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Part 43: The Grand Finale

(Note: This update takes place in an alternate timeline where I did not grind my levels to defeat the Master.)

Heiss is waiting for us in the next room. When we enter, the final battle for the world's future will finally begin.

Music: To the Battlefield

You're here at last, Stocke... Or should I say Ernst?
Let's put an end to this, Heiss. We shouldn't exist here.
......! You fool! As clear as I've made it for you, you still do not understand!?
It's you who doesn't understand. I'm not backing down. I'll beat you and have Eruca perform the ritual!
Then there's nothing more to say! I shall end everything here! I'll absorb your soul and hers as well!

Boss: Black Chronicle
Music: The Red Locus

We're fighting the Black Chronicle itself.

But somehow, none of our attacks have any effect. No matter what we try, all of our attacks deal 0 damage.

Meanwhile, the Chronicle and the Shadow attack us relentlessly.

The Shadow has a set of attacks, Physical Change, Civil Change, and Spiritual Change.

Phyiscal Change prevents the target from using the Attack command for a little while, Civil Change disables the Items command, and Spiritual Change disables the Skills command. It's a little annoying, but it's no big deal.

Every time we kill a Shadow, the Black Chronicle only summons more, so the question is: how do we damage the Chronicle?

All we have to do is push a Shadow into the Chronicle, and then attack. As long as it shares a space with another target, the Black Chronicle will take damage from your attacks.

Whenever you kill a Shadow, the Chronicle will use Multiverse to summon more. As the Chronicle's health gets lower and lower, it summons more and more Shadows at once.

After a bit, we manage to take out the Black Chronicle. The Shadows stick around, but they're easy enough to clear out.

Ngh...! Why can't I win!? I should be much more experienced at wielding the Chronicle than you...!
You are. This isn't the extent of your power... But the hesitation inside you is holding you back.
Hesitation...? What on earth are you talking about!?
You still haven't discarded the possibility that I may have a change of heart... I'm in the same position as you, so you still cling to hopes that I'll understand you.
Haha... It took you spelling it out for me to realize it... Since we're both Sacrifices, some part of me couldn't completely close its heart to you...
...Let's stop this, Heiss.
Heh heh... Hahahaha! How about this, then?

What are you going to do!?
...I cannot allow this! I must commune with the other Sacrifices once more... I must hear their cries of despair and remind myself of their anger and hatred!
Stop! Don't pull anything stupid like that!
Hiess: Let's have a change of scenery, Stocke! We'll go to where the emotions of every Sacrifice can be felt... To Historia!

The screen fades to white, and...

Boss: Apocrypha
Music: An Earnest Desire of Grey

No JRPG is complete without an inexplicable gigantic monster for a final boss. As the battle begins, the boss slowly rises from the abyss below.

Apocrypha is so gigantic, they had to shrink our sprites to properly convey its massive size.

The battle starts out easy enough, its attacks are pretty strong, but Aht's Lunatic can bring the damage levels down to a manageable amount.

Apocrypha continues to use Flame Burst, and we continue to use our trusty strategy of spamming Dancing Death and our strongest spells. We make short work of this boss.

...Or so it seems.

The screen flashes, and Apocrypha descends a bit.

It has an all-new, much larger health bar, and all new attacks. (note: that's a 9 hit combo, not an 89 hit combo)

In addition to its magic attacks from before, Apocrypha now spends most of its turns trying to inflict status ailments. It can put everyone to sleep, curse everyone, poison everyone, and petrify a single target. The status ailments are what really makes this fight difficult, so you want to equip Soul Drops (+2 resistance to all status ailments, available in Forgia) to everyone.

With our usual strategy, we manage to drop its health a lot, but we don't kill it. And then...

Destruction rains from the heavens, and our entire party takes a load of damage. Apocrypha will use this attack if you nearly empty its HP bar but don't quite finish it off. It empties the rest of its health bar, and deals a load of damage.

The previous boss was a test of your ability to effectively move enemies around the battle field, and this boss is a test of your ability to make effetive combos. If you fail to make a good enough combo, it punishes you with Fallout.

As its health bar reaches 0, the screen flashes again and Apocrypha lowers.

It has some powerful single-target spells now, and it continues to inflict as many status ailments as possible. In addition, this final form has at least as much HP as the first two combined.

