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Part 20: Operation Stolen Flame

Operation Stolen Flame

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Control: Terrorists have seized control of an oil refinery in Amuay, Venezuela. They claim to have rigged the entire complex with explosives and are threatening to detonate them unless their demands are met. Your mission is to neutralize the terrorists.

Clark: The terrorists are demanding the end of deportation proceedings against a senior citizen named Peja Sicic. It turns out that Mr. Sicic was a high-ranking official in the Yugoslavian Ustache regime during World War II working for the bad guys. That piece of his past has just caught up with him. However, members of a neo-fascist organization called the People's Social Nationalist Party (PNSP) don't see anything wrong in what he did back in the forties. They've seized the refinery in response to the deportation hearings, and if Sicic isn't released within twenty-four hours they threaten to blow the entire facility sky-high. All the information we have on the terrorists indicates that they're neither well-organized nor well-armed. Intel's analysis is that their bombs are most likely home-made, which means that there's a chance that they could go off at any moment and take the surrounding landscape with them.

Sweeney: What we are dealing with here is a lot of bloody dangerous amateurs sitting on top of a powder keg. These lads are affiliated with the so-called People's Social Nationalist Party, which got itself booted from the far right coalition for being too extremist. Neat trick, that. They've had a number of scraps with the police, usually after seven or eight of them get together to introduce an immigrant to the finer points of a mass beating. Nothing in their profile indicates that they're well-organized or well-supported, so you can most likely expect a lot of small caliber arms. They're erratic, politically fanatical and by all accounts, not that bright. Right now, they're sticking explosives all over a few million barrels of crude oil and gasoline, and they don't seem to care if they get incinerated, so long as they get their point across.

Objectives: Neutralize all terrorists