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Part 22: Questing on the Side

In the Alternate History, we need Rosch to lead the Satyros army to war with Alistel. But without his gauntlet, Rosch has lost the will to fight.

In the Standard History, we just came upon a gauntlet, so now it's time to return to Celestia and get Rosch back on his feet. But first...

Music: The Melody Connecting the World

You may attain even greater power by using these.
The power of the Black Chronicle is formidable, to be sure. It's worth a try. Here goes...

The power of Mana Burst is now strengthened.

That seems to have worked well... You'll find that your Mana Burst is much more powerful. And just as before, the boost carries over to your companions. What's different this time is that the effects of the power may vary depending on the user. Each of you should give it a try to determine the effects.
Greater power, eh? All right. We'll give it a try.

In addition to Turn Break, we can now use Mana Burst to use powerful attacks. I'm not going to have the chance to show them off in this update, but later I'll get a compilation video or some animated gifs together to show them all off.

Now we go to the Shattered Steel Arm node in the Alternate History, and talk to Sonja.

Music: The Garden Where the Celestite Lies

Where!? How did you get this!?
There's no time to explain. Can you check something right now? Is the part you need in this Gauntlet?

Can you let me see it for a second? ...... ...Yes. The core parts are still there and intact. But if I try and take it out with the tools I have here, I may break it.
...! What do you need to get it out safely?
Back in Alistel, I had the facilities I'd need for this kind of work. But to go back there now is impossible. ...This might be for the best, though. If I could fix it, then Rosch would be able to fight again...
I see... Sorry to bother you. You said the tools that you'd need would be found in Alistel, right? Thank you, Sonja.

Alright, we need to get to Sonja's lab. So let's go way back.

I remember some people in the thread were wondering about the third branch coming off of this node. You guys are finally going to get your answer.

Music: Machinist Kingdom

Sorry, but I don't have time to explain. I need to ask you to do something for me with this. I want you to remove the Core Parts from the Gauntlet.
Well, I can do that... But then the Gauntlet will be useless... That Gauntlet DOES look pretty damaged anyway, though.
Yeah... I'm fine with that. Please, do it.
Handed over Broken Limb


I did it. Here you go. And... Take this, too. It's a makeshift tool to insert the Core Parts into another Gauntlet. I don't know why you'll need the Core Parts, but I'm sure you'll need that tool, too.
Obtained Force Core.
Thank you.
It's nothing... But Core Parts are a top secret in Alistel. Watch what you do with that.
I will. ...Sorry for asking you to do this.

Okay, we can head back to Shattered Steel Arm and repair Rosch's gauntlet now, but while we're in the past, I've let quite a few sidequests pile up, and now is a good time to clear them out.

Our first stop is The Closed Mine in the Alternate History's prologue.

You may remember a painter named Kaizan in the Granorg inn. He wanted us to get him a rare pigment of green paint, made from Almakalite Ore. Unfortunately, the only man who knows how to make this paint died in an accident at the Alma Mine.

Immediately inside the mine is a building (we came here once before to recruit someone for the woman at the reception desk in Alistel Castle.), the artisan is in here.

Music: Blue Radiance (Extended by YouTube user: SilentWeaponsIII)
I change locations dozens of times in this update and I really don't want to go through and add all those links. I also really love Blue Radiance, but I can never link to it because I rarely show normal battles, so here's a version that plays for 15 minutes.

Would you by chance be the pigment artisan?
"Indeed... I just completed a great green pigment today."
(So he wasn't involved in an accident in this timeline, as I'd thought.)
Do you think I could have some of that?
"Ooh, you're a bit too late. I don't have any more. I sold it all to Mr. Kaizan when he stopped by here. It's not like I can make it again, either. I'd have to start by mining the ore again... And this is gonna be a battlefield soon! If you need some, go ask Mr. Kaizan for it. He's a traveling artist. I heard he's going to Alistel next. You should go see him there. But if you wait too long, he'll head off somewhere else, so don't waste time."

There's also a hidden chest in here containing an Impale Core. This is a part of Rosch's skill quest, but we can't use it yet.

Our next goal is also in The Closed Mine. Back in Granorg an aspiring chef named Hilster wanted us to get him some vegetables from Cornet Village (which we have done), and boar meat from Lazvil.

This is the boar that Hilster was talking about...!

The boar starts the battle by using Kiai Charge 2-3 times. We need to take advantage of this and kill it before it gets a chance to attack, because...

We can't really survive if it hits us. Note that he hit us two or three more times, I just couldn't get all the numbers in a single screenshot.

