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Part 39: The Wielder of Infinity

To defeat Hugo we need to bring the magic time sword, Historica, to Celestia and restore its magic time powers.

But first, we're going to Alistel in The Closed Mine.

Music: Machinist Kingdom

Fennel is in the room next to Sonja's lab. We can talk to him for a quest one of the scientists in the Underground Lab gave us.

What is the meaning of this!? You don't have permission to be in here! I'm about to begin adjustments on the thaurmaments. I will not tolerate distractions.
I heard you used to do research on Gauntlets.
...Where did you hear that from? That was a long time ago. ...And do you have a point?

Tell me the results

No, it's irrelevant! That research is postponed indefinitely. The thaurmaments became a much higher priority, and I'm very busy with them.
So you didn't just move on because you were unable to complete the research? I heard a young researcher made a discovery in that field and beat you to the punch...
Blasphemy! The Gauntlet research I produced is the ultimate achievement in thaumatech studies. His "theories" have nothing on the factual basis and research- backed evidence I published!
But if there were other theories, why did your research come to a halt? If its not perfect yet, it's not like you to leave it be.
...Hmph. Because it's boring! Engineering is only worthwhile when you have rivals who spur you onward. That is what keeps otherwise mundane research interesting. I thought I had finally found a worthy adversary, but... That fool! He quit breathing! That's why I dropped that line of research and pursued one with greater returns.
However, I do understand your train of thought. It isn't like me to leave incomplete research to sit and collect dust. If there's someone out there who can comprehend my genius, I suppose you can take this. It's my Gauntlet research.
Obtained Haste Core
Those findings will be leaps and bounds above whoever should need them. Don't let it go to waste. But I've wasted enough time talking. Get out. You are the obstruction of progress.
Thanks for this, and sorry to have bothered you.

Stocke leaves.

I had high hopes for him... He could have taken my research and... Pah. Fool. Truly a fool...

Alright, let's get to Celestia.

Music: The Garden Where the Celestite Lies

Are you ready, Rosch?
H-Hey! What are you trying to do!? I don't like that look in your eyes.
Heh... Don't worry. It won't hurt!
Er, Sonja... Calm down. Let's talk this over...


You look quite dashing, Rosch.
Rosch learned "Blast Pain"!
Rosch learned "Haste Mode"!

I thought I was going to die...
I think I've done all that I possible can for this Gauntlet. Now it's your turn. Just don't lose, and everything will be fine.
All right.
There's no more? I'm so relieved.
...What was that, Rosch?
I just said I'm so reli... Er, no, I'm so re-- Um, let's go, Stocke! I can't wait to test out all the new powers of my Gauntlet!

Haste Mode attacks one enemy multiple times, and Blasting Pain [sic] is a physical attack to all enemies. They might be good, I dunno, Rosch is level 30, who cares.

Elm: ...I'd always heard that humans were evil. But Vanoss, Liese, and Lady Aht didn't think that way. They went out in the human world... Just like my best friend...

Your best friend?

Elm: His name was Samra. He was a warrior, and a village hero. Samra was kind to everyone and loved by all. He was very important to me as well. ...But one day, he left, and never returned.
What happened to him?
Elm: It was a long time ago... Our village wasn't here, and we didn't have a barrier. Since we Satyros have the power to control Mana... Hugo took an interest in us and stormed our lands. Our homes were almost entirely destroyed. Those who survived hid in the forest. It was Samra who decided to do something at this time. He went to Alistel alone, to make sure this incident would never be repeated. He wanted to create a world where everyone could live together in harmony. ...And that was the last time I ever saw him.
Then Samra...
Elm: He was probably killed, or captured... But, if he was captured, Alistel should have said something. But we haven't heard anything, so he's probably...
Elm: Thank you for listening... I was hoping you might have heard something, because you were in the Alistellian army... .........
Elm: !
Elm: That sword...
This old blade?
Elm: Yes! May I see it!?
Elm: I knew it... It's very worn, but there's no doubt. This is the magic blade Historica. This was Samra's blade... ...Where did you get this?


Elm: In Alistel? I see... Samra will never return to this village, then... ......
Elm: I give this sword to you. The fact that you have it now may be destiny's doing. After watching you, I now know that not all humans are evil creatures. So you should be the one to have this sword.
But... The power's already been drained from the sword.
Elm: I know. Come with me.

Music: The Melody Connecting the World

Elm: It was created by the power of Flux, during the age of the lost empire.
Flux... You mean the curse of Granorg?
Elm: ...It's not a curse. It's the power to stabilize the Mana of this continent. And the humans continue to abuse that power.
Elm: Don't worry; I'm not coming down on you in particular... This time. Allow me to restore this blade's power.
Handed over Old Magic Blade.

The sword floats, glows for a bit, and then is lowered back into Elm's hands.

