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Part 3: Puzzle #2

I had some spare time today so I thought I'd bring the next update a bit early.

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I'm not even subtle about the DP-esque recap. What can I say? Editing gives me ideas.

Concerning the "Wrangling Watchmen" puzzle, if you can't really get the gist of what I said just see the "How" post-it note after the puzzle.

Way to go guys, you managed to get the first puzzle sorted out really quickly. This next one is in fact easier, but I'll be sure to pick out a harder one for you for Episode 3.

Puzzle 2: Find the Fuse

Which one of the bottom four spare fuses goes into the missing place amongst the top set? This one is really easy. I don't think you'll need any hints.

Expect the next update hopefully around the weekend.