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Part 27: Mimel

...Yeah. Did you need me?
Ricky: Uh-huh. King Garland's calling for you.
All right. I'll be along to see him shortly.
Ricky: It's just, he seemed like he was in a hurry. So I think you should go soon! Okay, see ya!

Ricky leaves the inn, and we follow him.

Music: Affectionate Moment

...I'm glad the city was saved.
You said this place was important to you somehow?
I lived here a long time ago. Back before I met Marc.
You know how there's tons of mercenaries here? Most of 'em are drifters from cities that are dead now.
Dead cities?
Cities that got dragged into fights between Alistel and Granorg, I mean. The war raged on an awful long time with nobody giving a second thought to the civvies there.
Most of the people who lost their homes drifted into Cygnus, since it was neutral ground. ...You're lookin' at one of 'em. My mom and dad died protecting me during a battle. I drifted all over the place with the rest of the adults afterward. And wherever we went, I got treated like a big burden... But not here. The people of Cygnus accepted me right away.
Because they'd all gone through similar ordeals...
Prob'ly so... Everyone had each other's back. It sounds bad when you call it a city of drifters. But I think a lot of people, when they got here, felt safe for the first time. It's like a second chance at a homeland for them. Long story short... I was really happy when you said you'd protect this city. ...Thanks, Stocke.
Hahaha... Not like me to get all touchy-feely. You don't much like being thanked to your face, huh? You seem like the type who wouldn't. Okay, enough about the past! We gotta hurry and go see King Garland!

Music: Dreams Showed by a Cloud of Dust

We can find Ricky down by the city gates. He's got a sidequest for us.

Ricky. What are you doing here?
Ricky: Me? Uhhh... ......... Hey, Stocke, can you help me? This is a big problem for Cygnus. I can't tell you what it is unless you agree to help.

I'll help.
I don't have time.

If it's for Cygnus, then I'll help you.
Ricky: Well, then... Come over here. I don't want anybody overhearing this.

Ricky leads us behind a pillar.

Ricky: There's no one listening, right...? Okay, here's the deal. I think there's a spy in the city.
A spy?
Ricky: Hedge used to be the one searching for spies here, but he's gone now. I heard Garland complaining about it. So I thought I'd find the spy myself.
I see. I'm impressed you think that much of Garland.
Ricky: Don't patronize me! I thought I could show him what I'm made of...
Well, do you have any ideas about who the spy is?
Ricky: None at all... I know he's living here, pretending to be a citizen of the city. But I can't go around asking everyone one by one...
I see...
Ricky: So could you please help me, Stocke?

Our next stop is the bar where we found Aht.

Hm... Hey...? Aren't you Mimel?
Mimel: Huh!? Marco...! What are you doing here!?
I was going to ask you the same thing! I thought you were working in a restaurant in Alistel.
Mimel: Well, yeah... But a lot's happened. I quit that job.
I'm very surprised to see you here! I can't believe it! I mean, I'm only here by coincidence, too.
Mimel: I know! What are the odds!? I'm amazed! If you guys hadn't been here, that Hell Spider would have destroyed the city.
Barkeep: Hey, Mimel. Can you give me a hand here?
Mimel: Sure thing, boss!
Mimel: Well, I'll see you later.

Mimel returns to her work, and Stocke turns to Marco.

What's your connection to Mimel?
Mimel used to be a mercenary. She was heavily wounded in battle, and can't fight now. When Heiss found me and I had to move to Alistel, I asked her to come with me. I asked Heiss to pull some strings, but you can't get a Specint job if you can't fight. That's why she ended up working in a restaurant in Alistel.
What's she doing here in Cygnus?
How should I know?
...Stocke, what's on your mind?
I was thinking about that spy Ricky was talking about.
Stocke! That's not fair! You don't have any proof she's a spy!
(Figures Marco would get upset... Huh... Maybe if I go to Cygnus in the past, I can check on Mimel's background.)

We go to the node A New Battle (which is the node that opened up when we cleared the tournament) and return to the bar there.

