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Part 20: A City in Flames

Music: Forever Proud

With a flash of green, we reappear in the bar, next to Raynie and Marco.

Stocke... Do you believe these guys?
...Not entirely. Not yet. At the very least, though, it's dangerous to stay here.
But we came here to kill her!
I'm aware of that. But this mission has been overtaken by events. I'm going to suspend it temporarily. There are two major problems as I see it.
What do you mean?
First, there's the double agent. The enemy knew we were coming. We have to find out who it is and expose the circumstances behind this mess.
I agree. And the second one...?
We have to confirm for ourselves whether what Eruca said is true. It sounded very plausible. It's hard to believe she could have fabricated all that.
Yes, I think so too. The desertification's progress is very real, and its acceleration matches her claim.
Just coincidence, maybe? Or she's using the facts to prop up her story.
That's why we need to investigate for ourselves. Right?
Well... I guess.
(But it does line up with what Lippti and Teo said... Even Heiss hinted at it. I have no doubt that her claims are genuine...)
If we can confirm a connection between the two problems, we'll contact Alistel for a decision. Depending on how things go, the war may become irrelevant, and our mission may be aborted.
I think that's a reasonable way to proceed. We're in a very precarious position right now...
Raynie... It's fine if you can't trust Eruca. Trust me instead. I assure you, I have no intention of giving my life for nothing. The three of us will survive to protect our country. Together.
Okay... I getcha.
Will: Ricky... Could you guide Stocke and the others to Cornet Village?

Looks like they're escorting us somewhere safer.
Ricky: But I'm worried... What's gonna happen to the princess while I'm gone?

Will draws his sword

You sound trusty enough. But that sword of yours looks pretty rickety. You gonna be okay swinging that thing around?
Will: I wield only the finest blades. Nothing else feels right... This one is becoming worn, I admit, but I can't find a suitable replacement...
That's some personality quirk.
Will: I'll have you know there are certain techniques one can only use with a fine sword... If you happen to find something that meets my standards, I'd be happy to buy it off you. It's called a Sand Sword. They're traditionally made in Cygnus.
One of the Sand Swords of Cygnus, eh? I'll keep that in mind.
Ricky: Let's get going!

Ricky runs out of the bar ahead of us.

Ricky is waiting for us at Gran Plain, but there are things for us to do in the city before we go.

Say, that person under the tree looks familiar...

! What are you doing here?
Oh, it's you... Sometimes, I sneak out of the castle to see how the people in the town live. My stepmother would never permit me to leave the castle at all.
If you need to know something, you could just ask one of your subordinates. Don't you realize you were almost assassinated the other day?

Not only was she nearly assassinated, but now she's having a casual conversation with the assassin, this girl is crazy!

Everyone interprets facts differently. I believe that it's vital to see the important things in life with my own eyes. ...But you're right. I must be able to at least protect myself.

A boy and a girl walk by, and the girl stops.

"Brother... I'm hungry..."
"Hm... Okay. Just a little longer. I'll give you a snack I've been hanging onto in a bit. So be patient, okay?"
"Really...? Yay! Thank you!"

They continue on their way.

Life in Granorg isn't so easy, is it?
No... Sometimes, I wonder... What if I could abandon my duties and responsibilities... And reach out to the people who are suffering... Don't you feel that way sometimes?
(She puts up a cheerful front, but I suspect she's pushing herself pretty hard. You never know what could make her push herself even harder... I must choose my words carefully...)

Don't push yourself
Fulfill your duty

If your royal name is what's holding you down, you can simply toss it aside.
The important thing is what you choose to accomplish in your life. Your status as a member of the royal family can't interfere with that. Nothing can. But if you choose to give it up, that course of action may end up destroying the hopes of many. Keep that in mind.
...You're right. I must consider that as a factor, Stocke.


Music: Rebellion

"They gave us some major headaches, but the Resistance has finally been put down."
"Only one thing will wash out the taint of your treason... Your blood!"
Resistance: Guh...
????: Hold it right there!

"It can't be... Princess Eruca!? So the rumors of her working for the Resistance were true!?"
I won't run and hide from you! If you want to harm these people, you'll have to face me first!

Princess Eruca had been secretly participating in the Resistance... At some point, she was suddenly thrust into the forefront. She took up arms against her stepmother, Protea... as a traitor to the crown. People saw Eruca as the symbol of the Resistance and as the spearhead of their hopes. In the end, she met her death in battle. However, her ideals were embraced by her comrades, who fought even harder to realize their dreams...

