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Part 8: Boy Meets Towel Cape Heroes

Update 8 - Boy Meets Towel Cape Heroes

These Grey Walls (hospital)

Thanks to our new found axe we were able to find: a pet frog, a marble, and a lot of cash. Now, it's time to set things up to find our first part of the song.

Immediately upon leaving the room, we see Winston talking to the doctor.

I'm very sorry bout this, Winston.
I just can't believe someone would do something like this. Stealing a wedding band from a comatose woman...
These are indeed desperate times. We will do all we can to try and find out who stole this from her.
Thank-you for your help, Doctor. I understand how busy everyone must be right now, so this means a lot.
Of course.
And if you could spare some extra blankets, it would be very appreciated... I know they've boarded up the hole inside the bathroom wall, but there is still a very chilling wind coming through.
I'm very sorry about that, Winston. We'll send over some supplies.
I'll come by later to check on Gemma. In the meantime, please take care.

Thanks to eavesdropping, we know that Winston's wife's name is Gemma, that her wedding band was in fact stolen, and that we have a place to use our axe! Who says listening in on other people's conversations is rude?

Before we head to Sue's room though, the vending machine has restocked with some coffee! As we know, there was one particularly cantankerous man looking for some coffee.

You received Hot Coffee.

Get out!
Wait... is that coffee for me?
Oh... well then... um...

We can now talk to Tony!

>What is your job?

My job? Are you serious?
I'm a retired pilot. I used to run a business selling airplane parts. I even built my own plane.
I haven't been up in ages though...

>What is your favorite food?

I hate everything now. Nothing tastes good anymore.
But I used to like crabcakes. With real chunks of crab, not that fake stuff.

>Can I help you somehow?

Help me? Kid, I don't think anyone can "help" me right now.
Hah. You're not gonna leave until I give you something to do, eh?
Okay then. You see that broken music box over there? You look like a budding engineer. See if you can fix it for me.
That outta keep the kid occupied long enough...

While it's clear Tony just wants us out of his face, he was earlier threatening to break our hands if we touched the music box. So he's at least trusting us a little bit.

Upon leaving, we can see that Cora has moved from her position. That's because she's over here now.

>What are you guys doing?

Oh hey!
You moved!
Yeah, some friends and I are working together to do something special for the people on our floor here in the hospital!
We call ourselves, the Towel Cape Heroes... and we're on a mission!
A mission?
Well, you know how the old patient lounge got destroyed?
Not sure if you've heard, but...
... They've finally finished rebuilding it!
Oh that's great news!
Of course, it's pretty empty right now, so we're looking for donations so we can fill it with fun stuff.
You can help us out by buying items from me, or the two guys standing next to me. They're pretty cool.

Since we bought the coffee, money is no longer required for the story! As such, all money gained is now free to be bought on optional items to fill the patient lounge with. You don't have to do this, and finding every item on a first go can be difficult, but it's cute as hell- so of course we're doing it!

Here's the list of items we can buy. I pick up the Bookshelf and Trees from Cora for now, but decide to save money for the future.

And here's the lounge. Completely barebones. Don't worry, we're gonna make this place adorable.

Here's the lounge with all the items we've collected so far. Items collected from here on out NOT for the story, are for the patient lounge.

Let's head down to Sue's room to talk to Winston and, of course, Sue.

I'm sorry about all of this...
Poor Winston...
What is it, Mom?
While we're here...
Do you think Sue might like the Cat's Eye Marble we got from Jacky?
Good idea, Mom!
I think she would!

We are on the same wavelength mom. We've actually got two marbles to give, so let's hop over to her.

Oh hey, you came back...
It's good to see you again.
Didja hear? Somebody stole Gemma's wedding ring!
Oh, Gemma is Winston's wife. I share a room with her.
Isn't that awful though?
I mean who would steal something like that from a woman in a coma?
I'm beginning to think the thief isn't a very nice person after all.

We only know of one thief... did Uma take the ring!? That's a big blow to his character if so.

You brought me something?
It isn't much, but I remember that you collect marbles...

You give the Cat's Eye Marble to Sue.

Tiny Planets

Cat planet?
Ohhh I really really missed this one!
It really looks like a cat's eye, doesn't it? That's because this planet has LOTS of cats. But here's the surprising part...
It has a lot of DOGS, too!
There's dogs living there, too?
Oh yes.
People are always saying that cats and dogs can't get along.
But that's just not true.
People always think that if you're different, then it means you're bad.
And then they treat you differently.

But Cat Planet is different. The cats and dogs get along just fine.

The cats and dogs make the food together?
It's really good, too. They have pink donuts and coconut bread!
I love coconut bread!
... Hey, can I ask you something?
Why do you keep snooping around our bathroom?
Is there something cool in there?
Can you keep a secret?
I won't tell anyone!
I think there might be a door down there... a special door.
Where does it lead?
To a place called Morizora's Forest.
I'm trying to wake up the Guardian of the Forest, so he'll grant me a wish!
So you have secret worlds too!
I do.

So you might not be able to look around for your door...
Here, give her one of these...

Sue gave you Peanut Chew Chews.

Thanks, Sue! She loves these...
Good luck!

Thanks to Sue, we can get the Shift Leader away from that blocked up room. But we still have another marble to give.

You give the Amber Marble to Sue.

... Teahouse?
Yes that's right!

Inside the tree, there's a room where flower-creatures serve you the most delicious tea ever...
But that's not even the craziest part!
The tea room...
You can walk on the ceiling! You even drink tea upside-down, and it doesn't fall out of the cup!
One of my favorite things to do is drink tea with a good friend.

Sometimes she didn't have enough food so I would share my lunches with her.
But we always had a good time.

God these scenes are so freakin adorable. While the Cat's eye scene was mandatory, the Amber scene was not.

Now, while we could go in to the bathroom and advance some story... There was also a boarded up door in Kisuboro's room too. Let's see if we can sequence break.

Oh, there's a doctor standing right in front of it.

We're trying our best to patch things up after what happened, but we don't have the best materials right now... As you can tell, there's still a cold breeze coming through the boards behind me. If the patient in this room would stop trying to sneak into the area behind here, maybe we could get this wall fixed... He keeps taking construction supplies to go digging in the mud outside. I think he's looking for buried treasure.

Hmm, sadly this doctor prevents us from going through here. Though we did get a bit more information on Kisaboro for later, as he is one of our "targets".

Anyway, let's head to Sue's bathroom and check if there really is a door in there.

Nurses are in charge of wall repair now?

Man, they weren't kidding... this draft is chilly!

Lets offer her the candy bar.

Oh man, you don't know how badly I was craving one of these! I LOVE Peanut Chew Chews! I guess I can go take a fiver to eat this. I need to regain my energy if I'm gonna be doing construction work. Thanks a lot, kid.

With her out of the way, let's chop this barricade down and see what's behind it.


Ooooh what a pretty ring!

Oops, time for me to run!


And so we follow after Uma...