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Part 4: Operation Angel Wire

Operation Angel Wire

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Control: An organization calling itself "The Phoenix Group" has gained control of a PetroMech drilling rig in the North Sea. They've taken the crew hostage and mined the rig. Your mission is to disarm all explosive devices and neutralize the aggressors.

Clark: Good work in the Congo. The word is Dr. Winston is completely recovered from her ordeal. Security is running a background check on her -- since she's already aware of our existance we might as well put her to use as an advisor. Given the current proliferation of weapons of mass destruction I'm afraid we may need a biohazard expert.
Be sure to read your dossier on The Phoenix Group. These guys are serious fanatics. Apparently their agenda calls for the complete destruction of modern society. They see themselves rising from the ashes to build some sort of environmentalist utopia -- hence the Phoenix bit. If they get even a hint that you're on board that rig they'll set off the bombs.

Objectives: Prevent bomb detonation; Rescue oil rig workers