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Part 29: The Living Legend

Music: Beyond the Wilderness

Marc and I were taken to Skalla.
Right. That's where Raynie beat the daylights out of that weird guy.
Anyway. We passed through this wasteland on our way from Skalla to Cygnus, so I know the way. It's directly north from here.
...All right. Let's go.

Before we continue to Skalla, we need to head west. The wasteland is populated by ordinary enemies now, like these malevolent tornadoes.

There's a well to the west of where we destroyed the first two ballistas. If we inspect it, we're given the option to climb inside.

We grab 2 Celestial Oils from the nearby chest and talk to the man who's inexplicably hanging out at the bottom of this well.

"I have been waiting for you, Stocke."
"I don't blame you for being suspicious, but there's no cause for alarm. My name is Sword. I am Master Vainqueur's best disciple."
How do you know who I am?
Sword: Please forgive my impertinence. Allow me to explain. It was my Master who informed me of you. He said that a man in a red cape would soon come to this place. And so I waited, at my Master's bequest, for you to arrive, Stocke.
And who is Master Vainqueur? I don't know that name.
Sword: Master Vainqueur is my teacher. Master has skills to defeat any monster, and a range of knowledge greater than anyone. This is why he knows of you, and understands all.
You want me to believe that he knows who I am because of that?
Sword: I know it can be difficult to accept. I, too, initially found it hard to believe. But from the instant I met him, Master knew everything about me. I now devote myself to him, and in turn, I gain his teachings.
All right, fine. What does this Master Vainqueur want with me?
Sword: Master said that you had an important mission that no one else could accomplish.
Sword: I know not what it is, but my Master would like to extend his help. To teach you the skills he knows... He said that this may be the will of the world.
So I should go see this Master?
Sword: Yes, but there is more to do before you can see him. I am not Master Vainqueur's only disciple. There are three others. You must find these three... ...Obtain the ancient Pacts they have, and bring them back to him. These Pacts are necessary in order to learn the skills. What do you say? Will you meet with my Master?

I'll see the Master.
I don't want to see him.

Sword: I see. Just as my Master says, you are a truly great man.
I don't need my ass kissed. Where are these three disciples?
Sword: My apologies. The three disciples are scattered far and wide across the land. The second disciple, Chalice, can be found in Celestia. Chalice is a woman. The third disciple, Pentacle, is in Granorg. Pentacle is a man. The fourth disciple, Wand, is in Alistel. Wand is but a boy. Don't worry. Our Master has told us all of you and this task.
So I have to find those disciples, get the three Pacts, and come back here?
Sword: Yes. I'm glad you're a quick learner. I must tell you the password you will need to give the other disciples. This is how they will know that you are who they seek. "Time carries away all things. The past shapes the future. Hope is in the past."
That's the password?
Sword: Yes. The disciples will challenge you first, so just respond with the correct words. After that, you will be able to meet my Master. Well, Stocke, I wish you the best.

Before we start seeking out these disciples, we're going to head back to Cygnus and speak with Garland.

Music: Dreams Showed by a Cloud of Dust

What is it?
During the last battle with Granorg, I lost my armlet. It's not expensive, but it's important to me. I looked for it, but by the time I realized it was missing, it was buried in the Itolia Wasteland sands. If you manage to find it, I'll make sure you're properly rewarded.

I'm busy.

I'm counting on you! And keep this a secret... It's kind of embarassing.

Alright, now we head back to Itolia Wasteland and check around the area where we destroyed the second pair of ballistas.

As we approach these rocks, Garland's armlet is revealed by Mana Sight.

Obtained Moon Armlet.
This seems to be the armlet that Garland spoke of. I should deliver it to him.

And we do.

Hand it over
Don't hand it over

Handed over Moon Armlet.
Yes, this is it. Thank you.
It looks pretty old.
I'm sure you noticed that it's a toy armlet. My parents bought it for me when I was a child. But that was their first and last gift to me. That was the night I became a gladiator. ...... Back then, it was quite common for fighting pits to feature gladitorial combat between kids. Before I knew it, I was another one of the slave child-warriors of Cygnus. I needed to keep winning to stay alive... And through it all, this armlet never broke, and was never stolen. Now it's the King's armlet. This armlet was the only constant in all of my victories. You have my eternal gratitude. Take this.
Obtained Suna-Watari

The Suna-Watari is Garland's personal blade. It gives a huge boost to attack, but lowers your speed.

There's someone else to talk to in Cygnus, and then we'll go find those disciples.

