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Part 1: Character Bios

Character Bios

Nelson Tethers

The only known member of the FBI's Puzzle Research division. He spends most of his working days happily working away in his office solving crosswords, riddles, sudokus, and anything else that even comes close to resembling a puzzle. He's not well trained in field-investigations, as can often be seen by the way he "interrogates" people for information.
It can also be seen that Nelson aspires to make it big in the FBI someday.
Nelson has a serious bubblegum addiction. Seriously, like crack-addicted to bubblegum.


He sits outside the hotel and smokes a pipe, giving passersby the friendly, local . Whether or not he plays any part in future investigation outside being a cranky smartass is unknown.

Martha Garret aka "Ma"

The supposed owner of Valda's Inn. Has a habit of running off about rumors about town. She seems nice enough to help us out.

Bo Murphy

A mentally challenged regular at Valda's Inn. He is regularly seen obsessing over puzzles he finds.

Sheriff Bahg

The sheriff of the town. He doesn't seem to like FBI "bigshots" stepping in on his turf. The only person we don't know on a first name basis, so far. Knowing him, that's not likely to change.

Mr. Scruffman

Local repairman. Appears to have a thing for Glori Davner, but he claims that he thinks "she's just purdy".

Glori Davner

Waitress and presumed owner of the diner. Wife of the eraser factory's foreman.

Darrel and Daryl

Eraser factory workers currently hanging around the Moose Ear Diner. Hobbies include boxing bizarre bugs.


Suspicious loner. Makes money on the Black Market trading gnomes. Trading methods involve tying them to carrier birds.

Mike "Lobster" Lobb

Discovered dead. Apparently had a vile hatred of Mr. Davner.

Tethers' Notes
The game keeps a brief summary of Nelson's taped notes in text form. If you're left wondering what we're supposed to be doing next (or forget what has been happening) you'll be able to get a summary here.

Entry 1:
Arrived in Scoggins, Minnesota. I need to find my hotel. I should ask someone for directions.

Entry 2:
Got a map from the hotel owner, so I'm heading over to the eraser factory.

Entry 3:
Boards outside the hotel are all chewed up.
...Don't know why I'm reporting that.

Entry 4:
Going to question Mike Lobb at the ice fishing huts... but I have to go through Sasimy Woods.

Entry 5:
Tiny footprints outside the diner... maybe cats wearing shoes?

Entry 6:
I think I found Mike Lobb. Looks like he froze trying to solve some sort of problem.

Entry 7:
Lobster had something important-looking in his hands.

Entry 8:
Found some half-eaten fish at the lake.

Entry 9:
Headed over to the hotel to check up on Scruffman's alibi.

Entry 10:
Heard a crash coming from the inn!

Entry 11:
Checked Scruffman's alibi, found Mike Lobb dead and saw living gnomes.

Entry 12:
Heading back to the diner to talk to Sheriff Bahg.

Entry 13:
Bjorn is starting to look more suspicious. I'm heading over to the lodge where he holds meetings.

Entry 14:
The Sheriff isn't working with me and I just saw Glori sneaking about. Going to follow her.

Entry 15:
One of those gnomes stole a piece of a gear.
I'm headed to the lake to get it back.

Entry 16:
I miss my office... But I need to get back to the lodge to assemble the gear!

Entry 17:


Mush Man posted:

The music in this game really good, so I went ahead and made it into a soundtrack kinda.

Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent Soundtrack

MP3 version (36.9 MB) - All tagged and ready for your iPod (160 kbps)

OGG version (15 MB) - Direct rip

Since there doesn't seem to be any official track names, I named them by file name, where they play and a couple by the puzzles they appear in.

If Telltale has any problem with this, I'll gladly take the links down. (Other LP's have offered the game's soundtrack so I presume it's not a problem.)

Cool art stuff by cool people

Mush Man gets the ball rolling with a loop from Grickle's "Grand Finale".

Then he posts all of this neat stuff. You might be able to be clever with WinXP SP3 and set this as your animated background, if I'm remembering old Windows OS's right.