After setting my turns so that we take up the next 10 actions, I had Marco cast Magic Boost on Stocke and Raynie to boost their magic attack.

After that, Stocke and Raynie spam fire, which the boar's elemental weakness. For defeating it we get a miniscule amount of EXP and Savory Boar Meat.

This meat is different... In any case, it's the boar meat I needed. I should get it to Hilster.

I should get it to Hilster, but first I'm going to stay in The Closed Mine and head for Alistel's inn.

Kaizan: Actually, it doesn't matter. You're distracting me from my work. Could you please leave?
An artist I know wants some green paint. Do you have any to spare?
Kaizan: I see... So he knows about the Almakalite ore? He must be pretty good. But I don't have much of it myself. I can't just give it away. Without it, I'll never complete my own work. I'm sorry for your artist friend. Tell him to give up.

Kaizan refused to give me paint to bring to Kaizan so I guess I need to go tell Kaizan that Kaizan can't spare any paint for Kaizan. Poor Kaizan, that Kaizan guy is a real jerk.

Awhile back a woman in Alistel Castle asked us to locate a Celestia Iris -- a flower that grows in Celestia -- for her. We found a Celstia Iris bud when we visited Celestia, so we can visit her in The Closed Mine and deliver it.

"I've never seen one before! It's still a bud..."
I hear it's hard to get one to bloom. Can you do it?
"I'll certainly do my best! If all goes well, I might be able to raise a whole field of Celestia Irises here. Thank you! I'll get right on it."

That's all we've got to do in The Closed Mine, so we travel forward to A New Mission, in Chapter 1 of the Alternate History.

"I never thought I'd see such a beautiful flower with my own eyes... I'm so happy. This is thanks for giving me the iris bud."
Obtained Thaumatech Orb
"I want to grow more and more of them. One day, I'll make the desertified places bloom with flowers!"

The Thaumatech Orb is an accessory increases magic attack and magic defense by 5.

In the future, we came across a widow whose husband died of an illness. We took his medicine from her with the intent to bring it back and give it to him before it's too late. This man is still alive in A New Mission, so let's pay him a visit.

"I've been coughing a lot these days..."

Give medicine
Don't give

Handed over Anti-Poison.

"Huh? Is this for me?"
Your wife gave me this medicine. Take it before it's too late.
"Whoa, hold up. I'm not dying anytime soon. True, I haven't been feeling well these days... But if my wife got it for me, she must really be worried. Okay, thanks."
Don't thank me. Thank your wife.

Way back when, we talked to a man named Cedric in Alistel. He wanted me to talk to Field Marshal Viola about the Prophet Noah, because she met him in the past. We talked to her about this while we were at the Sand Fortress, and she gave us her diary. This man is in Alistel in A New Mission.

(What should I do...? I do have Viola's diary. I've skimmed it. Some of its contents are too sensitive for the public eye... Especially the parts concerning her health conditions. Should I give him the diary anyway? I have to think about this one carefully...)

Show the journal
Don't show the journal

I'm sorry, but you'll have to forget what I said before.
Cedric: ...I-I see. No, don't apologize. I asked for the impossible. But, you know what? I have the chance to speak with General Hugo! It's possible that he finally sees the worth in my work! I'm planning to visit him in the castle soon!


"General Hugo! Please, show us the way!"
"The scion of the great Prophet Noah!"
"Long live General Hugo! Long live Alistel!"

That was the last Stocke and Cedric ever saw of each other. No one knows what became of Cedric after he went to speak with Hugo... And there is no way of learning it now. Not even a year later, Noah and Viola were completely forgotten by the public. Alistel's attention had been stolen, the limelight occupied by an actor named Hugo... Noah's voice will never be heard. Viola's presence will never be brought to light. Alistel now descends into darkness...

"A Voice Unheard"

I was disappointed to see what happened to Alistel.
That General will do nothing to prevent the world's destruction. And as his power grows...
You must use the White Chronicle. Don't worry. I'm sure you can guide Alistel in the right direction.

I did speak with her. In fact, I have her personal journal.
Cedric: Her own diary!? Wow! Amazing! Please, show me!
I warn you... The contents will shock you. No... they will shock all of Alistel. You must promise that until the day you are required to release it, you will keep it secret.
Cedric: ...... It seems the intelligence within requires a certain resolve before I can face it. All right, I swear it. In the name of the Prophet Noah... ...and of Field Marshal Viola.

Stocke hands the diary to Cedric and he flips through the pages.

