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Part 14: Operation Lone Fox

Operation Lone Fox

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Control: Horizon computer files reveal that the Phoenix Group has targeted the closing ceremonies of the Sydney games for the virus release. The security provided for the games by Global Security has been compromised at the highest level. Your mission is to intercept a GS motorcade in Australia and bring Bill Hendrickson, their head of operations, in for interrogation.

Clark: We've got to move carefully. We don't know what triggers the release or who in GS has been compromised, If they catch even a whiff that we're on to them, they may release the virus prematurely. If that happens, we'll quarantine, but I don't consider the entire city of Sydney to be acceptable losses. Think hard about who you want in Australia. I have a feeling we'll also need a team in Brazil to deal with Anne and the Horizon crowd and there won't be time to fly people back and forth.

Winston: The closing ceremonies ... it's brilliant and monstrous at the same time. An entire stadium full of people, most of them scheduled to board international flights within twelve hours of exposure. By the time the first symptoms manifest themselves a week later, Brahma will have spread to every corner of the planet.

Objectives: Capture Hendrickson