"The Princess' Charge"

It seems your words set a fire in Eruca's heart. Is she strong willed... or weak minded? All we know is that she has an extraordinary spirit.
All her life, Eruca was forced to endure her grief while her Resistance comrades suffered. For her, advising her to "not push herself" meant to let go of her own discipline. It's truly ironic that your advice was what convinced her to stand and fight...
She is an instrumental figure in your plan to stop the desertification of the world. You will need her help at some point in order to accomplish your goal.


Music: Forever Proud

Your duty isn't to help people. It's to create a world in which people can help each other. That's something that ordinary folk can only dream of. You are burdened with the name of the Granorg royal family, but it gives you power.
I... can create a world?
You don't realize how much influence you have, do you? I should tell you that your reputation reaches all the way to Alistel. There's a little girl who pretends that she's you when she plays make-believe. She asked me to bring her a replica of your ring before I came here.
My... Thank you, Stocke. I'll give this some thought. And... If you wouldn't mind, would you give this to that little girl in Alistel?
Obtained Princess' Ring
H-Hey, this is your--
It's fine. ...It was a gift from my brother. He bought it for me once when we snuck out. If this makes that little girl happy, I'm sure my brother would forgive me for giving it away. Don't you think so, Stocke?
...Yes, I suppose so.
Thank you, Stocke.
Do you feel better now? It's time you returned to the palace.
Yes... I'm... glad that we had this talk. See you later.

There's one more thing to do in Granorg, up by the gallows.

Oh, I wonder what happened here? Talking to a nearby NPC sheds some light on the situation.

"That man attacked the soldiers out of the blue! He was shouting, 'The corrupt Protea era must end!' But he was immediately overpowered by the soldiers."
(A young man who couldn't take it any more...)

Record in the White Chronicle
Don't do anything

There's nothing left for us in Granorg, so we head to Gran Plain, where Ricky is waiting for us.

Upon entering, the camera pans over to the east to show us the way to Cornet Village.

Music: Beyond the Wilderness

Ricky: C'mon, Stocke!

Cornet Village is a 30 second walk from the west entrance of Gran Plain, so we're there in no time.

If we take 10 steps into the village we'll get hit with a bunch of dialog, but there are sidequests to be done, which are conveniently within 10 steps of the entrance!

I want you to teach me how to raise Conuts.
"Conuts, eh? They're quite difficult to grow. Here are some notes on how to get a successful crop. Go ahead, take 'em."
Obtained Conuts Leaflet.
"Conuts are very fragile until you can get them to take root. Then they'll grow anywhere! Good luck with 'em."

Right next to this guy is a Sleep Gas Scroll, a technique scroll for Marco.

Obtained Savory Vegetables

Directly across from the Conuts guy are some vegetables we can steal for that chef in Granorg.

And now we can leave the gardens and start that dialog.

Ricky: We should stop by the mayor first. His house is to the left and down a ways.
It seems safe here... You were right about that.
Ricky: Man, so suspicious...
Don't mind us. A little paranoia is healthy in our line of work.
Ricky: Sheesh... Well, whatever. Let's go see the mayor!
Left and then down a ways, hm? All right.

There's an empty house to the north and a historian with nothing interesting to say at to the right. Heading left takes us by these shops and to the mayor's house.

They sell guns here, which none of our characters can use. This is better than the default weapon of the character who uses guns, and buying it now would be a good idea (especially because there's no reason to really save your money in this game), but I didn't think to buy it here.

After stopping off at the store we head into the mayor's house.

Ricky: What're you talking about!? I'm always full of energy! How've you been, Derek?
Derek: Great, as you can see. ...By the way, who are these guests you have with you?
Ricky: ...These are the people I've been telling you about. The princess asked me to hide them here for a while.
Derek: Oh! So you finally found somebody to help with the ritual! ...! Oh...! You're... I mean...
What? Is there something on my face?
Derek: Oh... It's nothing. I'm just surprised because you look just like the princess said... If Lady Eruca requests it, I must make sure it is carried out, no matter what.
I think this place might be okay, Raynie.
Derek: Hmmm... Unfortunately, the only space we have available here is a small shack. Will these accommodations be acceptable?

This "small shack" is the largest building in town, by the way.

...It's more than enough. There's something I need to ask you, though. I want to look into the history of this continent. Do you have anything I could see?
Derek: Hoh... Well, you're in luck there. A few years ago, a bona-fide historian moved into this village. If you talk to him, I'm sure you'll learn all kinds of things. I'll let him know. You must be weary from your travels. I advise you to get some rest. Let me show you to where you'll be staying.

