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Part 7: Boy Meets Backtracking

Update 7 - Boy Meets Backtracking

The Keepers

Our young lad was given a quest to save the forest, and awaken Morizora- which should grant him a wish of his choosing. A quite important day...

That will not really be furthered today. It's going to be a shorter update in terms of progress. The good stuff will be up first, then some backtracking for those that want to see what was behind all those places we couldn't visit earlier.

First on our list, let's see if the Oracles have anything good to tell us.

Seek out those who need your help. In return, they will teach you what you seek to learn. I can tell that you've been through a lot, young one.

Eh, not really. Still, there are a few interesting things here. You can investigate all the spots now to let you know exactly who you need to seek out, and what their main issue is.

First up, we've already seen Winston.

The one above Winston is...

It figures... When I want visitors no one shows up...

Old man Tony.

Going counter-clockwise from him.

I just want to make sure I say the things I need to say before it's too late.


I miss my friend so much. If she was here, we'd go up there together.


And finally...

Eh? It didn't show us who needed help. Well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Regardless, the dialogue shown here was the exact same from when we talked to them in the hospital. So there was nothing surprising for us, but if you missed them or didn't catch what they were upset about, the game catches you up here.

Since we've been to Morizora's Chamber, our mom's dialogue has updated for us!

My coworkers are so stern... I saw a giant rainbow from the 5th floor and no one else was excited!

I know that you think math is boring, but if you look at math problems as puzzles, it becomes more fun. When I was a little girl, I used to do this and suddenly math homework became like a game!

We are now done with the caves and need to head back to the village. If you recall, Jacky said he'd get us a tool to help us explore.

Welcome to the Forest

Jeez Jacky! We remembered! We're heading there now.

Oh hey you guys! Thanks again for helping me get my tools back! My shop isn't fully functional yet, but if you bring me the right materials I can make you an axe of your own!

Jacky, what the hell? We have to go on a fetch quest to get this axe? You're quickly dropping down my favorite leeble list!

I'm sure you can find those things in the area just southeast of the village!

Southeast, being where that protective sign was.

Well, since we "met" Morizora, there should be some new dialogue around town. Let's start with the Chief.

If you're gonna be around, you should come to our big Star Night celebration!
What's Star Night?
Star Night is our village's biggest yearly festival. We celebrate the unity of the village, and the Blue Star whose light guided the first Leebles to Morizora's Forest. But this year it's gonna be tough to get everything organized in time due to the big storm we had last week. You might want to ask around and see if any of the villagers need help.

Alright, I guess we can check around town. Let's start with Cora.

>What's up?

I love having my own art store, it allows me to be creative for a living!

>You looked stressed out?

Don't get me wrong, I love making paper lanterns for the Star Night festival... It's just that I am running behind and I'm afraid I won't finish them in time. Do you think you could help gather materials for me to make lanterns? I need 5 reeds for the paper, and 6 fireflies for the light.

While I'm not a fan of fetch quests... This and the other one we're going to get isn't bad because the items you need are on the same path anyway. So yeah, we'll help.

Oh that's wonderful, thank-you so much!

Catching the fireflies might be a bit tricky... I usually get a jar from Panky's assistant to catch them with. This is going to be the best and most beautiful Star Night ever!

Let's check in with Panky's assistants then, they were down south hiding away from work.

My friend went back to Panky's shop. I figure Panky's gonna come looking for me soon, but I have a bit more time... I know he can't leave until the afternoon bread is out of the oven, heh heh.

Good thinking! Be productive in your laziness. A good lesson for everyone.

Since the assistant is back in the hut, let's go check on her.

Because of Star Night, we don't have a whole lot right now... but I think we might still have some Royal Jelly...
Ooh, I'd like a jar!

You received a Jelly Jar.

Are we just going to keep the fireflies with the jelly? We aren't gonna eat the jelly?

Panky, how are things going?

I'm the village chef, which means I'm responsible for all the Star Night food.

... All of it? Jeez, getting to be the chef has to be the short stick in this world.

I have to prepare pancakes for the pancake eating contest... Bake another 10 pies... Collect Sila Berries for the Sila Berry Juice... Hey! If you could bring me 40 Sila Berries life would be SO MUCH EASIER! Whaddya say... help a feelow out?

We've already got 15 Berries. You get 5 per bush picked and there are plenty across the game world. Again, this one is easy and on the way, so yeah we'll help.

Thanks buddy! You can find Sila Berry bushes scattered around the forest. I need 40 of 'em.

We check in with Danielle... who sadly has nothing for us. Time to head back to the sign and get those items for the axe.

You don't have to worry about us anymore!
And why is that?
We just went through Morizora's Cave.
We even got the Blacksmith's tools back for him after they were stolen by angry spirits!
Oh really? Well why didn't you say so! I guess you two can handle yourselves after all. You're free to pass. But be careful!

