for that education.

: That is why I am offering my services.

: Well, you would have been handy when I was trying to get people to join this crew... but what the hey. When can you start?

: I will transfer to your vessel immediately.

: Excellent! Your expertise will be a great assay! note: It really, really won't. In fact, not one of the crew's expertise has a notable gameplay difference in any way.

And there we have it. With the assignment of Uhu... I mean, Tanuva, to Communications; our ship is now fully crewed with a whole menagerie of aliens thus showing how when we all work together, the different species of Thule can make something truly greater than the sum of their parts. Except the Ghebs. Fuck those guys.

Well, the Vantu were as clear as mud with respect to what the Dreadnought is, and why it is so dangerous. Maybe the Gheb or the Deresta would be of some help? To Hive IV!

No, no wait. I remember now why I avoided you guys more than the Vantu.

: On the off-chance you actually feel capable of communicating like an actual person, do yous lot have any thing to add about the Dreadnought situation in Thule, like?

: Dreadnought is warship... Dreadnought is Skeetch... Skeetch to be stopped.

: Allied is fighting... Dreadnought is fighting... Dreadnought is winning...

: ...

: I don't know why we even bothered to save you guys in the first place.

OK... maybe our dear ice-hog friends can be of help? To Boobolla!

: I am humbled by your generous attitude.

: I'm so happy I could cry!

: Do YOU boys have anything of constructive value to say about the Dreadnought?

: I mean, we're trying really hard (sniffle)... w-we know there are lives at stake!

: D-deresta just don't have much militant experience!

: OK, OK, geez - I get it; no need to apply passive-aggressiveness on my end about it. But WHY is this thing so bad? Everyone is running scared, but no-one can tell me why!

Yes indeed, a fault in this game is that they show you this horrible ship coming in via a cutscene, and have everyone running scared from it. But no-one tells you exactly why it is so bad, other than that they can't win against it. Not even the CIC gives you a debrief proper on the Dreadnought.

So how are you supposed to find out about the thing? Hey don't ask me, I only play this goddamn game.


I need a drink; let's head to Garriod, stop by the lounge.

While we're at it, we can also drop off the last of our cargo; make sure our funds are up-to-date.

But while we're waiting for us to exit warp speed, let's see if any of crew have anything to say about this Death-star wanna-be.

The crew members who know something about it are... the most logical, i.e. Pharysha, ABE and Yikkak. Let's see if these lot have anything more illuminating to say as opposed to our so-called allies.

: How can I serve you, Commander?

: The Dreadnought, matey. Any ideas?

: The Dreadnought is the optimum in Skeetch technology. It represents the potency of their fleet.

: Defeat the Dreadnought, and you emasculate the Skeetch Empire.

: Please don't tell me were making this into some kind of a Freudian interpretation of masculine power - I don't think I could take that on top of everything else right now.

: Yikkak, chief, do YOU have anything more valuable or constructive to say?

: That's one mean piece o' work, Commander.

: 'N our defenses won't be much good, either.

: ...

: Oh, this had better not be going the route I THINK it's going...

: Pharysha, darling, I humbly request information about the Dreadnought.

: It's got defences that negate all standard weaponry...

: P-please tell me you don't plan on facing the D-dreadnought!

: We'll do what we have to.

: Oh, geez (urk)... I'm feelin' kinda dizzy...

And NOW we have the details to explain why the Dreadnought is causing so much ruckus.

There's no way we can cause it any harm, whatsoever.

Not with Accel Cannons, not with Particle Guns and not with Pursuit Pods. We can't out-run it, because it will be as fast as the standard Skeetch warships. If we get caught by it just now, we are flat-out screwed. There is no way we could win.

But this is the end-game. There is a way to defeat it; there must be. Even though it is possible to have the game enter an un-winnable state through poor coding, one can still defeat the Dreadnought.


...Can any of you guys figure out how?

Oh, by the way; I'm sorry about the shortness of this update, but this is because it is the penultimate episode; if you want to speak to any members of the Alliance; Human, Vantu, Kaynik, Deresta and Ghebraant to see if and how they have changed their views on each other, on the Alliance, etc., now's the last chance.

Cause next update, it's game time.

It's a very, very boring game time.