...fade to black...

(Lippti and Teo told me the world will be swallowed by sand. Eruca's story is consistent with that, but I can't use it as an answer for Raynie...)
Put it this way: it's worth checking out. It was pretty detailed and elaborate to be a lie.
Sure, but...

What did you find?
I talked to the mayor and several others around town... And it's true, there does seem to be a correlation between the ritual and the desertification.
I thought so. We should do some digging into the empire's history as well.
Something wrong, Raynie?
...Forget it.
By the way, Stocke, have you ever been this way before?
Not to my knowledge. Why?
Some of the villagers said they recognized you. They must have mistaken you for someone else. I have heard that there are others in this world who resemble you, after all! Well then, I'm off to find any records of the empire's history!
Good. I'm counting on you.

Marco leaves, and we fade out again.

Music: To the Battlefield

The Resistance's actions of late have been beyond the pale. Even if it is only Princess Eruca playacting at being a heroine, this cannot be taken lightly. There must be a reprisal, Your Majesty...
How dare that whelp...!? Is the tie between a parent and child not related by blood so fragile!?
What shall your response be, Majesty?
Set it all ablaze...
Burn the city to the ground and let their cinders be mixed in with the rest of the ash!
But the other citizens would also be caught in the--
Fie on them! Anyone who harbors Eruca or the Resistance deserves to share their fate. It's time the citizens remembered who holds the authority and power in this country! Queen Protea!
Ah...! As you wish.

"Welcome back, Count Selvan. What's our next mission?"
...These orders come directly from Her Majesty. Take heed and listen well.
Set fire to the city! Burn everything to the ground, Resistance and civilian alike!
...Those are your orders.
"I-Is... Is she serious!? That's insane! I-I mean... No soldier would obey such an order! My family is in the city!"
Calm yourself. We would never actually burn the civilians. I have an idea...
"Y-Yes, Sir...?"
First, spread a rumor immediately before setting the fire. Tell the people the Resistance started the fire to lash out at the Queen. Then begin the fire in the least damaging area of the city to stir up confusion. The Resistance will be left with no choice but to make a move.
"I see..."
We will thus obey the letter of Her Majesty's orders... While still taking steps to dispose of the Resistance.
"Very canny of you... Wonderfully done, Count. I will instruct the men on the details immediately."

The soldier leaves, and Dias enters.

Were you speaking true?
Yes... She's become unreasonable. It was all well and good when she was King Victor's commoner pet...
You needn't convince me. She's without the merest shred of royal poise.
It was cruel fate that made this vulgar, brainless woman our queen... We may have been the ones to raise her to power, but the joke is no longer an amusing one.
Don't fret so, Selvan. Our cares will soon see an end. Once she's served our purpose, her exile will be swift and permanent.
Mm. If you'll excuse me, I must go set my own city on fire.
...I am sorry.
Never you mind... Just attend to your own role.

Selvan walks past Dias, toward the castle entrance.

A few days later...

Music: Beyond the Wilderness

Nothing about what we've learned here indicates that Eruca is lying.
I looked into the history of the old empire. Everything seems to fit.
(Then there's what Lippti and Teo said... I have to stop the desertification at all costs.)
So you're thinking of going along with that princess? You'd just abandon the mission?
I'm not abandoning it. I told you. We're just... putting it off. We can't carry out the objective Heiss gave us now, at any rate. We need to examine the facts, weigh the possibility of working with Eruca, and--
It sounds great when you say it like that. But what you're really saying underneath it all is that you're going to betray Alistel.
Calm down, Raynie. Honestly, I don't believe that the princess is lying either.
So you think the world's going to end if we don't play along with the princess?
Yes. All the research I did points to it. If the world is going to be destroyed, winning the war is meaningless. No one would survive either way. Not our friends in Alistel or their families...
But still! How can you betray Alistel like that!?
...I haven't quite made up my mind to cooperate with Eruca. She still hasn't answered some important questions. I'll decide what to do after I hear her responses to them. But Raynie... If you think going even that far is betrayal... I'm not forcing you to stay.