The Desert Crows! First we speak to Bram.

Bram: ...... The Desert Crows are done for. We're no good at stealing, and you beat us in a fight. We're supposed to be aces at this! It's just not working out. We quit.

Hertz: But you've caught us in a bit of a rut. We're no good at stealing, and you beat us in a fight. We're supposed to be aces at this! Bro's in the pits about the way things've turned out lately. How can I cheer him up a bit? Maybe you guys could help a feller out? It's a cryin' shame to see him like this.

Not my problem

Hertz: That's great. I wish there was some way to get his spirits up... I'm beggin' ya! This guy isn't the Bro I know!

Alright, let's go do some sidequests. Our first stop is Alistel, in The Closed Mine.

Music: Machinist Kingdom

You may remember when we talked to this boy waaaay back when we were first exploring Alistel.

"Hey, do you know the Desert Crows, the noble bandits? The other day, I was walking around Lazvil Hills with my dad. We were attacked by a monster, and the Desert Crows saved us! I was scared, but they were so cool!"
"What!? You know the Desert Crow? Hey, guess what? My dad and I made this doll of the Desert Crow! Can you give it to Mr. Crow and tell him it's a thank-you present? Hang on. I'll get it."


"Here you go! Check it out! Isn't it cool!? You'd better give it to him! And tell him it's from me!"

Next we head into the weapon shop.

(This is what Sword talked about. The password for when I see the disciples... That means this child is one of Master Vainqueur's disciples. I'll need to answer correctly if I want to see the Master...)
"One more time. What exists in the past?"


So you're one of Master Vainqueur's disciples?
"Yes. I am... Wand. Disciple of the Master. Master relayed to me... a message. So I... hid... the Skill Pact."
You hid the Skill Pact? Why did you do that?
"Master is... testing you, Stocke."
I see... No wonder this whole process is so vague. Can't you tell me the general area you hid the Pact in?
"Around... the river... in Lazvil Hills. There is... a cave."
So the skill Pact is near Lazvil Hills, by the river, near a cave?
"I see your ears work as intended."
...I see. I'll look for it there, then. Thanks, Wand.
"Farewell, Stocke..."

We head to Lazvil Hills and look around the cave where we saved that soldier awhile back.

Obtained Shade Pact.

That's all our buisiness in Lazvil, so now we head to Granorg in the Castle Sewers node. It drops us off in the bar, which is conveniently exactly where the next disciple is.

Music: Forever Proud

(This is the challenge phrase of the disciples that Sword was talking about. That means this person is one of Master Vainqueur's disciples. I can't mess this up if I want to meet the Master.)
"...I'll ask you once more. What shapes the future...?"

The past

"Correct! Hahaha! I'm glad you're here, Red One. I've heard a lot about you. I'm one of Master Vainqueur's disciples. My name is Pentacle. Nice to meet you. You want to learn some skills from our Master? You have good judgement for your age. Though, you and I are both like babies compared to our Master."
I'm in a bit of a rush. I need to know where the so-called contract with the skill written on it is.
"You're awfully cold. There's nothing wrong with that, though. Let's see... The contract... Oh yeah. I hid it in the underground waterway."
...So, where exactly in this passageway did you hide it?
"There you go! That's showing that vigor of youth! Uh, I hid the contract in the area near the palace."
Fine. I'll go search for it.
"Getting there might be tough but you gotta work for it!"

That's right, we have to go back into those damn sewers. Before that though, we have business with a boy by the inn.

"Hey, have you heard of the "Desert Crows"? They're the biggest thieves of the century. I'm going to write them a letter and ask to be their apprentice! Then I'll rob that evil Queen Protea and give the people here all the treasure!"

Deliver the letter

"Whoa! Are you one of his disciples!?"
"Then, then, can you ask if I can be one, too? Here's my letter!"

Obtained Letter to Bram

Now we have to trudge around in the sewer again. We could go all the way through the whole dungeon starting from the bar, or we could just go to the How to Disappear node and enter from there. The pact is hidden on the ground in the room immediately before the ladder up to the dungeon.

Obtained Sunlight Pact

The last disciple is in Celestia, so we go to The Beastkind Forest.

Music: The Garden Where the Celestite Lies

(This is what Sword was talking about. The password I needed to give his disciples... That means this girl is one of Master Vainqueur's disciples. I've got to answer this right if I want to learn from the Master...)
"So, have you figured it out? Do you know what time carries away?"

