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Radiation's Halloween Hack

by Variant_Eris, symbolic

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Original Thread: Breaking Brittle Old Man Hips since 1990 - Radiation's Halloween Hack



"Rated E for Everyone!" Except for you, you, and you.

What is Radiation’s Halloween Hack?

Radiation's Halloween Hack is a hack of Earthbound made by Robert "Toby" Fox/"Radiation" in the year of 2009. As the player, we follow the exploits of Ares Toraernos as he struggles through the depths of Winters to kill a monster and get his paycheck. It's comparable to taking methamphetamine for the first time ever while watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. That is, you’ll question your morality several times, end up laughing at some points, but mostly just see weird shit over and over again. Also Johnny Depp might be there for some reason. Hopefully Fear and Loathing Johnny Depp, not some other movie-induced Johnny Depp incarnation. Because, Good God, imagine Willy Wonka taking copious amounts of drugs trying to find the American Dream. Actually, never mind, I would pay good money to see that if that came out as a real movie. Ignore any negativity that was created just there.

Oh, did I mention it's insane as batshit hell? Well, it's insane as batshit hell.

But despite all that, it’s a pretty decent hack. So I hope you guys enjoy the ride, because it’s gonna be like psychoanalyzing War and Peace while trying to sleep off a hangover and tap-dancing to the worst polka song you can think of.

Note: We're assuming you've played Earthbound before, so if you haven't, go do that first.

How are you going to be playing this?

Screenshot LP. My buddy symbolic (Who will be speaking in his OUTDOOR VOICE...and who’s too frugal to spend $8 to change an accidental name), and I (Variant_Eris) will be commentating through this mind screw of a crazy drug-fueled haze of an Earthbound ROM-hack. Or, essentially, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas...again.

And trust me, I would know.

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