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Radiation's Halloween Hack

by Variant_Eris, symbolic

Part 1: Ares Toraernos vs. The File Select Screen

Part 1: Ares Toraernos vs. The File Select Screen

Welp, there’s nothing to be said, so let’s get this party started.

I always thought this looked more like Bigfoot than an ape, but to each their own.

Unfortunately, due to limitations back then, this part of the hack hasn’t been changed.

...This was made less than ten years ago...

Earthbound OST - Title Screen

...This hasn’t been changed either.

...Or this.

Hey, they changed Ness into Emo McSadness up there. Props for that.

Earthbound OST - File Select

Radiation swapped out the original Earthbound background and changed it with a blood-like animation.

I really want the host of Let’s Make a Deal to pop up out of nowhere and say “Now, do you want what’s behind save file 1, 2, or 3?”.

Anyways, the text speed’s going to be quick, since I don’t feel like slogging through everything.

As for this...well I honestly don’t care. Either or is fine with me.

My favorite Frank is Sinatra.

Also, vote for one of these window colors. In case you need a run down, we have Plain...

Vote Quimby.


Scarlet Doom...

...and Icy Ghost.

Earthbound OST - Your Name Please

Also vote for this guy’s name. You might recognize him from the Brandish series made by Falcom. If you're struggling to remember who they are, it’s probably because they’re the guys who made the Ys and Legend of Heroes series.

As someone who’s not big into JRPGs and the sort, that means nothing to me besides gibberish. But coolio.

Also, in case you want to know, his default name is Ares Toraernos, but Radiation went with the much more lamer ‘Varik’ from the Americanized version of Brandish 1.

Vote for her name as well

She looks like my mother.

Too much information.

And his.

This is what Variant looks like in real life.

Lies and slander.

We’ll let the court decide.

...As well as Feces over here.

That’s sexist.

...Not to mention the name of the First-Born Mandog.

If only there was room to write ManBearPig...

...And your favorite food.

Human children, lightly seasoned with onion powder.

Dear Jesus, why does this actually exist. It’s like the damn witch from Hansel and Gretel decided to go on a diet.

Are we psychic? Are we not psychic?

You can’t let THE MAN decide what you are or aren’t. Don’t let him bring you down, you can be psychic if you want to be.

So that’s it.

Thank you for reading/watching/digesting our Halloween Hack Screenshot LP, and tune in next time to when we try to Screenshot LP E.T. for the Atari 2600. Good night everybo-

You know, that probably wasn’t necessary, but whatever. Anyways, decide on the which Frank we like, which awful window color you want to torture me with the most, the names of our heroes, the firstborn man-dog, our favorite food, and the proof that we are/are not psychic. Bold your vote (five character limit) and we’ll go from there.