Sometimes it will use Dark Matter, this is your warning to guard, because it's going to wreck you on its next turn.

On its next turn after using Dark Matter, it'll hit the entire party with Aftermath.

Close to 200 damage to everyone, and this is while guarding. If you're not careful, this attack can easily wipe your entire party out.

We keep hitting Apocrypha with the largest combos possible, and eventually we finally get it down to a sliver of health. There's only one way to end this fight...

Stocke ends it with Dead Fencer.

Music: Where the Wind and Feathers Return

Heiss... It really ends here...

Heiss... I pity you.
Ernst... Why can't you understand?
...I understand very well. You and I had the same lot in life, more or less.
Then... why...?
Because I lived as Stocke and not Ernst.
You named me Stocke and gave me Stocke's life. And in that life, I met people whom I valued over myself... But you... You never met anyone you could place above you. No friends that you'd throw your life away to protect...
Ahh... That's why... Stocke... You were...
I used the Chronicle and saw hope for the future. But you used it to see the ugliness of the past. That there... That is what divided us.
Stocke! We need to hurry out of here...!

...The things you did were clearly wrong. But... your reasons for doing them were pure. You tried to save me from my fate as a Sacrifice destined to give up his soul... And I won't ever forget that.
Even if your name is lost to history... We'll honor the desires that drove you. ...Goodbye, Heiss.

Stocke leaves Heiss, and the screen fades to white.

Everyone appears one-by-one around the node.

Looks like we made it back...
Huh? Where's the queen?
Over there!

Stocke... There's no need for you to sacrifice yourself! I... I'll perform the ritual by my own power...!
You can't! Get back here, Eruca!

There's a flash of white, and...

No... So it's true that it cannot be performed alone...!
Eruca, I know it may be painful for you, but you need to hear this. You must know that this is the best thing you can do right now to fulfill your duty as queen.

Ernst... My brother... I...
The caster must enshrine the Sacrifice's loss in their heart, not looking away from the past. ...Am I wrong?
That's...! ......
I must play my part. And you need to play yours. ...All right, Eruca?

Stocke! You shouldn't be risking your life alone! I'm coming with you!
S-So am I!
Me three! What good is saving the world if you're not in it?
Thank you, everyone... I feel better knowing you think so. I can see it now... A future world where everyone I care about is alive.
We want the same thing! Use my soul for the ritual too!
Don't be silly, Rosch... The ritual won't work unless the Sacrifice's soul is used. And I am... Ernst is already dead. This soul belongs to Eruca. It's time I returned it to her.
But Stocke, that'd mean...
This soul will become part of the power of Flux, to be used for the good of the continent. I'll seem to be gone, but I'll live on everywhere in the land. My journey will go on, just like I traveled with all of you.
I could never have come this far alone. If I hadn't met all of you, I'd have abandoned my duty, the way Heiss did.
Red One... Stocke. Is this your destiny?
It's thanks to all of you that I didn't despair over the past, that I had hope for the future. ...Thank you.
Stocke... I won't forget you. We'll always be waiting for you to return.
Me too... I'll wait! I mean, we're friends!
...You were the best friends I could have hoped for.
We'll meet again! Someday, somewhere!
I'll be waiting too, Stocke! No matter how long... I'll wait forever and ever!

Fade to white...

...Looks like they succeeded.

The camera pans over Granorg, Alistel and Celestia. Everything is as it should be now...


*knock knock*
"Excuse me, Your Majesty... It's almost time for the ritual."
I see. Let us go, then.

This will do. You should all stand back.
"Understood, Your Majesty."

The soldiers leave the room.

...Whenever I come here, I recall the days when we all traveled together. In truth, I do become lonely when I can't see you. But... I have the strong sensation that you are nearby... Even though your life may not have been recorded in written history... We will never forget you.

Remember all those sidequests we did? Only ten of them actually mattered.

There are ten important sidequests, each of which gets you an additional scene during the ending.

Music: Forever Proud

This scene is unlocked by completing The King's Daughter, when Eruca gave us her ring for a little girl in Alistel.

We're done here. Let's move on.
"Yes, Milady!"

As they leave, a man kills the two guards and swings at Eruca.

Who are you!?
"Princess Eruca... Prepare to die!"


