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Part 35: Return to the Sand Fortress

Yeah, I'm ready.
Hold on.

Good. Let's do it!

Music: Impending Crisis

They're paper tigers, men! Pour on everything you got!
Go! Show Alistel the ferocity of the Gutrals!
Elm: Don't let yourselves be outdone by the humans or Gutrals! Show them a Satyros' pride!
We're about to enter the Sand Fortress! Don't fall behind!

The Sand Fortress is the same as always. Since the treasures don't change between time periods, there's no reason to re-explore the fortress. Our target is the north exit.

Alistel Captain: We cannot allow the Prophet Noah's holy land to be defiled by these beasts and savages!
Has Hugo's brainwashing taken that much of a hold? This is bad...
The same might have happened to our brigade if we'd stayed in Alistel.
Alistel Captain: What're you mumbling about!? Men! Attack!

This boss can easily be beaten in no time at all. One use of any fire magic will kill a shield immediately. After they're out of the way, all you have to do is abuse Aht's Volt Star Traps and Raynie's G-Thunder.

Music: To the Future that Awaits Ahead

Don't worry. We're not going to kill you. You'll be kept as prisoners of war.
Alistel Captain: ...I demand to be treated as befits an officer.
Then start acting like one. Tell the rest of your soldiers to stop resisting.
Alistel Captain: ...As you say.


Looks like everyone's behaving themselves. I'm glad we didn't have any needless casualties.
"Stocke! Rosch!"

What's wrong?
Sorry! When we weren't looking, a bunch of our men went chasing after the soldiers escaping to the plains. We need to get them back right away!
They must have gotten puffed up after the total thrashing we gave them... We can still catch up.

There is no bad ending here. I choose to bring them back now.

It's dangerous to pursue the enemy too doggedly. We need to bring our people back.
I agree. We can catch up if we go after them now. Everyone, let's go! Elm, you and your men keep watch over the prisoners!

We head straight for Gran Plain.

There they are!

The Satyros chases the soldier off-screen.

Damn them for being so reckless. I'll catch them even if I have to--
Wait! Stop!
Aht!? What's wrong?
Don't get any closer! I don't like it... Something feels real bad...

Music: Rebellion

Everything begins to shake.

Aht's right... I can sense something too.
"Something"? What?
I don't know. But it feels very dangerous. We need to get back to the Fortress!
But what about them!?
I said we need to get back! Do you want to die!?
...All right.

We flee from Gran Plain.

The Satyros tries to flee, but she turns to sand.


Music: To the Battlefield

What was that...? We can't possibly proceed in the face of that thing.
I can't believe it turned them all, friend or foe, to sand... It's ludicrous. Now I see why the Alistel army was so weirdly obedient when it came to withdrawing from Skalla.
...What's the matter, Aht?
...My grampa told me something. Mana is in everything in the world. And stuff that loses its Mana... goes back to sand...
To sand...
So Hugo can drain the Mana out of people at will!? What we just saw was the same as when the Cygnus army was turned to sand... Say, didn't that soldier who attacked you and Sonja at Alistel Castle turn to sand too?
(That was different... He wasn't one of Hugo's minions. But if that's the case...)
Sheesh... Sucking the Mana right out of people and turning them to sand... That bastard Hugo's come up with one hell of a weapon.
No... It's not a weapon... That's the power of Flux. It's the power of the ritual that controls Mana...
(When I first met Lippti and Teo... They said Historia was created with the power of Flux. This can't be a coincidence. Everything is connected to that concept of "Flux." But what ties it all together?)
...This seems like a good time to take a break.

A node spawns, and we're given control. Talking to Rosch resumes the cutscene.

What was it you said? The power of Flux? What is that...?
????: Please allow me to explain.

Lt. General Raul! When did you get here?
Just a moment ago. But it seems I missed some sort of crisis.
Yeah... That bastard Hugo pulled out this insane weapon--or wait, what did Aht say? He used something called the power of Flux.
I see... So that's the secret of the phenomenon that turned the Cygnus army into sand. As for Flux... this lady here would know the most about it.
Mind telling us who she is?
I apologize for not introducing myself. I am Eruca, the former princess of Granorg.
Princess Eruca!?
I had sought refuge with King Garland of Cygnus after fleeing from Granorg... That is when I came into contact with Lt. General Raul regarding the reclamation of my homeland.
Until now, she had mainly worked behind the scenes... Once she realized an incursion into Granorg was imminent, she asked to accompany us.
So that's it... Well, it's fine with me. But if she's going to come with us, she'll have to be treated the same as everyone else.
I would expect as much. Since fleeing from my homeland, I have cast away my title.
I'm sure we'll all do our best.
Understood. ...You're okay with this, right, Stocke?
Oh, pardon me... Um...
...... I'm... going to get some fresh air.


????: ...I wondered where you were.