Where's Mimel?
Barkeep: Do you know her? A lot of people have been asking for her today. Like I told the last guy, today's her day off.
Who was here before us? Tell me...

Stocke pulls his blade a few inches out of its sheath.

Barkeep: Okay! O-Okay! Listen! He was wearing a cape, and he didn't say a whole lot. That's all I know... Oh, wait! He left this for her!
Obtained Letter to Mimel
Barkeep: Look, I don't want to get involved in this stuff. Why don't you take it to Mimel?

Stocke turns to face the wall and pulls out the letter.

(Let's see what's written here...)

There's a brief pause while he reads.

(This letter... It's telling Mimel that Hell Spiders are going to attack the city! That means the Hell Spiders were sent by someone to target Cygnus... ...I'm sorry, Marco. Mimel's a spy...)

And we return to the present and speak with Mimel again.

This cutscene starts out the same, except Stocke leans against the wall because he's a cool guy.

I thought you were waiting tables in Alistel!
Mimel: Yeah, well... A lot happened. I had to quit...
And by "a lot happened," you mean you were recruited as a spy.
Mimel: ...Huh?
Stocke! What's gotten into you?
I'm sorry, Marco, but I have proof. Take a look at this letter.
Stocke showed Marco the Letter to Mimel.
A letter? ...... It's addressed to Mimel... and it describes the plan to use the Hell Spider...! Mimel... What's this about...?
I'll tell you... It means she's working against Cygnus.
Mimel: ......

Music: Where the Wind and Feathers Return

Say it isn't true, Mimel...
Mimel: ...
No answer, eh? Well, your silence is loud enough.

Stocke approaches Mimel.

You're under arrest.

Mimel backs away.

Mimel: I knew it... What goes around, comes around... I'm sorry, Marco. What your friend's saying is true.
S-Stocke! Please, let her go! You know very well what happens to captured spies! Her cover's already been blown! How much more damage could she do now that we know about her? Please, Stocke, I'm begging you! Show mercy on her!
(A spy whose cover is blown isn't much threat, it's true... Plus she has a history with Marco. Maybe I should make an exception for that... But it's also true that she's put Cygnus in danger. What to do...? Let her go, or bring her to justice...? I have to think about this one carefully...)

Capture Mimel
Let Mimel go

(...It's the job. I can't make an exception for her. If I let her go now, we'll never find out who's behind all this...)
...I'm sorry, Marco. I just can't ignore this. If I let her go, her master will just send another spy to replace her. Easy as that.
Mimel: ......
Mimel: It's okay, Marco... I knew this could happen someday when I became a spy. It's like I thought... I wasn't good enough.


We watch as soldiers carry Mimel away.

...... ...We have to go. We need to end this war.


Music: Rebellion

The camera pans through a building we've never seen. Eruca's corpse is just north of Rosch and Raynie, but Aht and Gafka are not shown.

Marco... Why...? I trusted you...
How I've waited for this moment. I've dedicated myself entirely to one thing: taking you out...
But why...?
I'm sure you remember Mimel, the spy in Cygnus? You turned her in, after all. I heard she went through hell... Her suffering was so bad she took her own life to escape it.
You know that's what they do to spies who get caught! And you turned her in anyway...!

Marco! Don't do this...!

Stocke turns and stumbles away.

You won't escape me, Stocke...

No new spies appeared to replace the one Stocke rooted out... The crisis passed. But little by little, a rift grew between Marco and Stocke. Until one day, Marco's festering anger towards Stocke erupted. The group was decimated. Stocke, too, suffered severe wounds and was forced to flee. The ramifications of one choice continue to bring the world closer to its destruction...

"Simmering Fury"

Music: The Melody Connecting the World

Your decision was correct, with the safety of Cygnus as the only criteria. But there were those who could never agree with your choice.
If you chose badly, you can easily change that decision in order to rectify history. We are relying on you, Stocke.


