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Part 17: Operation Mystic Tiger

Operation Mystic Tiger

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Control: John Brightling and the last remnants of the Phoenix Group have barricaded themselves in the Horizon Ark in Brazil. Your mission is to take control of the Ark, neutralizing any of the occupants who offer resistance and rescuing those who are willing to surrender.

Clark: Into the lion's den. Brightling's in there, hiding deep in some bunker. There's no telling what he might do if we try to wait him out -- kill himself, kill his followers, make an attempt to expose the Brazilian troops to the virus. The decision's come down -- we're ending this now. Good luck, and Godspeed.

Winston: According to the Horizon records, the only remaining cultures of the virus are stored at the Ark. They must be destroyed. We've got a full biohazard team standing by waiting to go through the whole complex with a fine-toothed comb once you give the all clear. I still can't believe John Brightling is behind all this. One of the reasons I went to work for Horizon was that it seemed so much more humane than other corporations. I never imagined my research would be twisted into something so horrible.

Objectives: Capture Brightling