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Part 5: Operation Sun Devil

Operation Sun Devil

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Control: American and Brazilian nationals have been kidnapped from a Horizon construction site in the Amazon Rainforest. They are being held nearby at the stronghold of one Ramon Calderon, a known drug trafficker. Your mission is to terminate Calderon's operation with minimum civilian losses.

Clark: Dr. Lang is the U.s. Presidential Science Advisor. She and Mr. Brightling can fill you in on the details of the Rainforest 2000 project. Basically what we've got is a drug lord who doesn't like having a government installation going up in his backyard. The U.S. and Brazilian authorities have asked us to shut him down.

Brightling: Most of the trouble has been on the construction site of The Ark. That's the centerpiece of our whole operation. The Ark is designed to be an airtight, self-contained biosphere -- the earth in miniature, as it were. If we can learn to live responsibly in an ecosystem the size of a city block, maybe we can do a better job with the rest of the planet.

Lang: John has briefed me on your previous operation. Very impressive. As you are no doubt aware, the current administration has a strong commitment to the environmental issues. Over the past four years we've launched a number of initiatives that partner corporations with conservationists to encourage earth-friendly economic development. The Rainforest 2000 Project provides incentives for companies to develop sites in the Amazon River basin. Horizon has commited millions of dollars to build several state-of-the-art research stations to hunt for new pharmaceuticals in the tremendous biological diversity of the rainforest. Now with the trouble this man Calderon has been causing, work has completely stopped. It's terribly frustrating to see an important project like this held hostage by a band of common thugs.

Objectives: Rescue workers; Kill Ramon Calderon