All things

"Great job! Blond man with red clothes... That means you must be Stocke."
That's correct. You must be one of Master Vainqueur's disciples.
"Yup. I'm Chalice."
"What? Hasn't Master taught you not to judge someone by their appearance?"
It's not that. I thought I was supposed to get Skill Pacts from the Master's disciples...
"Oh! Oh yeah. I forgot the rules. Sorry about that."
So? Where's the the Pact?
"It's a pain to find a good hiding place. Plus, I'd have to find a new hiding place every time. So, I hid the Skill Pact in some bushes in the middle of Celestia!"

"Isn't that a great test! You don't even have to go somewhere super far!"
Does your Master know that you're this... Carefree?
"I do my job well, I just don't sweat the details. I look at the big picture. Oh, but please don't say anything about this to Sword. I don't know how he'll react..."
Fine. I'll think about it.
"What? I'm doing you a favor, and all you can say is "I'll think about it"!? Whatever... Anyway, Mr. Stocke, this is the part where I'm supposed to wish you good luck. So, good luck."

Obtained Meteorite Pact.

If only every sidequest could be as simple as walking 10 feet and rooting around in the bushes.

Anyway, it's time to head back to Cygnus in the present day.

Music: Dreams Showed by a Cloud of Dust

Bram: Oh... It's you, Stocke. What can I do ya for?
I brought you this.
Handed over Charm Doll.
Handed over Letter to Bram.

Bram: ...A letter? And a... doll?
Hertz: Awww! It's you, Bro! We must have made it big!
Bram: ......
You're actually kind of popular. ...I didn't see that coming.
Hertz: Yeah! The li'l tykes'll be sad if you quit, Bro. Do it for the children!
Bram: ...Rubbish. We're not the heroes the kids think we are. We'll do anything for the right price. Just a couple of common cutpurses. But it's the end of the line on all that.
Hertz: But... Bro...
I'm glad to hear that.
Hertz: What!? Why ya gotta say things like that!?
If you're not going to steal anymore, that's great. But what will you do now, then?
Bram: ......

"Stop in the name of the law, you dirty Crow! You'll never get away with it!"

The kids think you're a hero. Why don't you try living up to their expectations? ...Then again, maybe that'd be too much to ask.
Bram: ...A hero for the kids, eh? That doesn't sound like a half-bad idea. All right. I'll do it! From here on, I'll be a prince among thieves! Sounds like a jolly good time.
Bram: Let's be off, Hertz! The new Desert Crows are going to be something great!
Hertz: B-Bro!

Hertz: I'm beside myself with joy, Mr. Stocke! Bro is inspired again! Thank you so much!
Obtained Piercing Scroll.
Hertz: Guess I'll get going. The Desert Crows are going down in history... as heroes!
Hertz: Brooooo! Wait for meeee!

There's something special about that Piercing Scroll we got...

Raynie learned "Armor Break".
Raynie learned "Poison Blast".

...It's the last one!

"That means I don't have anything left to teach Raynie."
You started out annoying, but now I'm glad we helped you. Next time, keep your important stuff locked up, okay?
"Haha, I sure will. Goodbye, Raynie."

Armor Break is a physical attack with a target area of 1 column. It lowers defense. Poison Blast causes poison and hits 2 rows.

Now we head back to that well to speak with Sword.

Music: Beyond the Wilderness

Sword: Yes, those are the Pacts that were left with the disciples. I would expect nothing less of one my Master asked for. I admit, I underestimated you.
Now you'll tell where I can meet Master Vainqueur? Where is he?
Sword: Worry not. You need only stand where you are.
What? I don't under--
Hahaha! Very good! You've overcome the many obstacles I set before you. And now we finally meet!
What!? Where's that voice coming from?
You're going to be blinded for a moment. Hold on!

There's a flash of white, and...

Where are we...?
What's going on...?
I don't know, but it's pretty here!

Stocke, the crimson warrior! You've arrived!

I hear a voice... But where is it coming from?

Stocke, Aht and Eruca: !