Is... something the matter?
...No. It's nothing.
Eruca, there's something I want to ask you. It's about what Aht mentioned a moment ago, the power of Flux... Isn't that the power that's passed down through the royal family of Granorg?
How do you know about that? Could you really be...?
Oh... No, I... must have been mistaken...
...Pardon me. I'll answer your question now. As you said, the power of Flux is passed down through Granorg's royal family. But it is definitely not the power to turn people to sand. It is used to bring the unstable Mana of this land back into its natural balance. Using the power of Flux to bring stability back to this land... This has been the duty of our royal family for generations.
But in practice, it's now become capable of harming others.
I believe they are triggering a Mana breach in certain locations to turn people into sand. Incorporating the spell formula for Flux into a weapon and using it for wholesale destruction... General Hugo has some very scary ideas.
It probably came from Fennel, Alistel's thaumatech man, not Hugo. Fennel's at the top of his field when it comes to anything to do with thaumatech. He's the one who created the thaumachine for Hugo, too.
Alistel has such a man...? Well, in any case, something must be done about that dreadful weapon.
But if we so much as try, we'll be turned to sand as soon as we approach it. We can't even think about an attack without a way to protect ourselves from its effects.
...There is one way to protect oneself from it. The royal Granorg treasure... Etherion, the stone of Flux... The stone can fix the flow of Mana in place, protecting the bearer from a breach. It is necessary when performing the ritual of Flux.
And if we had it, we could negate the weapon's effects...?
Yes, but Etherion was last in my stepmother Protea's possession. Now that she's been executed by General Hugo...
I see...
????: Ah, there you two are.

Music: To the Battlefield

Lt. General Raul... Has something happened?
We had a visit from one of Hugo's messengers. He's proposing an armistice.
Hugo wants an armistice?
That's right. He'll recognize Forgia's, Cygnus', and Celestia's independence if we back down. Now that they've annexed Granorg, he must want to get his house in order rather than fight a war.
And what will our response be?
I can't decide something like that on my own. That's why I came to talk to you two.
If we agree to the armistice, the war will end for the time being...
(I can't deny that it would be best if the war ended here. But then we wouldn't be able to take back Granorg for Eruca... I have to think about this one carefully...)

Accept the truce
Reject the truce

If they're offering an armistice, it may be wise to accept it. It would end the war, at least.
True... It may be better to accept this before more soldiers are wounded.
Keep in mind that if we do this, the chances of getting Granorg back for you drop to nil.
...... I realize that. But perhaps that is also for the best.
...I see.
Very well then. I'll run this by Celestia and Forgia as well and get their thoughts.
Please do.
This armistice... It will end the war, won't it?

A few days later...

Music: Beyond the Wilderness

We'll be arriving in Granorg shortly. How are you holding up?
I'll be all right. I can't find much to complain about on the eve of a peace treaty.
Indeed not... As you say, Lady Eruca. Celestia and Forgia agreed to the armistice because they, too, trust in us.
Yes, it must happen, come what may. By the way, was it wise to leave him behind?
Do you mean Stocke? Well, we brought Rosch with us, so he's the only one left who can watch over the troops.
No one else could keep the soldiers in line with all the hoopla over the armistice. The men trust him. That's why we need to make sure to do our part in the signing ceremony for the armistice!
"Ngh... Gaahhh... It hurts..."

Hey, what is it? Are you okay?

Music: Impending Crisis

What the--!?
Hugo... This was his plan all along!

Lieutenant General!
Everyone, run, right now! It's dangerous to stay here!
Princess, that means you too! Run and don't stop!
A-All right!

Hey, you! Don't just stand the--

The Satyros turns to sand.

Arrrgh! That bastard Hugo!

Rosch starts to glow.

Ngh...! Uh-oh... Damn... Are we gonna make it...?

Music: To the Battlefield

Stocke and the others accepted the armistice proposed by Alistel. But when their party entered Granorg territory, Hugo activated the Divine Judgement. Raul and the others caught in its swath had no way to guard against it and were turned to sand... The continent is now free from war, but none will know the sacrifices made for that peace.

Music: Interrupted Moment

I just now remembered there's a one and a half minute-long track that plays only when the name of a bad ending is on screen.

"Divine Judgement"

Music: The Melody Connecting the World

Your previous decision led to Rosch, Raul, and Eruca being turned to sand...
Hugo is not a man to place your faith in.
As we suspected, you will need the Etherion to stand a chance against that power. It's okay. I know you can do it.
Stocke... We're counting on you.


Music: To the Battlefield

We can't accept an armistice.
What...? Why ever not?
Because Hugo can't be trusted.
He came to power by deceiving and backstabbing anyone in his way, after all. I'm glad we're of like minds on this. I'll inform his messenger.

Raul leaves.

You are sure this was the best course of action, aren't you?

Stocke? What are you and Eruca talking about?
Uh-oh... No! Stop!


I've brought Etherion.

