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Part 3: Boy Meets Uma

Update 3 - Boy Meets Uma

These Grey Walls (hospital)

Last we left off, we had met everyone in our wing of the hospital. We found Sue's marble and were going to give it to her so she'll let us go in her bathroom because, uh... well I'm sure it'll make sense.

You give the Snowy Marble to Sue.

Tiny Planets

Snow world?
Can you keep a secret?
These aren't just marbles, you know...
They're little world! All of these are tiny planets...
With tiny people living inside!
That's why it's so important for me to find them all... This swirly-white marble is a snow world. It's snowing all the time here! I know that might sound boring...
But it's not!

What kinds of parties?
Snowman dance parties!
I love dancing!
Me too!

But if we went there, we wouldn't freeze. The snowmen make a magical drink that can keep a person warm!
So we could dance with them, and never get too cold!
That sounds great!
Thanks for helping me. I feel better now that they're back with me.
My name's Sue... it's nice to meet another kid around here. Oh yeah... and feel free to use our bathroom anytime you want.
If you find any more of my marbles, do you think you could bring them to me?
Of course.
Thanks so much.

As someone who loves the snow, I'd totally party with some snowmen. Though their drugs would likely give you a brainfreeze...

Also, we are definitely going to be giving all the marbles to Sue. I think the last two are optional which are damn near criminal. These scenes are some of the best in the game.

These Grey Walls (hospital)

Anyway, we can now talk to Sue about the same topics that everyone else got. One more quick ask and answer session before progressing.

What's up?
Did you make your hat? I can only make two things out of folding paper: A box and a crane.
That's still pretty good.
Heh thanks for sayin' that.
Have you been on the roof before? There are plants growing up there.
I miss my friend so much. If she was here, we'd go up there together.

If you recall, Cora said Sue was obssessed about her friend, though this is our first real show of that.

Not really. I heard that they stole food from the cafeteria. It makes me wonder...
What if that person was just hungry, and couldn't find food anywhere else?
I feel bad for them.

Interesting that she's the first person who brings that line of thinking up.


Winston's wife's been in a coma for a long time. The doctors don't know when or if she's gonna wake up...
It's really sad, you know. Sometimes I hear Winston say things to her, even though she's asleep...
He apologizes a lot, and asks, "can you hear me?"

Combine this with her wedding ring not being on... makes for some upsetting implications.


Cora's one of the older kids, so she's more brave. Don't tell her I told you this, but... Cora told me that she's been to parts of the hospital that kids aren't supposed to go to...
I think she's even seen the staff room!

What do they keep in there?
Lots of diet soda.


Danielle said she is going to make me a new toy! I haven't had a new toy in a long time, so I'm very excited.

She better, considering she's gossiping about this poor kid.

Sue's now out of things to talk about so let's see what's in this vaunted bathroom.

...Ok a bathroom just having a special boarded up room is uh, worth investigating. Sadly, we don't have anything to take down the boards. So that area is locked off for now.

First we need to mark our territory.

Then check the toliet because of course!

*sound of toliet flushing*

My real life experience tells me, dude no it was in the toliet. But my video game experience tells me, all the cool kids do it.

And that was the key the doctor was talking about. Not sure why he has the key to the bathroom, but we know where our next objective is!

Tony's bathroom has a red light instead. Probably has to do with that giant switch on the wall.

Yes, I'm going to keep doing that. No, there is no point.


As a young boy, we don't under stand the word "Not".

>Pull Lever Down

The power is now on! However, we don't know the passcode to get past the door anyway. One of the patients mentioned the receptionist desk having the code though...

The shift leader is angrily standing in our way though. She was pretty hungry though, maybe we should get her something to eat?

You received Peanut Chew Chews.

We have the vending machine's last candy item. We are now the most powerful person in the whole hospital.

You offered her a Peanut Chew Chews.

Wow...Thank-you. I haven't eaten anything all day. I guess they won't mind if I go take a short break.

Score! Time to check behind the counter.

>Upper Shelf

An assortment of books and pamphlets line the shelves. A news paper clipping is sticking out from between two of the books.
19 March (JNR) - Already strapped for resources, hospitals are unable to accomodate new patients.

>Middle Shelf

Several years worth of medical journals.

>Lower Cabinet

Folders filled with medical forms. A laminated card is clipped to the back of one of the folders. Closet 5C Passcode: 1721

Jackpot! Now to head back to the closet door and see what's inside.

Storage Area

Uhhhhhhhhhhh. We should find an adult... but we're a brave kid. Let's keep exploring.

Please begin transfer of medical supplies to the 2nd floor storage wing immediately... Someone has etched something into the edge of the bulletin board. It says:

Strange people, weird messages, no lights. Nothing bad could possibly happen from continuing to explore. Let's check the journal next to the lamp.