Music: Where the Wind and Feathers Return

......! Stocke...
I don't know yet what's wrong and what's right either. That's why I want to take a closer look at the facts and decide from there.
But... But the mission! It's our job to carry out Heiss' orders! We're agents, not researchers! What's to think about?
Alistel, Heiss... They took us in when we had nowhere to go after our squad got wiped. I can't betray them. I just can't.
...Raynie. Let me ask you just one thing. What drives you? Repaying Heiss for his kindness? Protecting Alistel?
It used to be that those two goals overlapped. Not this time. You might have to choose one at the expense of the other. What's most important to YOU?
I... I've... never thought about it...
Then start thinking. I haven't yet decided whether or not to cooperate with Eruca... But at the very least, she gave us time to think. Time to consider if we're really okay with the way things are...
Indeed... Our entire mission... And the war between Alistel and Granorg. We've gotten so used to being constantly at war. Our focus has narrowed to which side will win and which side will lose. That's how we've been thinking about things up to now.
I... guess you're right...
"Is now the time to be at war?" Nobody asks questions like that. Nobody ever seriously considers the desertification, our whole reason for being at war... Isn't that a terrible mistake?
Marco and I will be thinking hard about this before deciding. Raynie... You should be thinking about it too. That's what's called for now.
...All right. I'll think about it. I need to be alone for this, if you don't mind.

Stocke leaves the "small shack"

We've been partners for a long time... But don't hold back on that account, Raynie. I want to hear your honest opinion. Call us anytime you need to talk.

Marco follows Stocke.

...What should I do?

Raynie has left your party.

Upon leaving the shack, Stocke immediately notices something to the left.

...What's wrong!?
Derek: Someone in town found this man collapsed in Gran Plain a moment ago and brought him back here.
Did something happen at Granorg?

Marco steps forward to get a closer look at the collapsed man.

These wounds are severe... He's in a bad way.
"G-Granorg... it's in chaos... Protea... she's gone mad... She set fire... to the city... Lady Eruca... is in danger..."
Derek: What!? The princess is in danger!?
"I did my part... I got the message... to you..."
Derek: Stay with us!
Marco... I'm heading to Granorg. I'll most likely be acting against Heiss' orders. So you don't have to--
What on earth are you talking about, Stocke!? Of course I'm coming!
We came to assassinate Eruca, but we're about to rescue her. In doing so, we openly betray Heiss and Alistel. ...We'll most likely end up as exiles.
I-I've made my peace with that... Now's not the time to be at war. We need to protect Princess Eruca and have her perform the ritual!
...Well, then. Let's make for Granorg!

Thanks to the White Chronicle we have all the time in the world so I don't really feel any urgency in this situation, but I guess I might as well head over that way nonetheless.

We can't force her to come along. And she's in no state for a fight right now. If she's not fully resolved on the battlefield, she'll be killed.
...... Stocke... Don't be angry with Raynie. We really owe Heiss and Alistel a lot for taking us in.
I know... So what's your take on all this, Marco?
I'm grateful to my benefactors, of course... But if the world ends, I'll never be able to repay them properly. That's why I'm going with you, Stocke, even if it does mean betraying them. Even if I doubt Heiss will understand...
Come on, let's go. This is the best way!
All right.
????: Waaaaait!

Music: To the Future that Awaits Ahead

I'm... I'm coming with you!
I thought about what I wanted to do, what I should do... And I want to protect Alistel. It's my home. If I need to save the world to protect it, then that's what I have to do. Which means if completing this mission means there's no chance we can save the world... Then I can't do it. I feel really bad about double- crossing Heiss and all, but... I'm coming with you anyway!
You'll be branded a traitor by the country you're trying to protect, you realize. Your home won't be your home anymore.
Doesn't matter. I've already made up my mind!
...All right.
Let's go, then! The three of us, together!
Yeah... We ought to get going. But listen, both of you. This isn't a mission anymore, which means you two aren't my subordinates. Starting now, we're all partners fighting for a common cause.
! Gotcha!
Let's move it!

Music: Rebellion

We head straight for Granorg, where we immediately see smoke and embers in the air.

What on earth!?
Queen Protea's setting fire to her own country...! The woman's lost her mind!

As we head north we see rubble on the ground (though I'm not sure how that follows from setting a small fire...), and a familiar, yet generic, person on the ground.

You were in the tavern...
Will: My name's Will... I knew it... This blade has seen better days. It snapped by the time I sliced my third foe...
Get ahold of yourself!
Will: Who knew... that the Queen's men would take such measures...
What about Eruca? Has she been captured?
Will: That I don't know... I can only hope that she is safe...
Will: The soldiers... they're near the tavern... There's still time... *gasp* *pant* Unfortunately... My time, too, is at an end... Please... take care of the princess...

