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Part 4: Jerry Toraernos vs. All the Colors of the Rainbow

Part 4: Jerry Toraernos vs. All the Colors of the Rainbow

Earthbound OST - Hidden Track

Huh... that was something...completely unsanitary...but it was something...

Just in case you’re color-blind, the sewage here has been replaced by bloody sewage. With bloody sewage, you’re more likely to contract certain...diseases.


Like Sewers: Part 1, there isn’t much to say here. Everything is more or less in a straight line, and if you start from the start, it’s pretty much impossible to get lost. Gameplay wise, the overworld isn’t any different from Part 1. The enemies on the other hand...Yeah, we’ll get to that.

On the way up the ladder, a couple of hippie guys block Jerry’s path. I hope they’ve prepared their wills ahead of time.


Just like my ex-wife.

You don’t have a wife, you dolt.

Not anymore.

The Overrecycled aren’t difficult, but they are annoying to fight. The annoyance mostly come from their high dodge rates and heavy retaliations.

This attack is probably the most damaging move in Sewers: Part 2. Try not to encounter these guys much, as they’ll ruin Jerry’s shit if left unsupervised.

Pictured: Jerry Toraernos, Zombie Slayer.

It’s probably best to keep my HP up, since getting a Game Over would be too annoying at this point.

Oh, lovely.

With a few more whacks to the noggin, the other hippie gets his skull unceremoniously caved in by a completely stoned bounty hunter.

Level up!

I have Jerry down another Pumpkin Loaf, since his HP looks depressingly low at the moment.

There’s a Moldy cap in the box. It gives three defense, as opposed to the Black Helmet’s one defense, so it gets equipped immediately. Not sure why there’s a Moldy cap down here, but hey…

Or why a cap gives more defense than a helmet.

I continue walking this way.

And so Jerry Toraernos learned the ancient ways of moving through solid concrete.

Yeah, I accidentally discovered this little glitch. It doesn’t do anything but boost my self-esteem.

Jerry encounters this guy on the way out. Shame that it has a death wish...

That grin won’t last much longer.

Its howl does absolutely nothing. For an Eldritch Abomination, you aren’t very interesting.

PSI Magnet Alpha, on the other hand, sucks out Jerry’s PP (Psychic Points).


Death! Bringer of sorrow! Heaven (and Hell) shall never forgive you for the impudence you have trespassed!

Does Brainshock even do anything...? I can’t recall a moment in Earthbound in which this move has actually affected any of my party members.

The Earthbound equivalent of Splash.

And with a stomp of a bloody boot, Jerry Toraernos has vanquished the Evil Ecto to the depths of hell and beyond.

Almost at the end of Sewers: Part 2. Just gotta get past that entryway, and...


You get a disease, you get a disease, and YOU get a disease! Diseases for everyone!

Despite what the description may entail, the Preemptive Scavenger is probably the most pathetic enemy in this area.

That’s not nice. You’re mean.

It’s a bug. Nobody cares.

Jerry is unimpressed by the insect’s valiance.

I’m sure that’s an image we want to give all the kids out there.

And thus the puny, inferior being has been pulverized by our shiny armor and our pointy sticks. Take that inferior beings!

Earthbound OST - Save the Miners!

This is the last screen we’ll see of Sewers: Part 2.


I was right, Oscar is pretty pissed at you.


: “The earth and sky are tainted raw black. Trees burn crimson, and grass has been stained orange. The freezing air howls through the icy, endless night as you stand, shivering.

The cold pierces your eyelids as your senses dull and your head begins to throb. An immense feeling of dread overshadows you, tearing your brain apart at the stem.

This world is dead.”

: “Yet...your legs move yet forward, still propelled by some unknown force.

Jerry, monster hunter, demon slayer...In a land of horrors far more deadly than anything you’ve ever imagined...What do you expect to face?



: ”...”
: “...What have I been smoking…?”


A bit to the left, there’s an “enemy” of sorts...

Since the guy’s running away from us, We're welcome to ambush him out of sheer spite.

Jesus Christ.

Say hi to the Desperate Survivor. I’m pretty sure this guy was the one who stood out most to me when I first played through the hack.

I think you’re supposed to feel guilty about killing him, but Survival of the Fittest and all that jazz.

And so Jerry Toraernos beat up a desperate old man for shits and giggles...Yeah...

So far, this ROMhack’s atmosphere is reminiscent of Fallout to me. At least, the later Fallouts, since I haven’t played the first three. I do own them, though. Maybe I should play them…

Yoink! Last ration heals for 40 HP. While it’s not nearly as good as a Pumpkin loaf, it’ll be good enough for this stretch of the game.

I continue down the path. Surprisingly enough, I haven’t bumped into any other enemies yet. Good thing too, ‘cause Jerry would’ve died a horrible, horrible, death.

This tent is pretty much the only reprieve of sanity in Winters.

The game doesn’t tell you, but the gravestone here is actually a save point. Nice of Radiation to allow us a breather.

Heading inside the tent…

: “Violent monsters and refugees everywhere. Altered landscapes...and the lake’s odd tides. Please be careful, something evil is going on.”
: “Gee...I wonder…”

: "...Perhaps some tea?"

Didn’t realize we stumbled into Britain. Next, the Queen’s going to offer us crumpets and fish and chips.

This guy gives us a breather and offers us a free spot to rest. Of course, we’re going to abuse his hospitality, mug a few dozen survivors, steal their rations, and grind a few levels.

This hack is happy.

A day in the life of Jerry Toraernos, Ladies and Goons...A day in the life...