Morizora's Cave

It's nice that you can tell this is deeper in the forest. The light doesn't penetrate all that well, the atmosphere here is quieter and feels less lived in. The sticks and stone on the ground are part of what we need to make the axe. We need 5 sticks and 3 stones, and we have one of each so let's keep exploring.

We can also pick up some berries and those blue lights are fireflies. Already doing some work on quests we just got!

Well let me tell you... it's NOT TRUE! Sure I might have a few cousins who only shower once a month, andf their trash cans are overflowing with fast food wrappers... But they're the exception! For the most part, we smell rather nice!

Onions don't make people cry because they smell nice. We collect the two sticks and piece of stone before talking to the minimori.

Do you know what the numbers stand for? It's the order in which we came into this world. I have cousins all over the Forest, and they're all very interesting. Cousin 12 for example, is going to school to become a doctor. Cousin 3 is a Food Fortune Teller.
What is that?
It means she can tell your fortune based on what kind of food you like! I like beans.

Oh, then maybe the onion was right and he smells perfectly fine. I do like that it's explained why they have numbers after their name. I guess we just got lucky that the ones in the cave happened to be standing in the appropriate place to help solve the puzzle.

We get our final piece of stone, and fourth stick. Berry count is at 25 too!

What do YOU want?

Uh just wanted to know what's up, but this smug onion over here wants nothing to do with us!

We collect our final stick piece with one left as spare. There're two chests up on that cliff, but that rock is preventing us from getting there. There is a bud next to that chest however.

They get crazy! But you know what's really crazy? Being a slave to your possessions.

Didn't expect to get a lecture on capitalism from this game of all things.

You know? You know what I'm saying? It's overwhelming. That's why I decided to get rid of all my stuff. Except for my garden. I love my garden. It brings me joy. So if you're thinking, "It feels bad taking what's in that guy's box, he's standing right there"... Don't feel bad! I don't even need it anymore! You know, it's tough at first; letting go of your possessions. But once you do, it's sweet, sweet freedom.

Okay... just gonna... open the chest now.


I absolutely adore that this bud is only here to make you feel ok about opening a chest.

There's a leeble hiding down here in the corner.

Ah, a gatekeeper. Well we've got all the items needed to make an axe. There's no more people to talk to, so let's head back to Jacky.

Welcome to the Forest

One moment please...

Fade to black amid clinking noises

I hope you enjoy your new axe!

You received an axe!

Wow, mom you're just gonna let us tote that around? We could kill a man!

It works great on bamboo and other types of wood. In fact... Why don't you go test it out on that door up there! Chop it down! Feel free to take what you find inside.
Why do you have a boarded up door in your hut?
Why not?

Jacky's uh eccentricities aside, we now have the axe! All those bamboo you saw preventing our path? Can't stop the axe! The boarded up doors in the hospital? May as well be made of paper! While some of these things prevent story progress, others have some secrets or chests behind them. You need to find as much as you can if you want to get enough money to buy certain items later on.

The boarded up door reveals a chest containing...

You found a Cat's Eye Marble.

Marble acquired.

Alright, the rest of the update is going to be us going through all the bamboo/boarded doors to show what's behind them. There's a neat thing or two behind them but, if you just want story, the update is done in that regards.

The moment we leave Jacky's hut, there's already a bamboo spot here! We'll just quickly try and grab that.

Noice. There's more bamboo over by Danielle's hut.

Heading back into the caves, there were several spots that had bamboo on them.

Morizora's Cave

This chest is next to the RPS group, and under the Truffulos.

Speaking of the RPS group... while we are in the neighborhood.

I guess you've totally earned access to The Store.
The Store......
Only members of the RPS, and dudes that the RPS deem worthy are allowed to buy items from... The Store...
It's our way of saying thank-you for your help little dude, and super rad mom. Unfortunately, we're not quite open yet. Why don't you come back in a while and we'll totally hook you up.

Exciting! Sadly, it's going to be a while before The Store opens up. So don't expect it for a while.

In the room before the Pig, there was some bamboo in the way.

Not anymore!

A frog?

I caught a frog!
Maybe we could take it back to the hospital... I bet it would make a great pet for the people on my floor!

A frog named Glenn, huh? That doesn't trigger any of my memories, but maybe I will remember in time.

This did open up something that will be explained more later. For now, we will continue hunting for secrets. Our next find takes us to the area right before the Envoy, where Sue was.

Some nice stuff to find! Money is needed for optional things in the future, though there is one more story reason for it.

That's it for the caves! We won't be going back in there for a long time. Back in the southeast, where we got the parts to make the axe, there was one chest hiding behind bamboo.

Before we head back to the hospital, there are some reeds where Panky's assistants are loafing around.

Two of five reeds for that quest down.

Storage Area

Back in the hospital, Uma had a boarded up door that we can traverse through now.

Marble acquired.

I believe this marble is technically optional, since you aren't required to get back here. Though what Uma was doing with the marble, is a good question.

Heading deeper into the storage room, more boarded up doors await us.

With that, our backtracking is complete! Next time, we'll get started on our quest to arouse the sleeping Morizora.