Elm: Take it...
Obtained Historica.
Elm: The Patriarch tells me you have a special soul.
Elm: You'll be able to stand up to the destruction. I believe you can bring the people salvation. ...I have high hopes for you.

Alright, we've got Historica now!

...And it's shit! It's got a magic stat of 28, so fuck that. We only need to hold it to beat Hugo, we don't have to equip it.

Alright, let's do it for real this time!

Boss: Hugo
Music: The Red Locus

Hugo is suddenly a pain in the ass. He summons reinforcements immediately, and now he can soak up loads of damage. The worst thing about this battle is that him and his reinforcements will continuously summon more reinforcements, loading up the entire screen with dudes if you let them. The best thing you can do is end the battle quickly, before they get a chance to load up on dudes.

Of course, the soldiers know Anti-Magic, the most obnoxious spell in the game. While Anti-Magic is active, magic attacks (this includes traps!) do 0 damage.

Hugo himself has pretty decent attack power, but the real problem is when you've got Hugo and four soldiers on screen with Anti-Magic active, all attacking you every turn.

What you want to do is kill Hugo's reinforcements ASAP (Will'o'Wisp is great for this, since the first group always appears in the corners) and then smash Hugo with the biggest combo you can.

Music: To the Battlefield

Wh-What...!? I underestimated your strength...!
Is it over...!?
Haha... Muahahahaha! Such a shame! I told you I was immortal! I can rewind time on my body, and any wounds I sustain cease to exist!

Wait... Is Historica reacting!?
Ergghh! What is this power!? Th-This can't be! Why isn't my time... rewinding...!? What's going on...!? No, rewind! Rewind, damn it!

There's a series of explosions around Hugo, and...

Jesus Christ, why did he catch fire!?

It looks like Historica prevented Hugo from rewinding time...
But he tried anyway, so he must have exerted himself past his limits... It's over...
Ah... The light... It's you, Prophet Noah...
Wh-What is with this guy!? He's on fire, but he's...!
Prophet Noah... I will... join you... at your side... I... don't need... a body... My soul... will be with you... Forever...
Ah... So... warm... I've... waited for this... for so long... So very long...

Hugo lowers his arm and continues to burn.

...He was smiling... He looked really peaceful and happy...
The illusion he saw as he stood on the brink of death is no doubt the cause.
Or... You don't think Noah really...?
Hell no. There's no way a rat bastard like him is gonna find salvation.
Damn it... I don't feel like we won at all...
Why not? You all won!
...I don't know about that. That bastard didn't even know how many lives he ruined... He atoned for nothing. He threw his responsibility away and just ran off to his precious Noah. And then he died with the happiest smile in the world. ...In that respect, maybe he's the winner after all.
Except that now he's dead. And his name will forever bear his stigma. He'll never be remembered. This is his end.
...You're right. What's most important is what you leave behind when you're gone.
Yeah. Besides, we're the ones who get to forge history from now on, right? We don't have time to bother with a bastard like him.
She's right. The more time we dedicate to his memory, the longer Hugo remains in history. That would be playing right into his hands.
Yeah... His twisted desires die right here with him.
Hugo... Your time has come to an end. ...You and Noah can be gone now.


So it's finally over. Thank you all for your hard work.
Well, Hugo's been dealt with... But where's Heiss?
He wasn't inside the castle. It seems he deserted Hugo and escaped.
...I see. Is it safe to say that peace has returned to Alistel now?
Indeed it has. I will stay here and fulfill my responsibilities as best I can. I can't abandon the people here, after all. Please pass that along to the princess for me.
Things will not be easy. Be on your guard. If you need it, we would be happy to lend a hand.
Celestia will too! Alistel and Celestia are next-door neighbors!
My, how reassuring! You are indeed ambassadors of lands to be trusted! But it will be my job to ensure we don't need too much help.
Ha... I'm sure you're the man for the job. Let's see the true strength of Alistel's Slumbering Lion.
Haha, don't tease me now... ...But you're right. I can't afford to sleep any longer...

Music: The Melody Connecting the World

Protea and Hugo have been slain, and it would seem that peace has been restored to the world. But... I'm sorry. It's not over yet. I have added a new chapter to the White Chronicle. No matter what happens, please don't lose... Stocke...

Music: Forever Proud

"Yeah! And it's all thanks to our new Queen Eruca!"
"I'm just glad the war's over."

Yyyyep, looks like things are going pret-ty well.
I just hope there are no more surprises on the road to peace.
Hey, Stocke! We should start heading to the palace. We got a summons from Princess Eruca, right?
Raynie... She's not a princess anymore. She's the queen. Lady Eruca was coronated the other day.
Hahaha, you're right. It's just, you know, habit that I call her "princess."
Well, anyways! Queen Eruca's summoned us, so we should get going to the palace. Shouldn't keep a queen waiting!
...Yeah, let's go.

Before we go to see Eruca, there's a dude near the weapon shop with a sidequest for us.