(But I'm sure if I told Garland about her, Mimel wouldn't be a very effective spy. ...I guess I'm still soft.)
I can't knowingly let you continue spying on Cygnus. I'm going to have to tell Garland about you.
Stocke, no!
But I don't plan on selling your friend out either, Marco. Tell me who you're working for and I'll let you go.
Mimel: ......!
Thank you, Stocke!
Mimel: ...... I understand... I'm working for... Someone you know...

Mimel starts to glow black

Mimel: Guh...! Wh-What's happening...? Ah... Aaaaghhh...

(Was that... the power of the Black Chronicle...?)
Mimel... No... No!

Music: Where the Wind and Feathers Return

The Sand Plague... I can't believe it... Stocke had just given you a second chance... I know we're trapped by our fates... But this... This is too much... ...... All right, Mimel... I know what I have to do... I'll stop the desertification at any cost. I won't let you die in vain... I won't cry... Until your death has been avenged...
...I'm all right. I won't cry... For now. We have to report this to Ricky!

We return to Ricky for our reward.

Music: Dreams Showed by a Cloud of Dust

Ricky: Did you find him!?
Yes. And, well...

Hm? What are you guys doing here?
Ricky: We're talking about the spy you were complaining about, King Garland!
You told Stocke about that!? I was keeping quiet so he wouldn't think he had to do it. ...Did you find him?
"Her." It was a worker at the bar named Mimel. ...She turned into sand.
The Sand Plague...
I don't know who hired her, but she had superiors. There was a letter with orders on it.

You gave Garland the "Letter to Mimel".

......... ...I see. All right. I'll have the bar owner keep an eye on his employees. Thanks for your help.
Oh, yeah. Take this, as thanks for what you've done.
Obtained Sable Larme.
Thanks. I'll be sure to put it to good use.
Hey, Ricky, you deserve a proper thanks, too. So... Thanks.
Ricky: Oh, uh... Sure.
Ricky: ♪

Now that we've done that, it's time to go speak with Garland.

Music: To the Battlefield

There you are, Stocke.
You wanted to talk to me...?
Ah, it's about Dias.
Didn't you cancel your audience with him?
No... I decided to meet with him after all.
...What's going on here?
Don't be so defensive, Stocke. Hear me out first. I am going to see him. But that doesn't mean he'll get a warm welcome.
It sounds like you have a plan.
He got nowhere trying to crush the Resistance before. Which means he's headed this way because he's desperate. If so, I have a pretty good idea what tack he'll take. He'll claim to want to parley, but he'll come in force. I'm sure he'll bring his best units in the guise of bodyguards and rob Cygnus blind. People that dangerous mustn't be allowed into the city.
First you say you'll meet with him, and now you won't let him in the city. Which is it...?
Oh, I'm meeting with him. But I'm going to do it in northern Itolia Wasteland.
That's a long way off. Are you trying to shield Cygnus from any danger?
Partly that. Partly because Eruca is here. It wouldn't be wise to let any Granorgites too near. But partly it's something else, too... The whirlwinds of northern Itolia Wasteland.
The spot I chose sees a lot of them. And one will be kicking up there before long.
I'm surprised you know this.
Without getting into specifics, since it's a handy thing to have in a pinch, there are signs. But back on the subject, we're going to take advantage of the whirlwinds to strike at Dias.
Well, I understand the plan now. But why did you call for me?
I want you to protect Cygnus while I'm away. After that business with the Hell Spider, the people trust you. You have what it takes.
Won't you do it?
Before I answer, I want to know something. You're determined now to take down Dias... So why did you initially plan on welcoming him as a guest?
Ah, I see. You're wondering if I have a hidden agenda. Fair enough. The answer's simple. I was playing politics. If we had a little support, a lot of things would become easier for us... Even if it meant getting that support from Granorg. Does that make sense?
Now it's your turn to answer a question of mine. Will you do as I ask and protect this city?
(I can understand his desire to protect Cygnus, and it's a good chance to defeat Dias. But is letting the king of Cygnus go out, while we stay back and wait, really wise? If we went to the meeting place instead, Garland could stay in Cygnus until the last minute... I have to think about this one carefully...)