Cedric: So this is Viola's diary... Wow! It contains the words of the Prophet Noah in... detail... ...... I can't have this, can I...? I'll have to copy it by hand. This may take some time to write down...
Go ahead. I've got time.


Cedric: ...That's all of it! Thank you very much, Sir. As promised, I won't release any of this until the time is right. This is a token of my appreciation... I don't have a use for it... But you might.
Obtained Noah Amulet

The Noah Amulet is an accessory that raises Poison, Sleep, and Paralysis resistance by 4.

In To Granorg in Chapter 1 of the Standard History, a little girl asked us to buy her a replica of Eruca's ring while we were in Granorg. Eruca gave us her own ring to bring to the girl, so we proceed to To Granorg to deliver it.

Handed over Princess' Ring

Anna: Ooh, so pretty! It's so sparkly and... It's like a dream on my finger!
They didn't have very many over there. It wasn't easy to find. But, someone gave me one when I told her about you. ...Take good care of it.
Anna: Wow... Heheh! She must be very kind. Just like the real Princess Eruca! Yeah! I'll take great care of it! Thank you so much! Oh, yeah! Here's a reward for you! I brought it from home. You should use it. It's just collecting dust at my house.
Obtained Rabbit's Foot

The Rabbit's Foot is an accessory that increases MP by 10 and luck by 15.

Also in Alistel is a researcher who asked me to find him information on how to grow Conuts. While we were in Cornet Village we obtained this information, and we can deliver it while we're still in To Granorg.

You needed information about growing Conuts, right?
"Yes, that's right. Were you able to find any?"
"Wow, you're great!"
"Show my daddy! Hurry!"
I need to ask you something... What exactly do you intend to achieve with the Conuts?
"Well, I'd appreciate if you kept this quiet, but... The Conuts absorb Mana efficiently. Alistel's thaumachines are powered by Mana, and gathering a lot of it is a tough job. If my project is completed, we can mass produce the thaumachines and eventually win the war! So it's imperative that we learn how to cultivate the Conuts!"
(I didn't realize they were conducting such research... But it's true that we can't afford to lose the war. Should I tell him...? I have to think about this one carefully...)

Don't Tell

(We won't be able to do much for the world if Alistel is defeated, I suppose.)
All right. I'll tell you how to cultivate the Conuts.
"Much appreciated! I see... Aha... So that's what we have to do, is it? I can't thank you enough! Please accept this token of my appreciation!"
Obtained Mana Crystal
"All right! Time to get to work!"
"Good luck, Daddy!"


"I-It's no use! We're no match for that thing!"
"Dammit... Alistel and their damn thaumachine! We're completely outgunned!"

The scholar who learned how to cultivate Conuts had succeeded in using them to absorb Mana. With this breakthrough, the fuel problems of thaumachines were quickly resolved. Alistel's army routed Granorg and assumed dominion over every country in the continent. The war ended quickly. People were grateful for the new dawn of an era of peace. But the toll on the earth's Mana hastened the desertification. The land was covered in sand. It is only a matter of time before the sand consumes what is left of the world...

"Distorted Hope"

Our goal is to put an end to the desertification. Yet you acted to hasten its arrival...
Of course, everyone makes mistakes. But we cannot lose sight of our ideals... Let us think carefully before attempting again to save this world...


(The earth weakens whenever we absorb the power of Mana. I can't tell him anything that would speed along the desertification.)
Sorry, but I can't tell you.
Your research would only speed up the desertification. That trumps the thaumachines. Sorry, but forget I said anything.
"You took on my research request and now you're not telling me what you found!? Unbelievable!"
"You're mean, mister!"


Your patience amazes us, Stocke.
You put the safety of the world first, knowing it would make your research effort go to nothing.
We thank you, Stocke.
And yet... You were so close to success...
What do you mean?
The Conut can grow in the desert. If the scholar would focus on rejuvenating the desert...
I see what you're getting at. But the scholar's done talking to me. Maybe if I went back to the past and tried reporting to him again, he'd listen to this idea...
We thank you regardless, Stocke. And we are always praying for your success.

Now we travel back to To Granorg once again, and talk to the scholar.

(I mustn't let him hasten the desertification... I have to convince him!)
I can show you what you need to know. But first, listen to me. Alistel can win this war with a steady supply of Mana. But even if we win, all life will eventually be choked away by the desertification. Conuts, though, are strong enough to thrive in the desert. If we can revitalize the desert with them, mankind can survive.
"...... You mean to tell me... You want to save the world?"
If history will remember you, would you rather it be as an arms researcher or a savior?
"...Interesting... Rejuvenate the desert with Conuts... I see how that might work... Yes..."
What do you think?
"How can I say no? I can't turn down anyone seeking my expertise. Let's do it! I'll research this rejuvenation process!"
Then as promised, here's the method I found to cultivate Conuts.