If we investigate Will's body, Stocke confirms that he's dead.

With a few exceptions, there are no NPCs around the city, only enemies.

"It's important in dangerous times like these to have the best equipment."

These brave men are so dedicated to their business, they refuse to leave their storefronts even after all the citizens have evacuated/died/vanished from the face of the earth.

"Since I'm not going anywhere, I may as well ask if you want to stay for 50G."

Well, Eruca's life is in immediate danger, but she can wait while we take a quick nap.

...I guess we should probably stop goofing off and head for the tavern now.

"What a suspicious crew! You look like members of the Resistance to me!"

Stocke charges forward and takes a swipe at the soldier.

!? It's Stocke!
You're here, Stocke!
"Stocke...? Hey... You! You're the bandit who broke into the palace!"
You're setting fire to your own country now? What would compel you to do such a thing?
"Wh-What're you talking about!? The Resistance started this fire!"
You're a terrible liar. Not even a child would believe such an obvious ruse. Answer me, and no more lies. What is the meaning of this?
"Most of these sheep won't know the truth! They'll believe the Resistance did it if we say so! This will teach those in the Resistance the terrible fury of Queen Protea!"
And that was worth slaughtering civilians?
"If the Resistance hadn't been such a thorn in our side, this wouldn't be a big deal! But they asked for it!"
You're the one setting fires, and you say they're asking for it!? You filth...!
"Grrr... Nosy bastard! Perfect timing, though! We'll hand you over to Count Selvan! We were looking for culprits to frame for the fire, and you fit the bill!"

These guys are no trouble at all. I'm sure the only thing that stopped Aht from taking them out singlehandedly was her inability to move enemies onto the traps she lays.

Good... You're safe. We'll hurry ahead. Be careful as you're leaving the city.
I'm coming with you!

Music: Where the Wind and Feathers Return (Piano Arrangement)

No you're not! This isn't a game!
I know! But I'm coming with you!
...You can't.
Stocke... You're going to find Eruca, huh?
How did you know that!?
Aht... Are these the ones you meant...?
Ahh, I see. Now it makes sense.
...What are you talking about?
Oh, er, my apologies... But I cannot be the one to tell you.
Man, first the princess, and now you guys. What's the big secret?
I'll tell you, um, when the time comes. But I gotta come with you!
No! I told you, we can't have you coming with us!
Easy, Raynie... She seems to have her reasons. Maybe it has something to do with saving the world. ...Right, Vanoss?
I'm not really in a position to reveal any details... But yes, broadly speaking.
Stocke, I'm begging you. Please take Aht with you. Her powers will be very useful, I know it.
Seriously? I mean, if you're okay with it, Stocke, I won't argue, but...
I promise I'll protect her if anything happens.
Oh yeah, Stocke... Take this...

Obtained Black Page

What is it?
It's something that'll help!
Please, all of you, watch over Aht.

Aht has joined your party

I don't think it's much of a spoiler to say that Black Page is going to get us a new technique.

We can get this immediately just by visiting Historia, but I'll save it until I need to use the White Chronicle.

Music: Rebellion

The bar is immediately after that little scene with Aht.

Pierre: Hey, it's you guys. When did you get back from Cornet Village?
There's no time for chitchat. Where are the others?
Pierre: ...Dead, mostly.
Is the princess all right?
Pierre: Yeah, she's behind this door.

Pierre turns to face the door behind him.

Pierre: Who's ready for some great news? Stocke is here!
Otto: Stocke? He's here!?

Pierre is over to the left, hidden behind Eruca's portrait.

Otto: And I doubt you'd have come all this way if you didn't mean to help us... Is that right?
...For now.
Otto: For now, eh? Well, even so, you're welcome.

Eruca walks around the counter and approaches Stocke.

You can't stay here. We need to leave.
Yes... I never imagined my stepmother would go to such lengths...
"Bad news!"

A man who is dressed identically to Pierre runs into the bar.

What is it?
"Count Selvan's troops are on their way here!"
Otto: I can't think of many I'd less rather encounter at a time like this... I'll take them on! Stocke! I'll leave the princess with you. There's no safe place left in this country. We'll meet up again at... let me see... the Sand Fortress.
Got it.

Otto runs outside the bar to certain doom.

Pierre: Anyway, we need a way out of here. Let's go through the underground waterway in back. It leads directly outside the city, for occasions just such as these.
You're awfully well-prepared.
Pierre: That's what they keep me around for. C'mon, let's hurry.
All right.

