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Part 9: Winston Meets Boy

Update 9 - Winston Meets Boy

Morizora's Cave

Get out of our crops!

I'm just looking for something I lost! I'll go where I want!

Can you believe that Tony?
My poor turnips...
He's destroying my garden!! Someone needs to talk to that bear. He has such a bad attitude.
This is the 3rd time this week... I'm starting to get worried.
I'd volunteer to talk to him, but Winston up there won't make us a boat to go to Tony's island.
Hey, you guys are new around here... Maybe Winston would be willing to help you out!
Yeah! Will you talk to him for us? Ask him to make a boat!
You don't know Winston?

Please talk to him for us! It's a matter of life and death! Well... live and dead turnips anyway...
Okay, okay!

Sheesh, we just got here and have already been bombarded with dialogue! And, thanks to Tony's rampage, we lost track of Uma! I guess... we should go meet Winston.

Excuse me, are you Winston?

I haven't seen you around Morizora's Forest before, did you just move in?
No, we're just visitors.
Ah, I see.

>Can you make us a boat?

I'm sorry, but I no longer make boats.
But we want to help you!
If you build us a boat, we can sailt to that island and try to talk some sense into that bear!
You mean Tony?
You are indeed very brave. And he has been quite troublesome as of late.
But I'm sorry... I just can't...

Well, maybe asking other questions will make him come around.

>Who is Tony?

Tony is a notoriously ill tempered bear who lives alone on that island. From time to time he'll get really angry and rampage through the village. But to tell you the truth...
Deep down I don't think he's actually a cruel bear.

>Why do you live here?

My wife, Gemma, has fallen into a coma and has been that way for quite some time. She is currently inside the tent.
For the most part, I feel that this area is a bit more peaceful than the bustling village to the west. And I want her to be as comfortable as possible.

And that's all from Winston. We'll have to find another way to convince him. First, there were some reeds and fireflies down where Tony fled. So we pick those up, then head into Winston's tent.

Fish Heads

Ah, so we meet again.
Why are you stealing again?
I kept my promise, I didn't tell anyone you were staying in the hospital...
But then you go and steal a lady's wedding ring who's in a coma!
What is wrong with you!?
You don't understand...

What are you talking about? Why are you making things up?
No, she really did ask me to bring her wedding ring. And I think she might need your help opening that box over there. Not so you can keep what's inside, mind you... but for Winston.
You're not fooling me again, Uma!
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a wedding ring to deliver. Toodles!

I can't believe Uma really did steal the ring, and also that he now just talks like a villian. We'll need to chase after him and get that ring back, but let's check around the hut first.


My dearest Gemma, I searched for days and was finally able to retrieve your ring... Perhaps once you regain conciousness, you can decide for yourself whether or not you still want to wear it. I also managed to find your box of belongings. I would have opened it and maintained its contents, though I have not found its key.

I am so very sorry...

We probably shouldn't have looked at something so personal... Still, not all was right in paradise it seems.

Now let's go get the ring back from Uma!

Gemma and the River

... Holy crap, Gemma's portrait is the cutest damn thing!

Is somebody there?
Why can't anybody hear me?

Storage Area

We are given 3 seconds to make it to the phone.

...We don't make it.

Let's check the voicemail.

Please enter your password to listen to your messages.
Hm... I have no idea what the password is yet. Guessing would take forever...

Here's the room we are working with. Let's check with that letter and see what it says.


Oh...kay. We are back to the creepy messages again. The locker is rusted shut, the cabinet is locked, and all doors except one are locked/blocked.

This is similar to Tony's bathroom, but the switch is bigger and there are test tubes on the counter.

We pick one up for safe keeping.


>Pull Lever 1

1 is ON

>Pull Lever 2

2 is ON

>Pull Lever 3

Let's go see if that changed anything.

The two boxes in the room are gone. One was blocking the door in the upper right, and the other that hole on the left side. We'll check out the hole first.

My home is underwater

We're immediately plunged into some kind of sewer or basement filled with water. We've got 30 seconds to make it to the switch and lower the water lever. You are given plenty of time to do this.

Easily done and we make our way back to where we fell, which had a door.


...And it's gone. Unsettling, but we don't have to worry about it anymore.

Heading through the door...

Puts us back in this room... Not sure what that did, exactly.

Well, the box guarding the other door has been moved, so lets see whats in there.

A patient? They don't respond to us, so we just keep walking past them.

Oh hey a letter! Let's go check that out.


Wow, that message was way too personal for us to read! Scandalous even! Let's just head north and see wha-

That did actually freak me a bit out when recording this, despite the fact that I knew it was there. This section actually nails creepy atmosphere really well. You have very little light around you, the music is foreboding, the ambient noises are: footsteps, faint squeaks, and the clock ticking. The Envoy showing up in the corners just to watch really add to that.

... That said, this is probably the lowest point of the game for me. The hospital section before Uma was where I kinda ranted about the gameplay, and this part is that but MUCH longer and filled with more busy work. I absolutely get what they are trying to do with this section, but in comparison to later parts, it could have been handled better. I feel like the devs would agree with me, and we'll get to that later.

Enough ranting, let's head through the door the Envoy was guarding.

The locker is rusted shut, so we can't open it. The sink won't turn on, however...

Sadly, we lack something to take it off. The clipboard on the counter is the only other thing examinable in this room.