Someone's weathered journal. We weren't able to keep everyone alive, but we tried our best.

Ah good, we've upgraded from weird to creepy messages.

>Upper Shelf

An assortment of books and pamphlets line the shelves. A newspaper clipping is sticking out from between two of the books.
14 March (JNR) - The NSA said the number of people exposed to radiation was expected to rise. Workers in protective clothing scanned people arriving at evacuation centres for radioactive exposure.

Wait, I didn't sign up for a post-apocalyptic game.

>Middle Shelf

Several years worth of medical journals.

>Lower Cabinet.

Folders filled with medical forms. It looks like there's something beneath the folders. You found a Key: Small Cabinet

That'll be for the cabinet next to the bookshelf, and the last thing to examine in this room.

There is a laminated card laying at the bottom of the drawer: Exit 5C Passcode: 2954

With that, we can follow that strange man into the next room.

The scooby doo chase sequence will have to be put on hold until we can open the next door.

Now that the lights are on, we know that there's going to be a box puzzle. *booing is heard from the crowd*

The only interesting thing to examine is this note to the side.

Please make sure all personal materials are removed before then.

Well, lets get to box pushing.

Pulling the level unlocks the door on the other side of the room.

And here's the side area. A side area to a storage closet that we are several rooms deep, for the record.

Opening the locker reveals a lab coat and scrubs. But also...


... The hell kind of storage closet are we in?

Investigating the doors reveal we need a key card to open them. So let's check the desk.

>Folder 1
A construction contract for the rebuilding of the 3rd floor, wing 2B.

a winged 2B, huh? There's probably fan art of that out there.

>Folder 2

You received a Card Key.
Joji, remember to remove the card key when you're done this, okay? We can't just go leaving doors open... I don't wanna get in trouble again.

>Folder 3

You found 5G.

We found progress, and some money. These are now my favorite of folders.

Well, we've got only one card key, and there's two doors to the north of us. So, let's check the other one first.

The desk has bills and tax forms on them, while the locker contains our 2nd key card!

As we were reminded, we need to remove the card key to use it again. I forgot about this my first time through and spent quite a bit of time wandering the hospital trying to figure out what to do. Alcohol may have been involved

Moving on, we can now insert the two card keys in the doors on the left to check out that locker which contains...

The final card key! That was exciting wasn't it? This is the first major gameplay section kinda blows to be honest. As to be expected, rpg maker games aren't going to produce interesting gameplay unless you do something neat with turn based style fights. This game, being half visual novel, tries to still have some kinda gameplay investment for the player- with mixed results. Considering sections like these die off over the course of the game, I feel like the devs did notice this and started sticking to their strengths- for the better in my opinion.

Regardless, the scooby doo chase can now recommence.

Oh jeez, again? How much longer will we have to do this?

The boy agrees.

*A blue light begins shining on the desk*

Uhhhhhhhhhhh, we should go find that adult now.

Who are you?
Oh, I'm no one important. But if you want to call me something, you can call me Uma.

Fish Heads

Are you the one who's been stealing food from the cafeteria?
Did you take our book?
Heh. I guess you kinda caught me red handed...
Why would you steal from a hospital?
I'm hungry. Down on my luck. What do you want me to say, kid?

For now. Not much of a home, but it beats sleeping on the streets, heh.
I'm sorry you don't have a real home...
Eh, you get used to it after a while. So kid, are you hungry? I've got a bit of fish head left from last week if you'd like.

... week old fish wouldn't just smell, I'm pretty sure your gut would just explode from the contact.

... That's okay.
But thank-you.

I'm really sorry I took your book. Please... take it back and forgive me for my lapse in judgement.
It's okay...
I do weird things when I'm hungry, too.

You received Rakuen.

And I promise that as soon as I get back on my feet, I'll pay the Chef back for all the food I took. I just need some time to figure things out...
I understand.
Oh! One more thing... If I tell you a secret about this hospital, will you promise not to tell the staff that I'm here?
Okay. I promise.

Ahh giving a kid an unsolveable riddle as a secret. The oldest trick in the book. Except this one is uh, really easy.


... Well, easy to an adult I guess.

Would you believe me if I said we talked to a magical old man hobo?

Well I don't know how you got in here, but this area is off limits.
Anyways, come with me... Your Mom is here.

Tell me a Story

Will you read Rakuen to me, Mom?
Of course I will.

One Wish

At first, the Boy was very afraid.

For it has been said that Morizora would grant one wish to anyone who was able to complete his challenges.

He fought evil spirits... visited many lands...

A ride on his magical boat. The Boy was now able to sail away, finally reuniting with his tribe and all those he loved... In the beautiful world...