Stay in Cygnus
Lead the way

(I feel like I ought to repay Garland for trusting us this far...)
All right. We'll protect the city.
Ah, good! That's what I'd hoped to hear from you! Now that that's been decided, I need to hurry and prepare myself to go out!


Music: Rebellion

The camera pans over tons of corpses while arrows fall from the sky.

...Dammit. I didn't expect them to bring along ballistas...
Ricky: They were gonna do this from the start after all! King Garland! We'll have to retreat!
No... We can't do that. If the ballistas have stopped, the enemy is on their way to finish us off. If we retreat now, not only will Cygnus become a battleground... It means they'll move their force out of the path of the whirlwinds...

Garland falls to the ground.

Ricky: King Garland! You're hurt...! Did the arrows get you!?
This is... nothing... ...The whirlwind should kick in after only a moment. We need to hold out until then...!

To repay Garland's trust in him, Stocke stayed behind in Cygnus... Despite a second Hell Spider attack, he kept his word and protected Eruca and the people. However, Dias' true goal had always been Garland's head... The Cygnus army was cut to shreds by the enemy ballistas. Garland found himself ensnared by Dias' trap. The Cygnus army desperately held their ground until the whirlwinds arrived. Though they succeeded in almost completely annihilating the Dias Knights... The severe wounds he suffered in the battle claimed Garland's life.

"A Mighty King's Death"

Music: The Melody Connecting the World

Let me say that I don't think you made the wrong choice. I believe I might have done the same thing were I faced with that decision.
But as a result, Garland died in battle. His importance in Cygnus cannot be underestimated.
You'll have to find another way. I'm sure you can do it.
Stocke, don't give up.


Music: To the Battlefield

(Garland's the ruler of Cygnus. We can't let him take unnecessary risks.)
I'm sorry, but we can't.
What? Not even for me?
Let me explain... It's in Cygnus' best interests that its king isn't exposed to danger. You should wait in Cygnus for as long as possible. We'll go on ahead to the meeting spot.
What!? ...You're willing to step into danger yourself?
I guess that's just how I am.
Stocke! I like you more and more! All right, then! Prepare yourself to head out!

The next day, in northern Itolia Wasteland...

This tardiness is inexcusable! What is keeping them!? Accursed Garland... First, he demands a new meeting ground at the eleventh hour... And now he expects a guest to tarry in this desolate place! He styles himself a king, but he's naught more than an ex-mercenary who's forgot his manners.
????: Excuse me... You should know that King Garland fears you. He believes something terrible will happen if he lets you inside the city of Cygnus.

...And you are?
Hedge: My name is Hedge. I was King Garland's assistant for many years. Though that relationship ended a few days ago...
Hmm... And what business have you with me?
Hedge: I have information for sale. Information about King Garland.
Please elucidate.
Hedge: Unless I miss my guess... You weren't able to stamp out the Resistance the way you wanted. Your position is at stake. So to prove your worth, you're trying to win King Garland to your side... It's either that, or kill the king and establish your own regime in Cygnus. So? Did I guess well?
Hm... That's quite an entertaining fable you've laid out.
Hedge: I don't follow... This is no tall tale. I'm sure that if you chose, you could make it a reality. That's why I think my information could prove very useful...
...... ...Out with it, then.
Hedge: Hoho! Surely you jest! I'd need to be compensated first...
...Very well. Will this suffice?
Hedge: Nearly, but not quite... This information is worth a fortune.
...... ...If you insist. I will pay whatever fee you ask. Now then, what is this priceless information?
Hedge: There's a certain VIP in the company of King Garland now. None other than Princess Eruca.
Did you say Eruca!?
Hedge: The very same. She is now a traitor to her homeland, as I understand it. She's joined forces with King Garland. Together, they plan to invade Granorg.
...I had presumed the princess' transgressions to be a silly little game of hers, but...
Hedge: With Cygnus in its current state, I doubt they'll respond favorably to the meeting. In fact, I'd assume they'll aim to use this conference as a means to eliminate you. What you think to be a parley will soon become a battlefield.
'Twould be folly to take the princess to a battlefield. They'd leave her in Cygnus... Aha... He chose this particular location for the conference out of concern for Princess Eruca.
Hedge: It's possible that King Garland may not even make an appearance.
I would lay coin he will not. Very well. I shall direct my men to keep watch over Cygnus and be ready for any treachery.
Hedge: You seem to be satisfied with your purchase... Now, as to my price...
Ah, but of course. You there. Give this man his reward.

