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Part 9: Operation Winter Hawk

Operation Winter Hawk

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Control: The ringleaders of the Phoenix Group's Idaho operation have fled to a nearby airstrip. Your mission is to intercept them before they can escape.

Clark: There's been a security breach. Someone must have tipped them off. They knew we were coming. There's no time to redeploy -- you're going to have to make do with what you've got. Good luck.

Lang: I knew this would happen. We've got a potential bloodbath on our hands. I'll manage the spin with the White House, but please, please, try not to make matters worse. Good Lord. If this gets out the press will eat us alive.

Winston: My God. I was watching the video feed. They were experimenting on people. It looks like they've taken all the samples with them. You have to stop them.

Objectives: Kill all terrorists; Prevent leader escape [for real this time].