That's a goblin! I think he's some kind of weird goblin man!
This is... unbelievable.
So you're Master Vainqueur.
Vainqueur: Indeed! The King of Martial Arts who is undefeated in all styles! I am Master Vainqueur! I'm glad to meet you, Stocke, Eruca, and Aht.
So you know them as well.
Vainqueur: Of course! I know all about your other friends too, and of your great quest.
Wowww! That's amazing! Undefeated in all styles!
Vainqueur: Nuahahaha! Spoken like a pro, Aht. I'll forgive you for that remark about being a weird goblin.
Vainqueur: Ahem, let's get down to the business of why you're here. I'm sure you heard the bulk of it from Sword, my disciple... But I wanted you here so I could teach you some battle skills.
...Teach us?
Vainqueur: Yes. To you specifically, Stocke, Eruca, and Aht. Because I need to teach you the skills in a special way... And you three have the special hearts capable of acquiring them. That's why I've limited these little sessions to you three, and you three alone. I'm sure the others will pick up skills in a way that is more suitable for them. Think of these opportunities as tests, and you may be more likely to find them.
Vainqueur: But to get back on subject... I had you find the Pacts and bring them back here. They have strange powers... It lies no only in their written words, but in the memories associated with them... They are archives of a lost, ancient knowledge... The power that these Pacts had in the past, now passed down to the present.
Like an instuction manual, but with a deeper meaning...
Vainqueur: You're catching on fast. Pacts have various techniques of both blade and spell from the lost empire written on them. The words, memories, feelings, and the skill itself contained in the Pact... They will flow directly into the three of you, freeing them. It will penetrate well past your body and into your very souls. It may feel like quite a burden to bear, but I'm sure the three of you are capable.
Umm... I don't get it...
My question is, can we trust you?
Vainqueur: I am the Lord of Skills. Upon the name of our continent, I vow that I am true. Still, it's ultimately your decision whether or not to accept the skill.
You're right. We need to give it careful thought, and then come to our decision.
Vainqueur: Good. Then lastly, this is yours. It is proof that you were acknowledged by the master.
Obtained Seal of the Way.
Vainqueur: If ever you have a Pact, you can obtain a skill from it. Talk to me whenever you are ready to learn. I shall await the day you begin learning new skills, Stocke! A fist that steals the wind and blasts the water! An undefeated style unlike any other!
An undefeated style unlike any other!

Alright, this is the skill quest for Stocke, Eruca, and Aht. They conveniently put the people who learn the most broken skills together in one place. We've already collected a ton of pacts throughout the game, so we can learn a ton of skills right now.

I want to learn skills
Not interested

Vainqueur: Of course. Before that, let me explain about the Pacts. There are more Pacts you can find, beyond those you obtained from my disciples. If you happen to obtain them, you will be able to learn more skills.
Umm... So if I bring a lot of Pacts, I'll get stronger?
Vainqueur: That's right. There aren't that many, though. And there are different Pacts. Sword Pacts are for Stocke. Light Pacts are for Eruca. Star Pacts are for Aht. Use them as a guide for learning your skills.
So I need to bring you Pacts in order to learn these skills.
Vainqueur: That's it. I'm sure you'll find them all over the place, Stocke.
I'll keep my eyes open.

Alright, let's just go down the list, starting with Stocke.

Vainqueur: Stocke, take a step back and stay still. Here we go, then.

Stocke glows.

I can suddenly see exactly how this skill works...
Stocke learned Shadow Arts.
Stocke learned Dullahan Sword.

Vainqueur: Enough. The skill should be well-entrenched in your mind now.
Yes, thank you.
Vainqueur: Come back when you have found a new Pact.

Shadow Arts is a physical attack that hits the front line of enemies. Dullahan Sword is much more useful, a physical attack that pushes an entire column back. Pushing enemies around has never been easier.

Now for Eruca's skills.

Vainqueur: Eruca! Come here, girl.

Eruca steps forward.

Vainqueur: Here we go, then.

Eruca glows.

Oh...! The knowledge is in my head!
Eruca learned Shine.
Eruca learned Burst Light.
Eruca learned Divine Light.

Vainqueur: Enough. The skill should be well-entrenched in your mind now.
Thank you, Master Vainqueur.
Vainqueur: Come back when you have found a new Pact.

Shine is a non-elemental magic attack that hits the center column. Divine Light targets 1 ally and voids the next 2 attacks that hit them. This can be extremely useful in certain situations. The last skill, Burst Light, hits all enemies with a non-elemental attack. This is an incredible skill, for reasons I'll explain in a moment.

Vainqueur: Here we go, then.

Aht glows.

This is crazy! I don't know how, but I suddenly know I can do something new!
Aht learned Dancing Death.
Aht learned Flame Star Trap.

Vainqueur: Enough. The skill should be well-entrenched in your mind now.
Thanks, Mr. Goblin Man!
Vainqueur: Come back when you have found a new Pact.

Aht is special, because every skill she learns from this quest is broken as hell. Flame Star Trap is a much stronger version of Bomb Trap (which is already broken because it's a trap), and she lays two at once. Dancing Death is a physical attack that hits a single enemy seven times. For 15 MP, Aht can boost the combo meter by seven hits in a single turn.