There's a flash and the sound of cutting.

I have a mission to save this continent from destruction, and to create a world of peace!

This scene is unlocked by completing The Assassination of Dias, when a man in Granorg asked us to retrieve his family's sword, and we attempted to assassinate Dias when we took it from him.

Otto: Pierre! How have you been?
Pierre: Otto! Long time no see! We work in the same castle, but we never get the chance to see each other.
Otto: Will and I are in Lady Eruca's security detail, and you work for the State. Why would we?
Claire: Pierre! Will's back!

Pierre: It's been a long time, Will.
Otto: I noticed you took some time off. Where'd you go?
Will: Yes, I went back to Cygnus, my hometown... report to my parents' grave that we've brought back peace to the world.
Pierre: All of us in the Resistance have been through a lot...
Will: But nothing is over yet. It is our duty to maintain this peace that we have won...

You guys didn't do squat, don't try and take credit for this.

Pierre: Yeah! We won't let powermongers like Dias and Selvan take over the nation ever again!
Will: Indeed! We will combine forces to help Lady Eruca lead this country down the right path-- --the path to realize the Granorg that Prince Ernst had envisioned!
Otto: Don't be so uptight, everybody! Let's drink hard tonight!

And so they did.

Music: Wildness and Toughness

Gafka returns to Forgia to find it full of humans.

We unlock this scene by completing The Beast God's Birth, when we stopped Gafka from turning himself into a killing machine.

Today's meeting went well.
Perhaps one day, the relationship between humans and Beastkind can reach its former strength.
We share the continent, and must co-exist. That is what is best in life.

Meanwhile, Gafka is punching shit, as usual.

"Tell me, tell me, Master Gafka! You're really strong, right?"
"We wanna be strong too! Teach us how to fight!"
Strong, eh? Little ones, have you ever given serious consideration to the true meaning of strength?
"Uh... It's being able to beat up the bad guys!"
This is indeed one characteristic of strength. But its true nature is more than just that. I do not have true strength.
"Whaaaat!? There's somebody stronger than the Gutral!?"
Yes. And like you, he is a human. He had true strength. Courage and determination to risk everything in helping others. He saved this world, by sacrificing his life. If it wasn't for him, you wouldn't be here today.
One day, when you are grown and begin to see more of the world, you will come to understand. You will appreciate how great and strong that man truly was...

Music: Dreams Showed by a Cloud of Dust

We unlock this scene by completing Mankind and Beastkind, when we got Liese and the man with no name back together.

The show ends and Liese goes backstage.

"You really know how to put on a show, Liese! Bravo!"
Really!? It makes me so happy to hear that from you!

Excellent! Another fantastic performance! Your sword dancing is just the thing we needed, Captain...
"Oh, no. I had nothing to do with this. I just try not to embarrass the troupe."
No! You're actually really good! You're very talented with your sword! Speaking of which... Are you sure you want to leave the Granorg army?
"Of course. My tour of duty ended when the war did. Now my mission is to protect my new family here!"
Great! We'll be counting on you! You'll have one more to protect, soon.
"Haha! No problem! ...... Wait... One more? Does that mean...!?"

Music: Where the Wind and Feathers Return

We unlock this scene by completing Wandering Soul, when we convinced Aht to send Samra's lover's soul to heaven.

This desert is filled with the hearts of many people... Wandering... Their sorrow is making the desert expand...
Elm: You have grown to fulfill your role as a shaman well, Lady Aht. What do you plan to do now?
I hear the voices of the dead. So I'll care for those in the desert and see that they get to Heaven. Maybe one of them knows how to stop the world from turning into sand. A lot of people want to find a way to stop the desertification. Only I can search like this.
Elm: You have grown up.,.. I'll do what I can to help you complete your goal.

Ricky: Oh, hey! It's Aht!
What're you doing here? I thought you'd gone back to Celestia.
I decided I'm gonna search for a way to stop the desertification! A way only I can do!
Oh? That's good. We'll help you too, then.
Thank you! Stocke saved this world... It's my duty to keep it safe!

Music: The Garden Where the Celestite Lies

The camera pans over Celestia, where humans and satyros are living together happily.

We unlock this scene by completing What Was Inherited, when we taught the scientist how to grow Conuts.