"I was standing here like I always do, when a bunch of debris fell from the tower. The city obviously hates me, but I still love it... Even though it gets worse every year. I don't think things are going to change just because Queen Eruca is on the throne now."

Record in the White Chronicle
Don't do anything

Now we're going back to the previous chapter, before the assault began.

"It used to be such a beautiful city."
You shouldn't stand here too long. You might get hurt.
"Huh? What's with you? It's none of your business where I stand! Don't say that kind of stuff. It's creepy."
Anyway, keep an eye on the sky.

And back to the present.

"You foretold my future... But I ignored it, and now look what's happened. I regret that I didn't listen to you. From now on, I'm going to put more faith in people. Here's a gift. Consider it my penance for disrespecting you."

Obtained Omnipedia

This is Gafka's last skill book. I'm not going to worry about fighting Bergas for the last two skills just yet, though.

Now we head for the palace.

I cannot allow Eruca to perform the ritual of Flux... She must be stopped, or all my plans will come to nothing. We're nearly there, Stocke... Just a little longer...


What's all the commotion?

Queen Eruca!
Everyone, listen!
What happened?
Someone broke into the passage leading to the Royal Hall! I'll tell you the specifics on the way!

Music: To the Battlefield

How cruel... These corpses... They've all been attacked from behind. I can't believe any one man could do this to so many soldiers...
It was no ordinary man. Who in the world...?

(Whoever it was cloaked himself before moving behind the soldiers for the kill... There's only one man I know who can do that.)
...Heiss did this.
No way... Heiss!? I can believe that Heiss could pull this off, but...
What are you doing, Heiss...!?

Stocke heads for the entrance to the Royal Hall.

Stocke...? Where are you going?
I'm going to find out just what he's really up to.

Stocke enters.

H-Hey...! Stocke!
So... what's through that passage?
Ahead is the Royal Hall... It is an extremely important place where those of royal blood perform the ritual of Flux.
What!? Heiss is in there!? That can't be good...
Whoever this person is, he killed many soldiers. If we don't hurry, the Red One will be in danger.
Yeah... We should go too!
Queen Eruca, please stay here.
You're the ruler of this kingdom now... You can't put yourself in harm's way anymore. Don't worry. We'll handle it.
...I understand. Be safe.

You've come, Stocke...
It... really is Heiss...
So it was you... Why?
I aim to stop the ritual... And the reason for that, Stocke, is to spare your life.
......! It's the same! Stocke and this Heiss guy have the same...!
Ah, the Beastkind has noticed. A shaman of Celestia, from the looks of her... I see... Of course she'd realize.
Relax, Stocke... The Beastkind most likely shares my esteem. She wants to save you too.
What are you talking about...?
Hahah... You'll find out sooner or later.
...Enough idle chatter, though. Let's get to business.

The room begins to shake.

Wh-What the...!?

I suppressed the power of Flux. Now, Eruca can't perform the ritual anymore...
Wh-What!? If you do that--
This world will eventually be engulfed in sand...
What!? H-Hey...!
Don't worry. We only need the queen to restore the power of Flux!
Fools! Did you think I'd use a spell that could be so easily countered? This spell can only be broken from the Imperial Ruins at the center of Flux!
The Imperial Ruins...
I'll be waiting for you there... Meet me at the ruins, and I'll tell you everything!

Heiss glows black and vanishes.

He disappeared...
Aht... What was he talking about?
...I'm sorry. I don't want you to know...
The world is in danger of being swallowed by sand, and you still won't tell me?
Hey, Stocke! We're in deep trouble if we don't hurry to the Imperial Ruins!
Yeah, you're right... Let's report back to Eruca first, and then we'll be on our way.

Good heavens... That's what happened? So all the strange occurrences that have been happening were his doing?
Yeah... It's all Heiss.
...Is it also true that this Heiss used the power of Flux?
Yeah, it's true.
If he can use the power of Flux, there are two explanations... Either he is of Granorg royal blood, or he holds the black book of Flux.
At the very least, I believe he holds the Black Chronicle.
My father, King Victor, was the prior holder of the black book of Flux...
So Heiss killed Victor and stole the Black Chronicle. And as a result, the ritual stopped... meaning he's to blame for the desertification.
After seeing what he did a couple moments ago, it seems like that's what he wants... If we don't stop the bastard, things are gonna turn ugly. I don't think we have the time to be chitchatting like this.
No, we don't. If the power of Flux in the Royal Hall has been sealed... The world's Mana can't stabilize, which could cause catastrophes even beyond the desertification. If that were to happen, things would be too far gone for the ritual to right them again. We must somehow stop him and free the power of Flux...!
He said he'd be waiting for me at the Imperial Ruins...
They're to the northwest of Judgement Cliff. They're a quiet place, lingering in the depths of the mountains where no man trespasses. It's a land forgotten to history...
Northwest of Judgement Cliff... All right.
...Let's go, everyone!