If we hadn't cleared the Standard History, our path would have been blocked here until we went to get the Etherion.

...You should hold onto it.
That's impossible...! But no... This is the genuine article. Where did you get it!?
...I can't tell you that.
As I suspected... You're the holder. The wielder of the white book of Flux.
You must have been made to vow never to speak of it by the Chronicle's guide. But I've hit upon it, haven't I? So the vow you made should bear no weight before me... Please, then, tell me.
...Yes, I am the holder of the White Chronicle. You gave me Etherion in the other time.
I see... Then... I'll return this Etherion to you.
There's only one like it in all the world... and it is necessary to perform the ritual. Once things are over here, I ask that you return it to the other world. I'm sure that that world's Eruca would feel as I do...
...All right.
...Eruca, I need to know something. What led you to believe that I had the White Chronicle?
I-I... ......
You don't have to answer the question if you don't want to.
...I'm sorry.
There's one more thing... There should be another book, one of a paired set with the White Chronicle. Do you know where it is?
I don't know if it's one of a set, but... I have at least been told that there's another book. The black book of Flux, the Black Chronicle... You most likely refer to that. But... it was taken by someone long ago, and its whereabouts are still unknown.
I see.
...... Stocke... There's something else I should tell you. It's... very important.
What is it?
Y-You're... um... You're... actually my...!
????: No!

I wonder what Eruca could be talking about, you guys.

I don't want you to go anywhere!
Wait, Aht, what are you saying? I'm not going anywhere... What's wrong? Why are you crying?
I don't like it!
I understand there's something you don't like. Just tell me why you're crying.
No taking away Stocke!
......! Stocke... Could you be...?
What in the world's going on!?

Music: To the Battlefield

Whoa! How long has that guy been standing just off-screen?

That's... the black book of Flux...!?

The dude uses his black magic to make the least impressive enemy possible.

I'm gonna protect Stocke!

These guys are really unremarkable. Apparently a lot of people get stuck here though, because they made bad party decisions and ended up with Aht and Eruca way underleveled.

They like to cast sleep, but this is easily countered by using Aht's Polaris to raise everyone's ailment defense. Other than that, abusing Aht's traps works pretty well, as usual.

They turned to sand? So this is the black energy at work...
He's always there, everywhere I go... Is he the holder of the Black Chronicle?
I would say so.
Then we'll have to deal with him somehow... We'll perform the ritual and save this continent. Is that all right with you, Eruca?
Let's go back where the others are waiting.

Music: To the Future that Awaits Ahead

...Is it true that we can defend ourselves from that thing?
Yes... With Etherion in our possession, we will be unaffected by the Mana breach.
Then we can move on to our next operation.
I'd like to hear more of the details of this operation.
Right. Allow me to explain. From here forward, we'll divide into two groups. Rosch and I will lead the Rebel army against the Granorg army. Stocke and the others will escort the princess to Granorg.
...All right.
What does getting Princess Eruca into Granorg accomplish?
I will seal the power of the Flux weapon.
Seal it...? You can do that? We don't even know how the thing works yet...
True, I don't know precisely how the machine functions. But I know what it is doing. Beneath the palace is a chamber called the Royal Hall, which is suffused with the power of Flux. They must be working from there in order to cause Mana breaches at will.
All right... So what are you going to do there?
I will temporarily seal the power of Flux in the Royal Hall.
Wait a sec...! Won't that backfire on us? If I remember right, that power is all that's stopping the land's desertification, isn't it...?
But there isn't another way at the moment. That is why we must have the Rebel army strike at Hugo's minions.
You make it sound so easy. That corps is very powerful.
I understand the difficulty. But there is no alternative. Furthermore... King Garland has promised to support the army from behind.
If the Cygnus army helps, we might just be able to pull this off...
What's our next step after reaching Granorg? Don't tell me we're meant to storm the palace from the front gates.
We can enter an underground waterway from behind a bar there.
I see... We can go through that to the palace's basement prison.
...How did you come to know about this? That route is supposed to be kept secret... ...Ahh, of course...
Anyway, once we enter the palace, we'll be at an advantage. Most of the soldiers should be leaving for the battle with the Rebel army... And even those stationed at the palace specifically will have their hands full.
It still sounds like a tough job. I'm sorry I can't go with you. But causing mayhem suits me better than an escort mission... I'll let you handle the princess. It fits, since you'd be like the princess' knight.
Rosch... This is hardly a time for joking around...
No! That's all wrong!
...Huh? Are we missing something important about the operation?
It doesn't fit at all! Stocke's not Eruca's!
Aht... Let's talk about that later...
Quiet, Stocke!
Sheesh... What's going on here?

Music: The Melody Connecting the World

What you will face now is the power of Flux... the source of the empire's might. Though you carry Etherion, your journey will surely be trying. Stocke... We will be praying for your safety... Let us now add a new chapter to the White Chronicle.