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by toddy.

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Original Thread: You got your guns in my gambling! - Rainbow Six: Vegas [VLP]


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Release Date: November 28, 2006
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC (Steam), PSP
Genre: Tactical First-Person Shooter
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal (Quebec for the PSP version)
Publisher: Ubisoft

Hi, I'm jttoddy. You may remember me as that jerk really cool guy that is LP'ing the new Rocket Knight game for MeccaPrime's Sparkster thread. With the summer just around the corner (well, winter for just about everywhere else), I thought it would be an interesting idea to start a VLP of a reasonably old favorite of mine: Rainbow Six Vegas.

Rainbow Six: Vegas is known amongst most gamers as a pretty decent FPS shooter for the major consoles (except the Wii, we really don't need waggle here), with great level design and gameplay, a plethora of weapons and equipment, and a great deal of content to keep you playing.

Eventually dwarfed out of sight by its successor, Vegas 2, the game seems to have been put "behind the shelf" by a lot of people, simply saying that "why get the tattered original when I can get the shiny new model for the same price?" The truth is that both games, while comparable, are essentially alike. I'm just LP'ing the first one because I played it more and I want to throw grenades into small rooms with two people in them.

Logan Keller (the main character), accompanied by his teammates Gabriel and Kan, are sent on a mission to arrest a terrorist leader in an undisclosed Mexican border town. As the team reaches their initial landing zone (LZ), Logan ropes down as the helicopter barely dodges a surprise attack by a rocket. Left on his own in the war zone, Logan must reach the Spanish church and regroup before the terrorist ringleader, Irena Moralez, completes whatever messed up plan she has in mind. It probably involves blowing stuff up.

Turns out Irena's a total bitch and she drops the roof on the three R6, as Gabe and Kan are taken away (and presumably shot) as Logan is conveniently left for dead.

But Logan gives no shits.

Logan proceeds to rise from his dusty grave and hunts down Irena and her followers through Vegas with his new, completely incompetent teammates Michael and Jung, who would sooner take a bullet to the head than follow orders effectively. To top that, Irena has a bomb that turns people inside out or some gross shit that makes a hell of an amount of blood.

Let's go stop them.

About the LP
I'll be playing through the Steam PC version of the game. For the love of all that is holy, do not buy this version of the game. It's almost impossible to get running and I jumped through hoops for about 2 hours just to get this thing working. If you absolutely must have a PC version, go pick it up from the store - it'll be cheaper than Steam and your brain will thank you for it. Turns out getting the Steam version is now easier to run than the retail version. You know what? Don't buy the PC version. Just... just don't - buy the PS3/XB360 version instead.

This playthrough will be done on Normal difficulty because I like taking tons of damage there's more opportunity to screw around and throw grenades everywhere.
At the end of most episodes, I will leave it up to the thread to decide what weapons and equipment to use next, by vote or otherwise.

A list of all the weapons in Vegas 1 can be found here. Pick away!

I don't plan on playing the game in an orthodox manner, either. I basically want to play through the stages in a way that's entertaining instead of hiding behind cover constantly.
If you'd like to commentate with us for an episode, ask me either via PM or post in the thread. PM is of course preferred.

Episodes will be added maybe once or twice weekly (unless something comes up).

Enough about that, let's blow stuff up!


Chapter 1: Mexico ~ Featuring &
Episode 1: Once Upon a Time in MexicoPolsy Download YouTube
Episode 2: It's Called Assault for a ReasonPolsy Download YouTube
Episode 3: The Mexican Border Symphony OrchestraPolsy Download YouTube
Episode 4: RIP: The other guysPolsy Download YouTube
Chapter 2: Calypso Casino Night Zone ~ Featuring Dr.
Episode 5: Sniper BrigadePolsy Download YouTube
Episode 6: Inside the Electric CircusPolsy Download YouTube
Episode 7: A Series of Unfortunate Hostage SituationsPolsy Download YouTube
Chapter 3: Obligatory Oriental-Themed Gamble House
Episode 8: Exclusive Gone Horribly WrongPolsy Download YouTube
Episode 9: BottlePolsy Download YouTube
Chapter 4: Vertigo
Episode 10: Microwave BorfPolsy Download YouTube
Chapter 5: Dante Must Die Mode
Episode 11: Depressing Construction Site Trainwreck BluesPolsy Download YouTube
Episode 12: Air Marshall Logan KellerPolsy Download YouTube
Chapter 6: Dam it All to Hell
Episode 13: The Dam PanicPolsy Download YouTube
Episode 14: The RevealPolsy Download YouTube
Episode 15: The TwistPolsy Download YouTube