One of the heavy knights steps forward.

Hedge: Heh heh heh. Very kind of you...
Don't mention it.

...Should I ever be coronated, there will be only one class of peasant I won't abide. Do you know which?
Hedge: N-No...? Who?
Gutter rats like you!
Hedge: Agh! I... know more... please! *gasp*
Hedge: ......
Deploy soldiers to Cygnus! Put them on the watch for any movements by Garland! Once Garland has been dispensed with, Cygnus stands ready to fall in an instant! Archers! Ready the usual! We'll demonstrate to these desert folk the terrible might of the Dias Knights!

Ricky: Hold on. We're gonna be fighting a big group, right? Are you crazy, trying to attack with so few of us!?
What's the matter, Ricky? You're awfully timid today.
Ricky: How are you gonna beat those guys!?
Every terrain, whether plains, deserts, or wilderness, has a tactic suited to it. Sure, we'll be outnumbered... But we'll have the geographical advantage.
Ricky: But that won't be enough to help things go our way, will it?
That's right. Though we're still up against Granorg soldiers. It won't be an easy fight... But it must be fought regardless, so enough bellyaching! You'd better get ready!
Ricky: G-Gotcha...
Our main force will be staying in Cygnus until the last minute to catch the enemy off guard. Stocke, your men will pressure their main force so they don't stray from the meeting spot.
All right. We'll lower their numbers as much as we can until the main force arrives.
Eruca, you'll wait here.
What!? I'll do no such thing!
We're up against Dias. It's too dangerous for you to go near him.
I appreciate the concern for my health, but I don't believe I'm as weak as all that.
And if I beat Dias and his men, it will be a show of strength for the Resistance. I'd say it's a necessary step to dethrone my stepmother and take back my country.
She's got you beat, Stocke. If you force her to stay and she ends up following us anyway, that'll be even worse for us. Best that she's somewhere we can keep an eye on her.
...Then I guess it's settled. But I will expect you to obey orders in the field.
Of course. Thank you.
Is everything ready, then? I'm entrusting Princess Eruca to you, Stocke. I'll be leaving here before the whirlwind happens. We'll launch a joint attack once I get there.
Good luck to you, King Garland.
And the same to you!

Music: Dreams Showed by a Cloud of Dust

We're facing Dias. And I doubt he'll make a move without a plan up his sleeve...
Prob'ly not. But we've got our own trick up our sleeve with the ambush and all, right? Plus, Cygnus is going to be pulling a whirlwind out of their hat for the finishing touch.
True... This is a war, after all. Let's trust in King Garland's plan and our own strength.
So? Are you coming with us after all, princess?
Naturally. If it's Dias we face... all the more reason why I mustn't cower and hide.
I'm coming, too!
Had a feeling you'd say that...
...All right. But if you ever feel like you're in serious danger, head back immediately.
Leave it to me!


Why are those guys here!? Wasn't the meeting spot on the north side of the wasteland!?
So they always planned on attacking...
Still, they're way ahead of the game!
...They know. About everything.
Wait, how would they!?


Music: To the Battlefield

Wh-What was that!?
Oh, no...! I can see something in flames over that way!
Don't tell me... That's where Cygnus is, isn't it!?
How could they!?
Right! We need to return to Cygnus!

Music: Impending Crisis

Look, Stocke! It's King Garland!

"Looks like the end of the line, Garland!"
"We'll kill you AND that brat!"

Stocke charges to the rescue and cuts down a soldier. Another soldier jumps out from behind a pillar, but...

What'd you say!? Huh!? Who were you gonna kill!? C'mon, scum! Say it again a little louder!

