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Part 6: Jerry Toraernos vs. The Gates of Death

Part 6: Jerry Toraernos vs. The Gates of Death

Snorb posted:

We do blank.

Welp, there’s nothing left for it. Let’s delve into the depths of insanity and hope we come out of it in one piece.

Average anime, marginally overrated.

...Except that when we try to spare the old man, it loops us back to the choice again. Despite what the game may indicate, ___ is not an option.

Thus Jerry Toraernos lost the will to go on, doomed to make the the same choices forever and ever. His withered, soulless shell will litter the workshop of Andonuts for the rest of time, even as hell freezes over.

Or, y’know, he can just leave.

No, he can’t, remember? He can’t leave the laboratory without getting looped back at the entrance.

Is this Dexter’s Laboratory. I’ve been wondering this.

More along the lines of Dexter Morgan.

ArchWizard posted:

Make like Street Fighter and do Blanka to him

The hero of ugly men and ugly aliens everywhere.

So since when did the Hulk and Super Saiyan Goku have a lovechild?

I was thinking more along the lines of Cthulhu and some random buff cultist on steroids, but that works too.

Instead, we’ll go with Option A: Murder. Considering the psychological aspects of the game, as well as taking in the fact that it’s a JRPG, I’m sure there will be no repercussion to our actions.

That was sarcasm.

: “You hold the knife high and deftly sink it into the machine-"
: “-Parkour, bitch.”
: “The beating becomes faster and your heart begins to burn.

You stab it again. And again.”

: “...My spleen!”

How does a machine bleed. Bleeding oil I understand, but if it’s actually blood, then, whelp.

: “The machine is banging, banging, and yelling, yelling. The monster is trying to escape from his own coffin. You can hear crying from the inside of his little cage.

He’s screaming for help, for mercy…"

Oh, so we’re actually stabbing him through...solid metal. Riiiiight.

Exhibit C: creepy, sociopathic laughter.

: “You thrust the knife into the machine and and after a long scream...the beating stops.

Both your hands and face are blood red. You rip open the door to the machine and the monster slumps out onto the floor. He’s curled up into a ball, oddly rigid."

: “Ugh...that smells...did he piss himself in there…?”
: “The sound of metal clanking echoes deeply in the quiet lab. It’s perfect silence.

You have nowhere to go.

Your legs are gone.

Your arms are gone.

Your mind is gone

: “We need people like you to make decisions like that."

And thus Jerry Toraernos starved slowly, agonizingly, until there was nothing left but a pointy stick and a couple of bones.

Okay, I’ll have to admit, M. Night Shyamalan had better twist endings.


Now go back and make the correct choice.

Press the B Button, stupid!