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Part 32: Assault on Granorg

It's finally time for us and the gutrals to begin our assault on Granorg. It almost feels like we've been planning this for months.


Music: Impending Crisis

This isn't good...! It's completely blockaded!
We can't get in like this... Maybe we can do it with the help of the Gutrals?
No... Even if they do come, breaking through this would be too difficult. We can't do much like this...
No... We've come so far... Is our only choice to retreat?

There's a flash of white and the screen starts shaking violently. The shaking makes it really hard to get a screenshot of the exclamation points while they're still sitting directly above everyone's heads.

"Wh-What the!? What's going on!?"
"Th-The Resistance...!? The Resistance is attacking!"
"That can't be! We eradicated them in an earlier operation!"

I really like Radiant Historia's "show, don't tell" philosophy.

What's going on...!?
...It seems we have allies who wanted to reassure us.
Ah! Someone's coming!

Music: To the Future that Awaits Ahead

Pierre and the other guys open up the blockade and step through.

Otto: Hey, you! Er, I mean, Stocke! I knew we'd meet again!
Pierre: Princess Eruca, I owe you a great debt, so here I am.
I did not imagine... that you would all come like this...
Otto: C'mon, Princess. Isn't that a little cold? No matter what happens, we're always on your side!
Will: Ah, Stocke! Seeing you next to the princess like that makes you look almost like... Er, regardless! Thank you for your gift of the Sand Sword! I fear it's the only way I could have made it this far, so once again, I thank you for that!
All of you... I'm so glad you're safe...
Otto: Well, it's about time we got our chance to rise up! It's not our style to let them keep the upper hand for long, right!?
Pierre: I gave up on the revolution and sold everyone out... But I couldn't leave my debt to the princess unpaid! So I'm here to see us make history! I know we have it in us!
Will: I think the reason I chose to become a swordsman must have been for this very moment... If only the prince were... ...No, I can't afford to think like that. I will help the princess put an end to this tyranny to honor the memory of the prince!
...You're right. Now is the time to rise up. We'll change things for the better with our own hands.
Otto: H-Hey! Something's coming from over there!

No... They are our allies, and they are to be trusted. Their race shouldn't matter. We can only change this world by working together...
The preparations have been made. We have a score to settle with Protea now.
Yes... Let's end this war once and for all!

Music: Impending Crisis

Granorg is loaded with enemy soldiers now.

Our target is the palace, located at the northern-most part of the city. Thankfully, there's nothing keeping us from running straight to it, so we can bypass the sewers for once.

The throne room is straight ahead from the entrance of the palace. You can get here from the entrance in under a minute if you run past all the enemies, Granorg really isn't as big as you would think.

Music: To the Battlefield

...Miracle of miracles, it seems you are well, Eruca. In the last thought I spared you, I envisioned you dining on insects in a remote cavern.
But let it not be said that you haven't entertained me of late. Not only the neutral kingdom of Cygnus, you even won the hearts of Forgia's Beastkind. I dare say I would be impressed, to look only at your results.
But... Hasn't the charade gone on long enough? Let us bring down the curtain. I will absolve you of your crimes if you return to my side. Cygnus and Forgia will be razed for their treason of course...
Protea, I command you to step down from that throne this instant.
Excuse me...? Do my ears deceive me?
Protea! Step down from that throne! From this moment forth, I shall lead this country, and I shall do so from that throne! I hereby bear all responsibility and power as queen of Granorg in your stead!
Silence, wench! You DARE presume to speak to the queen of Granorg in such tones!? The penalty for such a crime is death!
Your Majesty! Are you safe!?

Selvan, you fool! Don't just gawk at them! Seize these insolent miscreants this instant! I will see to their beheadings personally!
I don't think you understand your situation. You've lost. To Cygnus, Forgia, the Resistance... ...And to Eruca.
Nonsense! My army is invincible!
Then maybe you should ask that man what the situation is on your war...
Impertinent knave! I have no need for such inquiries! Selvan! Why have you not silenced this rabble!?
...I'm afraid it's time for you to be silent, my "queen."
Have you truly been so blind? Dias and I have held you aloft, as little more than a well- strung marionette. Ha, though you were hardly as competent as a puppet. Look at this disgraceful state! Your usefulness has expired!
...She is yours to do with as it should please you.

Selvan is the best.

Wh-What!? What did he say...?
Selvan must understand as well. The Granorg that they nourished has come tumbling down. And the only one still unable to see it is you, Protea. You're the only one who cannot admit defeat, clinging to--
Be silent, you insidious wench! I will not accept such falsities! I am Protea the Exalted! Ruler of Granorg... No, ruler of the entire world over! The alpha and omega bend to MY will!
Now, my servants! Slaughter these wretches! The one who brings me Eruca's bloodied head will be made my new general! And a new dawn for my kingdom will rise!

Boss: Protea Guards
Music: The Red Locus

We're put up against two Heavy Granorgites and two Protea Guards.

As soon as the battle begins, they put up a Heal Zone. Since the Heavies take up two rows, it's impossible to knock them off the Heal Zone.

It doesn't really matter though, because they're piss easy.

The Heavies are the bigger threat in the battle, but there really isn't anything to worry about as long as you continue to abuse Aht's traps and Eruca's magic.