Barranca: Well, Mr. Scholar? Did you get anything useful out of it?
"This is incredible! It's not much, but the tree in this spring is definitely producing Mana! So this tree is why Celestia has so much Mana, despite all the desertification..."
Barranca: It was good that we consulted with you. You have made great strides with the Conuts.
"If we study the tree, we may be able to find a way to replenish Mana. And if we can do that..."

Barranca: Ah, is it?
Barranca: Mr. Scholar, let us continue this discussion after the party.

They head to the party.

Music: The Melody Connecting the World

...We've found it at last. Though this is only a catalyst...
All the same, this catalyst holds vast potential within it.
Yes. Here's hoping that it will lead to salvation...

Music: Machinist Kingdom

The camera pans over Alistel, once again, humans and beastkind are living happily together.

We unlock this scene by completing A Letter to Tomorrow, when we gave Viola's journal to a writer in Alistel.

I... I should have died there... But... You want me to keep inhabiting this doomed husk, Stocke?

How are you feeling, Field Marshal?
Sonja... Thanks to you, I've recovered completely from my wounds. But, Sonja... I'm sorry to inform you that my body is consumed by an--
Oh, I'm aware of that, Ma'am. We'll be able to treat you for that from now on.
How did you-- I never told anyone!
Indeed, your illness was difficult to identify. But, thanks to the journal Mr. Cedric brought us, we were able to determine your disease.
A... journal, you say?

My diary... I see.
(So HE saved me... again.)
It will take time, but your condition can be cured. Don't give up the fight! You're the Valkyrie after all, right?
Indeed... The Valkyrie should never give up without a fight. If I live, I should be able to find something to do for my people. I owe him that much...

We unlock this scene by completing Red-Letter Day, when we got Rosch and Sonja together.

*knock knock*
It's open! Come on in!

Ah, you grow more and more befitting a man of your rank, General Rosch.
Lt. General Raul! ...I-I mean, Prime Minister! How are you... feeling... Sir?
You can loosen up around me. You're a general now. A leader of men!
Yes, Sir... Old habits die hard, you know.
How is your report coming? Even a national hero puts up a poor fight against paperwork, eh?
A poor fight indeed, Sir. I don't know if I'll get all this finished today.
Now that is the real tragedy. If you're working late, you'll miss your lovely wife's cooking.
That's why I'm still fighting, Sir. She wouldn't forgive me if I left a job half-done. She understands the separation between duty and personal affairs.
And of course I'm not going to complain. My duty is to keep the peace. I owe it to him... He gave his life to save the world.
...Right you are. Well, I'll be leaving now. I'll be waiting for you at the ceremony.
Oh, right. Raynie and Marco are being commissioned today... Damn... Will I ever finish this mountain of red tape in time?
Hmhmhm... Do your best, General Rosch.


Raynie and Marco are commanding a group of soldiers, but start arguing amongst themselves.


Music: Affectionate Moment

We unlock this scene by completing An Unwanted Reunion, the Mimel sidequest.

"We can't do this without the main man!"
Hahah! Sorry, sorry!

"Make yourselves at home and take a look at our specials!"
Wha--Mimel...!? ...... I guess not.
"What's wrong, Captain? Something bothering you?"
It's... nothing, really. You just reminded me of someone I knew.
"Someone you knew? A girl, huh? Was it... ...Your girlfriend?"
We weren't that close. But... I had hopes. I thought maybe in some peaceful village, once the war was over...
"Hopes, huh? So..."
(So many have died in this war... Far too many... Mimel... Please watch over us. Don't let us repeat this tragedy ever again...)

Music: Where the Wind and Feathers Return

We unlock this scene by completing At Journey's End, when Raynie confessed her love to Stocke.


Hm? Raynie? What are you doing? Aren't you drinking with us?
Nah. I'll stay here.
But... You seem to be here all the time nowadays.
Well, you know...

I've been waiting here for you! If I was in the shop too, you'd never find us!
I see. Sorry for the trouble.

We promised each other... When it was all over, we'd live a peaceful life together. We promised...
I believe in Stocke. So however long it takes, that's how long I'll wait for him here.

I believe this scene happens no matter what, but I'm not positive. It might depend on whether or not you cleared Red-Letter Day.