At least the creepy message isn't cryptic this time. We head back into the hallway and check the other path.

Still dealing with rust after the flooding? Simply mix together Hydrogen Peroxide and Cream of Tartar to create a solution to remove rust from metallic objects!

Considering all the rusted lockers, we definitely need this. Checking out the cabinet next to this sign yields...

That's just what we needed for the sink.

>Upper Shelf

This shelf contains a variety of different language books.

>Middle Shelf

There are an assortment of workbooks: "Daily Grammar," "Hangul Practice," and "Basic Korean Phrases."

It seems that someone has placed a key between two of the books. You found a Small Cabinet Key.

The cabinet on the bookshelf is not the one we have the key for, so we'll have to come back later.

There's nothing else we can do here. The shining light can't be reached just yet, so let's go back and use the items we've gained and see what they unlock.

You found a Bookshelf Cabinet Key.

Let's turn around and use that on the locked bookshelf cabinet...

And we've got one of the two items we need! We still need to use the small cabinet key, so let's head back to the main room.

There's item number two. It's a bit confusing about what to do, but we need to head back (yet again) to the bookshelf room to mix these two ingredients.

We can now use this to open all of the rusted lockers and check inside.

We found the Bucket!!! This item is going to unlock a bunch of new things for us.

All those filled sinks? Just me planning ahead. With this, we can go grab a small key that was inside a hole in the bookshelf room.

When it says, wooden gate key, it means the gate in the main room. It's the only gate here mind you, but it doesn't look wooden to me. So that can be a bit confusing.

Before we head through that gate, we need to use the solution on the other rusted locker.

A lot of red words that we still have no way of parsing just yet. With that locker open, we can open the gate and check out the rest of this floor.

As soon as we just taste freedom, the phone rings again.

Moving as fast as we can... is still not fast enough. I missed the phone by maybe a couple frames, so it's definitely designed for you to intentionally miss it.

We can't do anything about the phone right now. We need to head back into the hallways.

At least this message is understandable, even if its not the best grammar. But hey, someone was trying to learn proper grammar based on those books we found

The messages are now written in blood on the walls, and theres an Envoy watching behind those bars. I'd say we shouldn't be here, but uh we just kinda woke up in this place.

>Page 1 (torn)
15 March (APN) - Though search parties continue amidst the wreckage, officials say that they will have a difficult time navigating the more severly---

>Page 2
19 March (JNR) - Already strapped for resources, hospitals are unable to accomodate new patients.

>Page 3
--for reporting and inquiring about missing persons: 022-221-2000

Hmm, we've seen the second newspaper before, but the others are starting to help put it into perspective.

>1st Box
A postcard from Busan, Korea and a small piece of paper labelled JR East Pass - Limited Express. "Recommended for travel to Aomori, Sendai, and Niigata."

>2nd Box
A torn document detailing a student exchange program sponsored by the Korean government. Requirements for Application - Korean students studying abroad in Japan will be given a monthly stipend, and assistance with relocation costs---

There seems to be a lot about Korea on this floor. Interesting...

I'm just glad the messages make sense now.

This time, the phone rings and we are right next to it!

So the password is a day.

A day she was clearly looking forward to meeting someone on.

>Upper Shelf

Time: 14:46:23; Height: 40.5m; People: 11,450

>Middle Shelf

2 July (KR) - There are 20,000 Korean students in Japan, and the number is increasing. And while tensions between Japan and Korea are unlikely to disappear completely, we hope the two nations will continue to move towards friendship through such programs as the student exchange.

The bottom cabinet is empty. We pull the switch on the wall and are able to hear a door open. Let's go find out which door that was!

Oh goodie! The door with the Envoy on the other side! Glad we just... let it out.

When we try to go through the newly opened door, the phone rings again! We are way too far away to answer it in 4 seconds, so it's best to not even try.

MORE *clap emoji* CRYPTIC *clap emoji* MESSAGES *clap emoji*

The cryptic messages finally have a point, as they are now all written on the wall, and can be deciphered with a little rearranging of letters to read:


This message appears, I assume in case you just weren't paying attention. Which is totally fair as I'm only half focusing at this point, because this section is kind of a slog!

The password, in it's full Americanized date glory!

>1st Message

Gemma, where are you? We've been trying to get in touch with you all week. Haven't you been watching the news? I think you should come home, just to be safe. Anyways, please call me back. I'm really worried about you.

>2nd Message

Gemma, have you lost your mind? Please, I know what you're doing, and I understand... But it's not safe to go there right now, you know this! ... Call me back, okay? Please.

>3rd Message

Please bring Gemma to the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Room this morning and we can get started with her first session. The Monoplace Chamber has an air mask that will meed to be set to 21%. This is a very important step in preventing oxygen toxicity. Dr. Yoshida and the team will be there to facilitate.

Well it took exploring the whole floor, but we finally got some interesting information about Gemma!

Seeing that last message opens up the last room we need to go in.

Before we touch the mask, there's a journal on the counter that says something interesting.

And by interesting, I mean I don't know what it's referring to. That third lever in the bathroom we pulled was what I assumed it was talking about on my first time playing. But for this playthrough, I didn't pull the lever until after I saw this message. I legitimately, do not know what this message means or what that lever does.

The clipboard next to the bed has a bit to say before we end things here.

To move on to the interesting parts, we just need to put in the oxygen level.

And we can leave this miserable place! Next time will be a lot better- I promise.