Now that we've learned these skills, we no longer have to deal with random encounters. If we open a battle with Dancing Death followed by Burst Light, 99% of generic enemies will die instantly. This also has the benefit of being a decently sized combo, so we get good bonus exp when we end battles like this.

So now that Aht and Eruca are walking death machines (or moreso than before), we can continue to Skalla.

We just return to where Dias' camp was and continue north. Also worth noting: Aht learned Push Assault while we were here. Now she doesn't even need help to abuse her traps!

Music: Dreams Showed by a Cloud of Dust

The meeting will take place at the town's inn. He's probably already waiting for us. Let's hurry.
????: Huh? Excuse me, but haven't we met!?

Tarquin: It's me, Tarquin! Remember, you rescued me in Lazvil Hills! ...You do remember, right?
Yeah... You're the bomb merchant who was being attacked by the Desert Crows.
Tarquin: That's me! Thank you so much for saving me back there.
That reminds me. Didn't you tell us you had a shop in Skalla?
Tarquin: I sure did. I'd like to think it's fate that's brought us together again... So come by my shop if you have the time. I'll have something special for you as thanks for saving me.
Something special!? Stocke, let's go!
Come on, Raynie, we can't. You remember why we're here, don't you?
Well, he invited us, so I'm sure we can make time.
Tarquin: Yes, please do! I'll be inside, so drop in whenever you'd like.

We follow him inside for our reward.

Tarquin: Why, hello, everyone! Welcome! Let me get straight to the point. Here's the reward.
Obtained Sand Sword
This is...
What an odd shape for a sword. Can this thing even cut?
Tarquin: Oh, if you only knew! This sword's edge is beyond compare! It's called the "Sand Sword," a traditional Cygnus weapon. The unique shape is what gives the blade its unrivaled cutting power.
Hmmm... I don't think I have the skill to wield this blade. It seems difficult to use.
I think I remember Will saying he wanted this sword.
Will is that strange swordsman who was in the Resistance, right? But, he's already... ...Should we lay it on his grave?
(...... No... We're going to use it to release him from the grave. I must change the past...)
...I'll accept this sword. I know a man who would be able to put it to use. If I get the chance, I'll make sure he gets it.
Tarquin: That's good. When a good sword finds a good user, that's the best. Well, then, I'll go back to my work.
All right.

Before we continue to the inn, we're going to speak to Tarquin again.

You may remember way back when we were escaping Alistel in the Alternate History, we spoke with the receptionist and agreed to recruit a couple of guys from the Cygnus area.

Tarquin: Can I help you?
I heard there was a bodyguard named Ditto here.
Tarquin: Ah, Ditto... Unfortunately, he passed away a short while ago. He lost his life in the battle at Gran Plain. He was a mercenary. He was a soldier for Granorg, but he lost his life like a common soldier. What a waste...
I see...
(I can't believe this happened.)
Tarquin: Did you have business with Ditto...?
Yes... I was hoping to hire him as a mercenary myself.
Tarquin: I see... If I would have known that sooner I would have made him stay behind.
(Made him stay, huh... I should try going back to when I first met Tarquin to ask him about Ditto.)

I guess we should do that. But first...

There's a Thunderstar Pact hidden behind this wall. It teaches Aht Volt Star Trap, and I go to learn it immediately, for obvious reasons. The weapon store in this same screenshot has an Alchemy Edge in it, which is a pretty good magic-based sword for Stocke. There's not really anything else of interest in Skalla at this point in time, so we head back to the node: Echoing Hills, and rescue Tarquin from the Desert Crows.

Tarquin: Yes? What can I do for you?
Do you know a mercenary named Ditto? I'm interested in recruiting him. Could you maybe stall him in Skalla until I get there?
Tarquin: Yes, I do know someone by that name, actually. An odd request, but I'd be happy to oblige. I'll keep him there until you arrive. Until then, I bid you farewell. See you in Skalla.

Alright, that's all we need to do here, so let's go back to Skalla again! (I really hate these back and forth sidequests, by the way, unless they're creative like getting the guy paint from his alternate self.)


Otto: If Tarquin says I should join up with you, I'll join up with Alistel.
...Thank you.
Otto: I'll make my way to Alistel. See you.
(Hopefully, Ditto will reach Alistel in the other world, too.)

Alright, that's all for now. Next time we'll head to the inn and continue with the story.