I mean, look at this. I almost feel bad.

I will forgive you for your insolence if you come back and kill these cretins!
Why would a man who abandoned you with such harsh words come back? You're screaming in vain.
Hrrrrghh...! Then I shall have Dias! Where is Dias!?
...It seems he has no intention of coming to save the day. I think it's time for you to admit you've been abandoned.
Wh-Why!? How could this have happened...!?
Selvan already told you. You... never should have become queen.
Now... It's your turn.

N-No...! S-Stop! What are your demands? Is it riches you seek? How many of my coffers would satiate you?
I don't work for money... The only thing I want is what's right there, under you.
Surrender the throne. You are no longer the queen of this kingdom.
...There's something I'd like from you as well. The instrument of Flux... Give back the Etherion. While it may only be a beautiful gem in your eyes... To me, it is an artifact of utmost importance, passed down through the generations.
V-Very well... I-I'll... I'll do as you say...
Your reign is over. History is no longer yours to shape.
Why are you still here!? I don't care where you go, but get out of our sight!

Protea flees the palace.

Eruca... If you're ready, come to the throne...

Eruca stands before the throne.

Now that the time has finally come... I find myself standing in the shadow of doubt. I am not certain I am fit to sit upon such a grand throne...
No... It's worthy of you.
I was able to keep my promise.
Ricky: Princess!

Music: To the Future that Awaits Ahead

Is Princess Eruca safe!?
It's King Garland!
Then things outside have been settled too!
So... It's finally come to an end.

Queen Protea abandoned the throne and fled... And there was no trace of Dias or Count Selvan. The remaining soldiers laid down their arms, and the Granorg army yielded to Cygnus and Forgia.

Things have really cooled off outside. The enemy is ready to call it quits. My soldiers and the Gutrals are on standby at the gates. Is that acceptable?
Of course. From now on, the people of this world must stand side by side. That will be the ideology of the new Granorg, as well as my own.
The new Granorg, eh? I'm already looking forward to it.
...? Is something wrong, Stocke?
...No, it's nothing.
He led you to that throne with his bare hands... He's probably just taking it all in.
I cannot thank you enough for what you have accomplished... The only reason I am on this throne today is because I had your support...
I only did what I needed to. Congratulations, Eruca.
...Thank you, Stocke.
Ah, yes... Actually, there is something I'd like you to have. ...Please step forward.

...This is for you.
Obtained Etherion
This... It's the Etherion! Are you sure you want to give me something so important?
That stone is worn during the ritual to ensure one's safety. When Mana is breached, the caster's own Mana is drained until they are turned to sand... The Etherion is what protects the caster from the Mana breach.
...So as long as someone has the stone, they won't be turned to sand. If that's the case... You need it now more than ever to perform the ritual.
No... I have this feeling... that you need the Etherion more than I do right now. Besides, it isn't necessary for the entirety of the ritual. That is why I'm lending it to you. When you no longer need it, you can return it to me.
...All right. If you say so.
Thank you for accepting it... May the Etherion's blessing be with you always... ...Now if you would all please excuse me, I must prepare for the ritual. Stocke, I will see you later...

(I think things may be on track here in this timeline... But the one wielding the Black Chronicle is still out there. If he's going to make his next move, it will probably be in the other timeline....)

Music: The Melody Connecting the World

It seems the Black Chronicle's power has been extracted from this timeline... For now. Why not see how things are in the other one?

There it is, the end of the Standard History... For now.

Since this update was pretty short, I'll go over the level three Mana Breaks we got for collecting the Beast Mark. They're better than the level two ones, but still rarely more useful than Turn Break.

Music: Blue Radiance (Piano Arrangement)

First we've got Stocke's Dead Fencer, which attacks a single enemy seven times. On the test enemy I used, I did about 650 damage. If you end a huge combo with it, it can be kind of good for bosses, I suppose.

Next is Raynie's Frozen Hell, which hits a single enemy eight times with ice damage. Once again, about 650 damage.

Marco's Heaven's Guard heals everyone a bit and raises their stats for a few turns.

Aht's Imperion drops stars on all the enemies on the field. It's a one-hit physical attack, which sucks because Aht has awful physical power. It hit for about 250 damage in my test.

Rosch's Gawain Guard hits all enemies with a physical. On the test enemies it did 75 damage. Yeah.

Gafka's Sky Hammer hits one enemy with physical damage. It only did 350 damage on my test enemy, but if you end a combo with it, it can actually do some pretty decent damage.

If anyone can in the thread knows Japanese, feel free to translate that Kanji, I've been curious about it for awhile now.


Smiling Knight posted:

I only know Chinese, but the character on the left is "Sky", and the one on the right is similar to the Chinese for "Hammer", so I think it's reasonable to assume that the it's just "Sky hammer".

Finally there's Eruca's Punishment, which hits all enemies for physical damage. It's worthless because Eruca's physical attack is no good, dealing about 300 damage in my test. Her Burst Light does more damage, so there's no reason to use Punishment.

Video: Level 3 Mana Bursts

The level three Mana Bursts have elaborate animations, so I put together a video of them. You probably won't see a lot of them in boss videos, so watch this if you're interested.

Next time, we'll finally return to the Alternate History and stay there until things are wrapped up.