You gave him the Conuts Leaflet

"Aha... I see... Got it! Thanks for all your help! I'll get to it straight away! So the early stage of cultivation requires... Ahhh... All right..."
"Go, Daddy, go!"


It's you...
Thank you, Stocke.
You're incredible! What you've done here significantly broadens the possibilities for the future.
We don't know yet what this future will be. But if his research succeeds, it will lead to a method to stop the desertification.
Well, it was your idea. I thought you two didn't want to interfere with history, though. What's gotten into you?
We remembered our past... The scholar reminded us of our father. He was a thaumatech engineer as well. We couldn't bear the thought of that man's children following in our footsteps...
...I apologize if you thought we were indirectly leading you. That was not our intention. Thank you for making the final choice so that we did not have to break the rule of interference.
...... You cared about his family that much, eh?
My apologies, Stocke. But... Thanks to you, the family is saved.
This is from us...
Obtained Pandur
Thank you, and please, keep up your excellent work.

I like this sidequest. It's an interesting look into the twins' past. Before this I assumed they just always existed since the beginning of time.

The Pandur is a magic-based gun. It's much better than Eruca's current weapon, so it should come in handy when she's back in our party.

While we were in Alistel late in the Alternate History, we encountered a boy whose father had died at the Sand Fortress. The boy had hidden a keepsake of his deceased mother in an attempt to keep his father from going to war. We took the locket and promised to deliver it to his father.

The man is at the Sand Fortress, in The Valkyrie in Chapter 1 of the Alternate History.

"I have a kid. He's so sweet it's kind of a problem. He wouldn't stop crying when I had to go on duty. He wouldn't let go. It's kind of cute, but at the same time, I wish he'd toughen up a bit. Haha."
Your son wanted me to give this to you.
Handed over Keepsake Locket
"My amulet! I thought I lost it! I see. He was hiding it this entire time. Sheesh. That kid..."
He said he wanted to apologize. Why not take a vacation and go see him?
"It's a nice idea, but I can't. I have to stay here. Now that the reinforcements are here, Field Marshal Viola will make a move soon."
You really can't take a short break to see him? The battle at Gran Plain will be...
"I know. But I can't go back. This fight is to protect my child. ...... I just thought of something. Can you wait here for a bit."


"If you ever return to Alistel, can you give my son this letter? It says that I can't go back, but that I'll fight my hardest to keep him safe."
Obtained Child's Letter
I'll give him the letter. But you stay alive. A letter is a poor replacement for a father.
"Thanks. Please take this as a gift. Hopefully you can use it."
Obtained Death Pact

The Death Pact is for someone's skill quest. We'll get to use it sooner or later.

When we were fleeing Granorg, we ran across a man whose family sword was taken by Dias. Dias is in Granorg's inn in Aht's Prayer, Standard History: Chaper 1.

When I enter the inn, I bump into a little girl.

Claire: Eek! Are you all right, sir!?
I'm okay. Working at an inn must be tough for someone your age. What's your name?
Claire: I'm Claire. My parents are gone, so I have to work, just like my brother Pierre...
I see. Well, I hope things turn out well for you.
Claire: Thank you!

Claire continues down the stairs.

Claire... Pierre's sister...

Well that was something, I guess. Onward to Dias' room!

Hm? Who are you?

General Dias... There are two things I would have from you.
You gave me no time to pull my sword. You're skilled, I'll give you that.
I don't need your compliments. What I need is that sword of yours with the rose engravings.
Very well... It was just something I found on a battlefield.
Obtained Rose Sword
Now, if you're done here, could you leave me be?
I did say two things. The other item I want... your life.
Claire: This way, Sir.

You! An assassin from the Resistance!?
(I'm surrounded... But if I try, I can at least be sure I kill Dias...)
Don't even try it. If you move a muscle, the girl dies.

Selvan grabs Claire

Claire: Aaaaah!
If you leave this room without causing trouble, I will allow you to go this once. But if you try anything funny, the girl dies. Right here, right now.

Dias draws his sword and swings at Stocke, forcing him to jump away.