Eruca has joined the party.

Eruca is our final party member, and the only character who can equip guns and dresses.

Eruca's strength lies in magic attacks. At the moment she doesn't really know any great attacks, but she'll learn some really great ones soon enough. She also has some pretty good non-offensive abilities. Power Rise increases the entire party's attack power for a few turns, and Trans-Turn works like switching, but she gives her turn panel to the target rather than swapping with them.

When we're done checking out Eruca's stats, we head out back to the underground waterway.

Oh, no... The entrance is stuck!
Pierre: ......
Pierre: I'm sorry, princess... But I was the one who closed it. Haha... ...You don't see? All right, then let me paint the picture for you.

Music: To the Battlefield

Pierre: I'm betraying you!
No...! Pierre!
Pierre: I gave up everything to work with you, thinking it would all be easier with Protea gone... But now? I can't see Protea's tyranny ending. If anything... It's getting worse. We live each day never knowing when we'll eat next, and if we're caught, it's certain death. And it's not just me I'm worried about. It affects my sister Claire, too. I'm so sick of all this! Sick of living like a rat in a hole!
Pierre: ...Sorry, princess. I'm not going to kill you or anything.

Stocke moves to stand between Pierre and Eruca.

Pierre: Hahaha... Here it comes... I should have known. I wasn't looking for a fight... But I guess one's found me.
...Not on my watch.

Boss: Pierre
(I am awful at video games and this battle goes on for seven and a half minutes. I try to show off most of Eruca's unique skills in this video, so watch it if you're interested in seeing those.)
Music: The Red Locus

Pierre is accompanied by six generic enemies. Since there are so many enemies, it can be hard to safely move your turns around at first, but it gets much simpler as you take enemies out.

My first priority is cutting down the enemy's numbers. When combined with Power Rise, Stocke's pushing and Aht's traps do enough damage to kill the soldiers and archers in one go, so I try to focus on laying traps and moving enemies onto them.

A few times I have Eruca do something stupid (such as using Mana-Shot when she should have buffed or used Trans-Turn, as above), to show off her attacks. Despite this I never thought to show her ordinary attack, which is a two-hit physical strike, like Aht's.

The enemies' attacks aren't really very dangerous alone. Pierre's Explosion is probably the biggest threat, just because it hits everyone at once. The real threat in this battle is the sheer number of enemies. You can see at the very beginning of the video how tons of enemies focus on Eruca and kill her immediately.

Just before killing Pierre, I remembered I was supposed to try stealing from him, but didn't manage to get anything. I don't know if he has anything, I can't find any information about it online, and I can't look it up in-game right now, so whether or not he has anything will forever remain a mystery.

Aht learned Ice Trap after this battle, by the way. It's like all her other traps, but ice.

Music: Where the Wind and Feathers Return

Pierre: I'm... I'm finally free of it all... Claire... My only light... If only I hadn't joined the Resistance, Claire wouldn't have died... I killed her... I thought destroying the Resistance was the answer... I'm sorry, Lady Eruca. I'm so weak... ......
Losing his only reason to go on must have made him desperate...
That's so sad...
Let's go...

Music: Rebellion

Aside from the generic enemies, there's nothing else stopping us from leaving the city. But before we leave, there's one person we need to talk to.

"I know for a fact that this is their handiwork. The Resistance had nothing to do with it! I heard Selvan and Dias talking!"
You overheard them? Where?
"...What do you care? Are you going to avenge us? ...You're not one of them, are you?"
"I see... Well, I can't afford to tell this to anyone who comes asking. But if you're going to avenge us, I'll tell you what I know."

I'll avenge you.
I'm not interested.

"You will? I've been waiting for someone like you. I actually used to be a soldier of Alistel."
An Alistel soldier? Why are you here in Granorg?
"When we lost the battle, Dias took a sword that was a family treasure from me. It has a floral pattern, and it's the only one of its kind. I won't go home without it. That's why I left the army to come here. I've been watching Dias to find the right time to reclaim it. ...Damn it! If only I'd killed him, then this city wouldn't be burning down right now..."
You saw him?
"A few days ago, I was downtown, and I saw Selvan and Dias there. I was unarmed, so I didn't pursue them... But I hear they have secret meetings in the downtown area quite often."
Sounds like solid intel. I'll do everything I can.
"Great, I'm counting on you!"

We're supposed to meet Otto at the Sand Fortress, assuming he didn't die when he went to face an army alone, so we'll go there next time.