"Prime Minister! Are you still here!? There isn't much time until the meeting. You must get going!"
Yes, yes...
"One 'yes' is enough. And I wish you'd take better care of your grooming..."
...A little strict, aren't you?
"I'm not as fawning as my sister, you'll find."
...Ah well... By the way, see that the army gets these documents.
"What are they? Approval for General Rosch's vacation...? This seems like a rather long holiday. Is that proper for a man of his rank?"
He's been working himself to the bone. He deserves a little R&R time, I'd say. It can hardly be questioned, what with it coming directly from the Prime Minister himself.
"...... I think I'm starting to see what my sister meant about you..."
I'd be very interested to know what she said... Why don't you take some time to tell me about it later? But we should be going. Mustn't be late for the meeting!
"Yes, Sir!"


This scene happens no matter what, but the dialog is changed slightly if you completed Red-Letter Day.

Kiel... Guys... Sorry it took me so long to do this. I put you men through a lot, but you can rest now.

I'm sorry it ended up taking so much time, dear.
Don't worry about it. Just look after yourself, okay? You're going to be a mother soon, after all.
...Very true.
You... didn't dig one for Stocke.
Hey, Stocke... The queen told us everything. I still don't get all the stuff about the ritual and the empire... But I do know you were carrying a huge burden.
I promise you, Stocke... We won't put such a heavy burden on one person ever again. ...We've been doing research into ways to stabilize Mana. Aht and Queen Eruca are helping out...
Once we figure it out, we won't need the ritual anymore. We'll be able to take care of this world on our own... Without having to make such sacrifices. So... whenever you want to... You can come back to us, Stocke.
There's no hurry. My son won't be ready to start training for a long time anyway.
And what are you going to do if the baby's a girl?
I'll cross that bridge when we come to it! I bet she'd be beautiful, just like you... So I gotta make sure she doesn't fall for some creep!
Haha, an overprotective father already!?

Sonja and Rosch leave...


Wha... You... Kiel!?
Wow, everyone really is acting like we're dead and gone... How cruel of you, Captain Rosch!
You idiot! You're the cruel one here! Where have you been all this time!? I thought you were dead...
After we got separated from you, we met a man who was used to living off the land. He patched up our wounds and said something odd... "If you don't hurry back, the Captain will jump to conclusions and think you died."
Huh? He was just here...
Who was he!?
Hm...? That's odd... I know he told me his name, but I can't remember now... He... wore red clothes...

You guys...!
See? We're all safe and sound!
...He's the only one who could have pulled this off. I'm right, aren't I? You did this, didn't you... Well, I won't complain. Rest well... So you can come back to us out of the blue someday. ...Right, Lieutenant?

If we hadn't completed the ten important sidequests, the credits would roll here.

Music: Where the Wind and Feathers Return

We'll meet again! Someday, somewhere!
I'll be waiting too, Stocke! No matter how long... I'll wait forever and ever!


Historia... This is the last time I'll see it.
Ugh... You fool... Why did you think I gave you the power to fight your fate with the White Chronicle? You greatly disappoint me...
Heiss... Some irony, huh? It was you who led me down this path.
No child knows how dear he is to his parents... Well said, Stocke. But no... It's not my place to say that. I took your parents and past from you. Even so...
Heh... This brings back old memories... You haven't changed a bit. You're still my stubborn little Ernst...
I don't mean to be. All I'm doing is... being myself. Doing whatever I can do best... Nothing has changed since my Specint days.
Haha... Indeed you are, my dear Ernst. I suppose I somehow always knew this would happen someday. My Ernst would voluntarily become the Sacrifice.
Whatever you may think of me... I want to thank you, Heiss. It was because you took me away to Alistel that I met Rosch in the army. You're the reason I met Raynie and Marco in Specint, too. And it was on missions you gave me that I came to know Aht and the others. All because you gave me my life as Stocke.
This world that I've come to believe is worth saving, worth giving my life for... It's the world you gave me, Heiss. Thank you.
...Ernst... ......

Lippti and Teo appear in a flash.