(This isn't good. I can't let them kill Claire, for Pierre's sake... I have no choice but to give up this plan to assassinate Dias in the past.)
No. We can't just allow him to go. It'd be too great a waste of talent. You've proven yourself quite skillful. Why not put that skill to work for us? All of Granorg will be within our grasp in no time. We can give you anything you desire once our goal has been achieved. Now take my hand!
(If Claire wasn't here, I could take out at least one of them. Still, I'm surprised they're trying to hire somebody who just tried to kill them... If I side with Dias, I might be able to change Granorg from the inside... I'll be closer to the royal family, and I might find a way to save the world... Should I just leave? Or should I accept Dias' offer? I have to think about this one carefully...)

Accept invitation

(My mission is to stop the desertification. My personal feelings don't matter.)
Fine. You sound like you could be the highest bidder for my talents. Take back your sword.
Handed over Rose Sword
Consider our deal sealed. Welcome to Granorg, my dear assassin. I will have a mission for you tomorrow.


"Emergency! General Hugo and Lt. General Raul have been assassinated!"

"The perpetrator should still be in the vicinity! Don't let him get away!"

Stocke... What are you doing here?
Why can't you answer me!? Tell me what you're doing!?
This will end the war. Now we can concentrate on stopping the world's desertification. As long as we can achieve that, I don't care who wins the war.
Th-That doesn't excuse what you've done!
...Just pretend you didn't see me. The last thing I want to do is take you out.

Sonja turns away from Stocke, and he flees the castle.

Stocke's assassination of the Alistel VIPs caused Alistel to lose the war. But... The conflict did not end. Granorg did not stop fighting until the nation conquered the entire continent. And when an end to the war was finally in sight... ...the desertification had already reached the point of no return.

"The World's Betrayal"

I did not expect you to turn to Granorg to find the means to save the world. This obviously did not turn out as planned. But at least you tried.
Unless Granorg's warmongering ideology is changed, the war will never end. You will also be unable to save the world from Granorg if the conflict continues.
This was a valuable lesson for you. Please don't waste this experience you've learned.
The future is in your hands.

(I can't kill them now, but I'm sure I'll get another chance in the future. More importantly, I can't let them kill Pierre's sister.)
...Looks like the odds aren't in my favor for now. I'll go quietly.

Dias throws a knife at Stocke, who ducks underneath it and flees through the door.

I apologize for all of this, my dear girl.

Selvan lets go of Claire.

Never mind that! After him!

Is he outside already? After him!

Dias and Selvan run downstairs, and Claire exits the room.

Claire: Ah... Th-That was scary...

Claire goes back downstairs.

...I'll just consider myself lucky to get the sword back.

Shortly after meeting Eruca, we came across the corpse of a man. A nearby woman explained that he had risen up in opposition of Protea, and was cut down by the soldiers. This man is still alive in Aht's Prayer, so we go to speak with him.

"A morally bankrupt monarch can only bring about a bankrupt monarchy. This country is circling the drain. It's over... There's no hope... But someone... Someone has to do something..."
Times may be tough. But don't throw your life away hastily.
"Huh? Who the hell are you? Maybe you can sit there and accept this, but I can't. They need to know how fed up I am! They need to be shown the rage of the people!"
Shown the rage of the people? How will you do that? Do you think they'll honestly care?
"I just told you how! I'm to, er, show my... ...... All right. You got me. I know I'm just trying to run away from all of this. I want to change myself, and change the world, too... I just don't know how."
(I've done my part. It's up to him now.)

Next we go to Castle Sewers in Chapter 2 of the Standard History, to deliver those vegetables and that boar meat to Hilster in Granorg's marketplace.

By the way, can you use these Cornet vegetables?
Hilster: Huh...? Th-These vegetables are... Thank you so much! I'll prepare these right away!


Hilster: This time I've made giant boar steak, with a Cornet style sauce. Please taste it.
"I wouldn't have expected you to attempt this dish. Nevertheless, I'll give a taste."
"...It can't be! This taste! It isn't possible for these two ingredients to have this kind of synergy! How did you do this?"
Hilster: I'll be honest. These people got the ingredients for me. But I was surprised. Both of the primary ingredients enter their prime at different times... Yet the two ingredients in this dish are at the pinnacle of perfection. It's supposed to be impossible. That's when I realized the true meaning of this dish.
Hilster: I don't know how these people could have made the impossible a reality. But I'm sure they did something extraordinary to get ahold of these ingredients. They're hard to come by to begin with, being separated by such long distances... I hoped that one day, the land would be peaceful enough to make them traded with ease... That's why we chefs have to keep refining our skill, so that maybe one day, that comes true.
"...You understood all of this. There is nothing more I could say. You'll start with the grungiest work in the castle kitchen. And don't even think about quitting!"
Hilster: Yes, Sir! Er... No, Sir!


