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Part 12: Boy Meets Korshals

Update 12 - Boy Meets Korshals

Morizora's Cave

Now that we've completed Winston's arc, we need to do a few things before we can start the next part.

First up, our mom (oh hey remember her) has some more dialogue.

Are you getting hungry? I brought back sandwiches from the cafeteria if you need a snack.

Do you remember the neighbor's cat? How it had 7 toes? I saw another one of those "polydactyl" cats in the halls!

How many cats with abnormal toes are just running around that they become almost mundane!?

Next on our agenda, we need to talk to Winston so he can build us that boat!

>Can you build us a boat?

Sure thing! You'll be my first customer in ages!

Now when you say customer...

Bring me 10 pieces of bamboo, and a sail and I'll get right to work! Danielle the Seamstress will sew a sail for you if you give her this pattern.

You received a Sail Pattern.

We actually already have the bamboo, you get some from every time you chop one of those bamboo groves. So all we gotta do is talk to Danielle and get the sail. I'm a-ok with this fetch quest because Danielle's portraits are the best thing.

This bamboo grove was preventing us from getting over here through the village before. Take care of this and...

Welcome to the Forest

We're back baby! We no longer have to go through Sue's bathroom to get over to Winston's hut. As well, we can just head through Sue's bathroom to get back to the village.

Heading over to Danielle's hut...

>Can you make me a sail?

Wait... is that a sail pattern from Winston?
Does that mean he's decided to start building boats again?
I think so!
Well that's certainly good news! Anyway, I can make you a sail, but you gotta bring me the materials. Tell ya what, get me 3 sheets of Korshal Wool from the Sky Ranch and I'll do it.
Sky Ranch?

You look like you've never been there before.
I haven't.
Hah! Okay kid, here's what you gotta do: Just find a really tall Emerald Beanstalk and that should get you there. They usually grow at the top of the village where the cliffs meet the horizon. Only problem is that the storm probably knocked most of them over, so the villagers have been planting new ones. Those might take a while to grow.

Gosh I love Danielle's portraits so much. We've got an objective, but it's not all that clear how we are going to get there. Especially if the beanstalks haven't grown yet.

Sure enough, the beanstalk still hasn't grown. Maybe the leeble can help us?

One day I'd like to join the Leeble Protection Agency... Don't tell anyone this but... I think I'm really close to figuring out where their secret hideout i!

That... didn't help. But I do remember our last conversation being about alternate universe trickery...

Hmm, I wonder where else we've seen these plants.

We head back to the hospital to see if there's anything we can do over there to aleviate our situation.

Sure enough, there's a plant over in the corner of Sue's room.

Jeez that miracle grow kicks in quick!

While we're here, it'd be a bit rude to not see what Winston has to say.

I thought that her ring was gone, I really did...
But I came back to the room and noticed that it's on her finger!
This is amazing...
And a great relief!

Winston is, of course, relieved that he got his wife's wedding ring back. But there's another layer to it. For that, we need to talk to Sue.

Didja hear? Winston found Gemma's wedding ring!
Turns out it was on her finger this whole time!
The weird thing is that she never had it on before. Winston kept it in a box for her near her bed.
Winston was so relieved!

Gemma didn't have her ring on to begin with, and the last we knew of it, leeble Gemma had it. Now, the real Gemma doesn't just have it, but she's wearing it.

Sue has more to say if we ask her about Winston.

Winston's much happier now... It seems like he has more hope that Gemma's gonna get better.
It's tough to say what will happen; I hear the doctors talk... but I never understand what they're saying.
But I really think that she can hear him. I don't know why, but I can just feel it.

Don't worry Sue, she can.

Like Sue and Winston, there's one other person who has some new dialogue for us to hear.

But first, there's a new person standing outside of Kisaboro's room.

Well, you know how it goes... He has good days and bad days.
I know what you mean.

Kisaboro's wife, huh? That will probably come into play later when we need to help him out.

Anyway, Danielle has new dialogue in regards to Winston and Gemma.

Yeah... I heard Gemma's wedding ring was stolen, but then it appeared again on her finger! What kind of thief is this anyway? Maybe the person who took the ring and returned it later was different from the person who stole the food. Maybe the person who took the food was really just a smart raccoon!
A raccoon that clearly outsmarted Panky...
Heh heh.

Asking her about Winston leads her to tell us something we already know.

I heard that Winston moved from Korea to Japan to be with Gemma... Unfortunately, I don't think either of their parents approved of the marriage... Winston's parents didn't want him marrying a Japanese girl; Gemma's parents didnt want her marrying a Korean boy... So they ended up running away together!

It's good to get confirmation of the whole story... even if it was pretty obvious.

There's one more plant we need to water, and it's in our room!

Thank goodness for miracle-grow. Now we can head back to the beanstalk and see if it changed.

I'd call that a success.

I know you're not gonna believe me, but... I went to grab a bite to eat from Panky's Bakery, and when I got back, this beanstalk had COMPLETELY GROWN UP!! I'm so happy we can go to Skylands again! I really need some more Korshal Wool, my shirts are falling apart from all the weight lifting I've been doing.

Well it also looks like your shirts are peasant garbs. You're a fantasy creature! Surely you can get some nicer clothes.

Its time to check out the Skylands, will it live up to the hype? YES!!

Welcome to the Skylands

You clicked the music link right? You better have clicked it.

First things first, we pick up the sticks and berries around here. We take as much time as possible to do these tasks, not at all to extend the amount of time we listen to this theme.

We can talk to the sheep, but all they do is baah. Instead, let's talk to the leeble up here.

>How are you?

It's a lovely day at Sky Ranch! Quite a change of pace from last week, that storm almost blew me off the island!

Living on a sky island is a staple in fantasy genres, but uh yeah that whole "whoops the wind's a bit too strong" can be a bit of a problem on the ground, much less when you're a couple miles in the air.

>Korshal Wool?

So you're looking for Korshal Wool, eh? You've come to the right place! Normally I would charge... but it's not every day you get to meet giants from across the sea! 3 sheets of Korshal Wool... On the house!

You received 3 sheets of Korshal Wool.

Have a nice day now!

>Are there any other beanstalks?

Oh yeah, a whole bunch of 'em! We're connected by beanstalk. Unfortunately, the big storm blew over most of the beanstalks I hear... so folks have been having a hard time getting up here. The villagers started planting new ones though, so we should be back to usual as soon as they grow back.

Speaking of reasons why living on a sky island would be a bad idea, look at this!

One rickety bridge to connect your islands? Why the hell would you live here?

... Then again, if that music plays naturally... I could get used to just wearing iron boots around.

We cross the bridge to see more berry bushes and sticks. We have enough berries for Panky, but we'll take care of that another time. Let's see what's in the hut.

He's a shop for the patient lounge. All patient lounge items only need to be bought once. It's good to get this guy's stuff now as this place can easily be forgotten later on.

That's it for this area of Skylands. There's more to discover, but we are gated off right now from going to the other spots. So let's head on back down to the Forest.

Welcome to the Forest

We've got the wool for Danielle, so we just need her to make our sail!

You received a Sail.

With the sail in tow, we can ask Winston to make our boat.

One moment please...

*fade to black as clinking can be heard*

Here's your new boat!

Nice. Didn't expect us to do some coastal raiding too.

Next time, we'll see what makes Tony so grumpy.