Stocke... From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for what you are about to do.
Your soul will be the sacrifice that saves this world. On behalf of everyone living, we convey our deepest thanks...
Is it time already...? There's nothing more to do? I've bounced through history so much that I'm not sure anymore how long I've been fighting.
A human life is brief. Its span is hardly noticeable when placed next to all of history. The moment we share now is no longer than a blink of history's eye. Yet that long history is born of moments like these. This is the crucible of the future.
...I see what you mean. Thinking about it like that... My life wasn't so bad after all.

The caster's voice has reached us... The ritual will now begin.
...I guess this is where we say goodbye.
...No... Not yet.

Music: The Red Locus

I can't let the ritual begin... Not just yet.
Heiss...? You can't possibly fight in that condition! Give it up!
No! I won't give it up! Not this... Not ever!

That light...!
Here, dogs of the Chronicle! Let the world feast on my soul!
Stop this, Heiss. Your soul has not been prepared as a Sacrifice. A Sacrifice that isn't spiritually awakened won't be able to save the world...
Bah... To hell with your "spiritual awakenings"... I know what I want...

I just want to see it... ...The world you'd give yourself to create, my dear boy Ernst...
He is the only hope left in the world... If I can't protect that hope, then what other use is my life?
I... see... So this... is the future... you wish for...

Heiss fades away.


A Sacrifice's spiritual awakening stems from its determination to risk its life for someone... Heiss found that awakening in seeing Stocke's life. He became the foundation of the future...
The world will continue to turn for now. The world you hoped to realize... Just as Heiss wanted. You reversed Heiss' iron will and saved the world...
Yet the fact remains that your soul is a borrowed one, Stocke. If you wish, you could stay here with us...
Thanks, but no...
...You're going?
Yes. There are a lot of people waiting for me to come back.

Rosch and Sonja still need my help. They're both so stubborn that who knows what would happen if I weren't there to mediate? Beyond that, they'd hold a hell of a grudge if I weren't present for the wedding.

Then there's Marco, who's clumsier than he lets on. He's a friend, and I should be there for him too.

I promised to spar with him. After he finally remembered my name, I figure I owe it to him to return the favor.

Alistel has been devastated. I suppose we don't have to worry about General Raul... He and General Viola will get the people back on their feet eventually. But having someone to look after them and give them a helping hand would make it go smoother.

There's a lot to discuss with the people of Celestia and Forgia... Humans and Beastkind absolutely can coexist peacefully. The old Ernst knew that...

And I still need Aht's help. Or should I say, she'll need mine...?

I've put Eruca through so much... Going forward, I want to make sure I'm around to support her.

And, of course... Raynie's waiting for me.

That's why I must return.
...The human world is full of pain and suffering...
But it is also a wondrous place. You know that very well, don't you, Stocke...?
You give me too much credit. I need them as much as they need me... You have my thanks, too.
No, Stocke. In light of what you have done for us, it's we who should be thanking you. ...I believe the time has come for us to say farewell...
You who volunteered himself as a Sacrifice and guided the soul of the true Sacrifice... We are forever in your debt...
We shall engrave your name in Historia in commemoration.
Please... Let us know the name of the soul to be remembered...
My name is...



Video: Credits
Music: -HISTORIA- (instrumental ver)
Music: -HISTORIA- (Piano Arrangement

As the credits roll, each character's portrait appears. They look really bizarre because they cut out a chunk to compensate for the space between the DS screens.

I want to thank the people who made this possible:

I want to thank Admiral H. Curtiss, HenryEx, and gibbed for dumping all the game's text for me, so I could stop transcribing all my updates. If it wasn't for them, I may have ended up abandoning the LP entirely.

I also want to thank HenryEx for ripping the game's mugshots, so I could stop using the ugly ones with text boxes in the way.

Thanks to Einander for being better at the game than I am. His advice helped me improve my strategies and make better boss videos.

And lastly, thanks to everyone who read the LP and posted in the thread. It sounds cliched, but if it wasn't for you all, I probably wouldn't have finished the LP. For awhile there I was seriously burnt out (mostly because of my ass-backwards screenshot capture method and the tedium of video editing), but I kept going because I wanted to show you all this amazing game.

I'm sorry it took so long, but it's finally over. Radiant Historia is a fantastic game, and I'm happy to have shown it to you all.

I leave you all with one last shot of the completed timeline.

Click here, it's way too big to embed

We'll meet again. Someday, somewhere.