Bonus Content

You didn't honestly expect a R6V thread without Terrorist Hunt, right?
I'll probably do one of these levels. We'll probably save this for R6V2 when co-op becomes an option that isn't a total bitch to set-up.
There'll also be a few outtakes and other bonus-ey stuff so yep that's a thing alright.
Trip 1: Border Town Returns feat. Subby Subtitles Wahlberg
Trip 2: Seriously? A library? feat. Slightly Less Obscure Music

Incap count so far:

Kinfolk910 posted:

Jung Total incaps: 13 + 0 = 13
Michael Total incaps: 10 + 2 = 12


As of Episode 2, it'll be up to all the goons and goonettes to help decide what guns to bring in to the following mission. There will be one or two exceptions to this, but otherwise we'll be using that neat little catalog (in the OP) to choose from.

BrightRoar posted:

I don't really know much about the guns (even after looking at the chart) so I probably just pick a couple of random ones. Also, how many weapons are we allowed to pick per level?
You get two main weapons (SMGs, Rifles, Shotguns, etc.) with one sidearm (pistol) and two equipment slots (ie: grenades). Most guns are capable of having modifications such as high-capacity magazines, scopes, etc.

The accompanying images were found here. I'd give credit in name form, but there is none

Note: This list only covers up to Episode 9 because that's basically when people stopped suggesting guns. Use the guide link just above this to find out the rest.

Sub-machine Guns

Used in: Episode 1
A fairly all-rounder SMG. No real downsides, but no huge rewards for using anything but full automatic fire. Accuracy is pretty good as long as you're using a scope. I guess a lot of people have some sort of attachment to this gun from the good ol' CS1.6 days.

Used in: Episode 2
Low damage, low range. It's very accurate in short-range situations, but any further than 20 meters and you won't be hitting the back side of a barn unless you get lucky. The damage rating sucks, but it unloads rounds pretty quickly.

Used in: Episode 6
Awesome for corridor/small room CQB situations, otherwise pretty crappy.

Used in: Episodes 7, 9
A slightly slower ROF than other SMGs, but easily the best out of all of them. It's as effective as a rifle and comes with a very interesting quirk of having a 2-shot burst instead of 3.

Light Machine Guns

Used in: Episode 3 (kinda), 6

Assault Rifles

Used in: Episode 1
This gun is a freaking enigma. The awesome stats the game gives you are lying since anything outside of close combat will treat a body shot from this like a passing breeze. If you're some kind of headshot god, then throw a ACOG scope on and go mad!

Used in: Episodes 3, 4
People called this the "noobcannon" in CS. To be honest, it's a pretty stock standard assault rifle. Tons of tangos carry these around, so it's easier to just pick one up off of a downed opponent.

Used in: Episode 5
Pretty average AR. Controlled burst fire is much harder than I make it look. Low clip size and stopping power.

Used in: Episode 7
The only difference between this and the 552 is that it has a more consistent spray. That's about it. Boring gun.

Used in: Episode 8
Fast reload, but it works better in CQB situations much like an SMG.

Used in: Episode 9
High recoil. Best thing out of Russia since Vladimir Putin and that Pajitnov tetris guy.

Sniper Rifles

Used in: Episode 5

Used in: Episode 8
My sniper rifle of choice in this game, but really any sniper here can be replaced with an AR what with the whole "no really long range combat" thing going on.


Used in: Episode 2
Yup, that sure is a shotgun. Honestly, I've never had a lot of situations where I've used this to effective lengths. I'll just let the stats do the talking. Well, the reload is kinda slow?

Used in: Episodes 3, 4
The only gun you're practically forced to use in the entire game. It is rather good though, and it works more like a shotgun actually works in terms of range and stopping power. I guess you could say it's an oversized Desert Eagle, but it's generally easy to get ammo for.


Used in: Episode 1
Not a particularly flashy piece of mechanical construction, but not downright terrible. If you're playing the PC version of the game or any version that has everything unlocked, why are you using this gun?

Used in: Episode 2
Basically a more erratic Desert Eagle. When used effectively, it's better. If you shoot like a maniac and don't control your aim, you won't hit anything. That said, what you hit is going to be hit hard.

Used in: Episodes 3, 4
Reliable, fast, but pretty average damage. With a high-cap magazine, this is one of the more effective sidearms in practice.

Used in: Episodes 6, 7
My weapon of choice. Why? Because it combines the damage and armor penetration capabilities of the Raging Bull with the fire rate similar to (but not matching) faster sidearms. You will wreck everything with this gun.

used in: Episodes 8, 9
Default burst-fire. Good for wild spraying and shotgun-like CQ shots to the sternum.

Equipment like grenades will not be listed since it's fairly straight forward as to what a frag grenade does.
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