"W-Wait... Wait just a sec!"
"Here! Peace offering! Please let us go!"
Obtained Bloodied Armlet
This armlet...
"I-It belonged to one of your strategists or someone..."
Strategists? Could he be talking about Hedge...?
"Yeah, yeah, it was something like that!"
That snake! He sold out Cygnus!
"Th-That's right... He was talking on and on about you guys..."
...What did you do with him?
"After he'd spilled his guts, well... he spilled his guts. I got the armlet from his corpse."
The Dias Knights must have fallen on hard times if they're looting corpses.
"Hmph... High Colonel Dias would never stand for such behavior. I snuck it off the corpse when we dumped it in the desert."
"S-See...? Amazing craftsmanship, isn't it? Go on, look at it..."
It's true... This craftsmanship matches the armlet Hedge wore.
"N-Now's our chance!"

Yeah, get lost! Don't even think of coming back here!
Are you all right, King Garland?
Dammit... I should've dealt with him properly. Guess I've gone soft...
What do we do now?
...It'll be nearly impossible to get revenge for this. I don't like it, but I'll gather the survivors and lay low in the desert. I'm the ruler of my subjects, after all. They come before any vendetta with the enemy...
Yeah, you can get back at them someday. Right now, you gotta make sure your people are safe.
Yes... Stocke, what will you do?
I... have something to take care of.
...All right. You seem to have some sort of plan in mind. Be careful.

There's a flash of white, and:

Music: The Melody Connecting the World

This must be difficult for you, Stocke. I didn't think they would target Cygnus directly.
They knew about the plan. That's why they ignored us and went for Cygnus.
So then, what will you do now?
First, let me ask something. This armlet belonged to Hedge... Is a Chronicle's holder involved with his betrayal and death?
That's right. The presence of the Black Chronicle can still be felt here.
Then it's simple. I'll prevent Hedge's betrayal before it happens.
That should do nicely. The armlet will come in handy for that.
Hedge's own possessions, eh...?
Nothing will prove his death more concretely. Well then, Stocke. Take care.

Lippti and Teo disappear in a flash.

(Them again... Could those two be...?)

We return to the node Desert City Messiah. The post-Hell Spider cutscene where Hedge is fired plays out as usual, until...

Hedge: Curse you, Garland! You'll live to regret banishing me!
????: Don't even think about it.
Hedge: Y-You...

You're probably on your way to sell Garland out to Dias... But what's waiting for you there isn't worth it.
Handed over Bloodied Armlet.
Hedge: Th-This... It's my armlet. Why do you have it!? What!? Why is it covered in blood!?
It's proof that I can see into the future. ...And the death of people like you is especially clear.
Hedge: Th-This can't be! I-It's not possible! Why!?
If it's not possible, then how do you explain the armlet? Although, if you don't value your life... Why not keep heading toward Dias and try your luck?
Hedge: Ah... Aieeeeeeee!

Hedge flees from Stocke.

(...That should do it. Based on what Lippti said, Hedge isn't supposed to die here. Guess that means I don't need to bother finishing him off.)

Now that we've done this, we can continue in the present.

Music: To the Battlefield

Everything's identical until

The next day, in northern Itolia Wasteland...

This tardiness is inexcusable! What is keeping them!? Accursed Garland... First, he demands a new meeting ground at the eleventh hour... And now he expects a guest to tarry in this desolate place! He styles himself a king, but he's naught more than an ex-mercenary who's forgot his manners.

This scene ends here now, and Hedge never shows up. The next scene proceeds as normal.

The camera pans to the north, and we see nothing but empty wasteland.

(No sign of the enemy... Looks like I managed to prevent Hedge from betraying us.)
What's the matter, Stocke?
Oh... Just making a quick survey for any enemies around.
...But never mind that. Aht, Eruca... If you want to head back, now's your chance.
No... I can't shirk my duty.
I won't run either!
All right.
You two've really got guts.
I've been resolved to see this through ever since I joined the Resistance. This is a small but necessary step from a small revolt to a true battle.
You're sure?
The Dias Knights should be in the northern area of the wasteland. Let's go.

Next time we'll head north and confront Dias. Stay tuned!