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by Bobbin Threadbare

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Original Thread: Want to Be a Hero? Then Let's Quest for Glory!



Yes, here it is, the RPG of the Sierra Quest line, and one of only two to survive into the 3D age (and with less questionable results). Quest for Glory began its run in the line-prompted SCI age with the original (often referred to as Hero’s Quest to differentiate it from its remake) and the first sequel, Trial by Fire. It then moved on to the VGA age with Wages of War and Shadows of Darkness (whose name is not nearly obvious enough), and finally threw in its last installment using 3D elements similar to the LUA system that Lucasarts used for Grim Fandango and Escape from Monkey Island.

Q. Wait, hasn’t this been done, like, twice already?
A. Yes, indeed it has. Unfortunately, the first one has fallen into the archives (what we cheapskates call “beyond the pale”), and the second one is a fairly straightforward video run-through with a fighter/paladin. Also, neither one has entered the Let’s Play archives, something I hope my version will be able to do.

Q. So what are you bringing to the table?
A. My intent is to play through as a thief/mage, with additional “alternate universe” asides with a fighter (and later, paladin); this way I can show off as much of the game as possible, including many of the deaths. I also intend to find all of the easter eggs I know about. After all, while many of you are likely familiar with the music theme, I imagine that not too many have seen…the Waffle Walker. Finally, for those of you who enjoyed the games’ music as much as I did, the nice folks at Quest Studios have put all the tracks online, so I will be linking to them as I go through the areas.

Q. But why do Quest for Glory?
A. Quest for Glory (the remake, specifically) was the first real “game” I had ever played. Before then all I had played were either kid’s games, like Gertrude’s Secrets, or simplistic arcade games, such as Duke Nukem. Between the first and third QfG’s, as well as a couple of 1st edition D&D books my dad had lying around, I became thoroughly hooked on fantasy and RPG’s, things I enjoy to this day. I have played every game in the series multiple times as each class, and I still have a save file for each class and game. Quest for Glory five is the first game I ever cared about seeing come out, and the first game I ever ordered online. In other words, I’m about as big of a fanboy of the series as you can find.

Q. So, how does this go down?
A. This will be presented in screenshot format, with small but semi-regular updates. I may also end up making some training montages if I can figure out how to do the video thing. The conversations would be boring to just list off, though, and since the main character really doesn’t have much of a personality, I may take some…liberties with characterization. You can count on me to preserve the important aspects, though. In fact, it looks like the first update’s here already!

Contributions (Yay!)

Mauvais thinks the hero needs help getting through the day.

Vetinari found some unused art from the first game,

Ze Pollack thinks Trial by Fire needed more Aladdin.

He also demands some Hercules in his Dragon Fire.

And Ratatozsk wants you to feel welcome in the first four games.

Table of Contents

Quest for Glory 1: So You Want to Be a Hero

Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire

Quest for Glory 3: Wages of War

Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness

Quest for Glory 5: Dragon Fire


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