"And more than that... I've come a long way as a chef. This is a token of my appreciation. I can't thank you enough."
Obtained Firelight Pact.
"I hope you'll try my cooking again someday. I'll be a better chef by then, so I'm sure it'll be tasty. Anyway, see you around!"

It's also possible to just bring Hilster the boar meat, and he'll obtain his own vegetables. If you do this though, he'll be forced to use unripe vegetables and his father will not be pleased.

Anyway, Kaizan is at the inn during Castle Sewers, so we pay him a visit to let him know that Kaizan won't lend us any paint.

"...I see. I figured this is how it would end. I'm sorry that I sent you on a fool's errand. ...... That settles it. Today is the day I hang up my brush. I'm retiring. This was to be my finest work, and now I can't complete it. So I may as well give up. ...... Here. You can have my last incomplete work as thanks for trying the impossible. It's unfinished, but it's all I have to offer."
...I'll take it for the time being.

We return to The Closed Mine to show Kaizan Kaizan's painting.

"You again. No matter how many times you ask, I can't spare that paint."
Could you just look at this painting?
"What's this? ......! Who... Who did this? It's wonderful! I could only aspire to reach this level of skill. This passion came through a great sadness. The artist must have made great sacrifices."
You can tell?
"Who do you think I am? I am Kaizan! This painting seems to be missing a shade of green... Oh! I see. I understand now. Please, give him this, and tell him to finish this masterpiece."
Obtained Green Paint

After seeing Kaizan's painting, Kaizan has decided to give some paint to Kaizan, so we return to Granorg to give Kaizan the good news.

"Oh, it's you again. What is it?"
I found your pigment. I wanted to give this back to you. After all, you need to finish it, don't you?
"I-I can't believe it! You actually found it! Thank you! Thank you very much! Please take this as a small token of my eternal gratitude."
Obtainted Firestar Pact
"I must go now. I must finish my masterwork! You can now brag that you helped Kaizan finish his masterwork. ...I am so grateful. Again, thank you."

Now we go to The Beastkind Forest, in the Second Chapter of the Alternate History. We need to be in Alistel, which means skipping a dozen cutscenes and fighting a bear.

We pay a visit to the boy whose father is stationed at the Sand Fortress.

"Sir...? Did you find my dad...? Were you able to give him the amulet?"
Don't worry. I made sure he got it.
"You're lying! If my dad was alive, he'd be back home by now! And he's not back... So he's..."
I'm not lying. He wrote you a letter. ...Here.
"What!? He did!?"
"...... ......... ............ Dad says that I can't be sad, no matter what happens to him. He's fighting for what he believes in, and what he wants to protect... But listen to this part: 'As long as you believe I'm coming home, I want you to be a strong boy and wait for me. Show me that you have the strength to stand up for what you believe in...' ......... I'm going to stay strong, just like Dad! He's going to be surprised when he comes home. I'm not going to cry anymore!"
Yeah... I'm sure your dad would like that.
"Sir, thank you for the amulet, and the letter, and... and everything. This is something that means a lot to me, but you can have it!"
Obtained Celestial Oil

Celestial Oil is a rare and powerful MP restorative which cannot be bought.

The last sidequest of the night is also here in Alistel. The sick man from before.

"Look! When I took that medicine you gave me, my cough cleared right up! I've got you to thank for that!"
No, I told you before, I got it from your wife...
"Come on. You just said that so I'd take it. I didn't feel bad when you gave it to me! I asked my wife, and she said she never bought me any medicine. You're so modest! You saved my life. Here, please accept this!"
Obtained Slumbering Scroll
"Thank you for the medicine. It saved my life."

I said that was the last sidequest of the night, but I lied. We have to go back to A New Mission for a bit before we can end this.

We have two spear scrolls and one sword scroll to turn in here. Marco learns Sleep Cloud, which casts sleep on two rows of enemies.

Raynie learns Resist Boost, which temporarily raises the Magic Defense of a singly ally, and Sleep Break, which is a physical attack that may cause sleep.

And with that, we're finally done with sidequests (for now). This leaves our completed events at 103/236, so we're slowly making progress toward that sweet, sweet, 100% completion!

Next time we'll head back to the latest point in the Alternate History and talk to Sonja about getting those core parts installed into Rosch's gauntlet.