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Part 13: Tony's Forgotten Memory

Update 13 - Tony's Forgotten Memory

Morizora's Cave

Tony's been a grumpy bear in real life and in the Forest. Today, we are going to try and turn his frown upside down!

Here's Tony's sprite in full view. For being so grumpy, his sprite sure is adorable

*screen shaking* GET OUTTA HERE!!
Now you wait just a second, Mr. Bear.
That's no way to talk to a couple of nice people who just came to visit you.
Wait... You came to visit... me?
Yes, of course! We heard that you could use some visitors.
Oh... um... thank-you..

I just want to point out that our mom got in the way of a roaring bear and sassed it until it apologized.

Our mom is the best!

But I'm busy! I gotta find something I've lost. So you should probably get outta here.
What are you looking for?
That's none of your beeswax, kid!
Perhaps if you told us, we could help you find it!
...You'd really help me?
Of course!
Oh... Wow... well... I guess if you want to help me, that would be...

*screen shaking* But you'd better not laugh at what I'm looking for!
We would never do that.
Okay... I lost a music box. If you could help me find it, I'd be very grateful.
You mean this one?

Had we not gotten Tony his coffee back in update 8, we'd have to do so now. Having done it then, saves a couple of minutes of walking to Tony (real) before walking back here to Tony (bear).

You brought my music box!!
There's a problem though...
*screen shaking* IT'S BROKEN!!!
Don't worry now... I'm sure we can figure out a way to fix it. Do you know anyone around here who can fix mechanical things?
Well... there is someone, but...
I haven't exactly been that nice to him in the past.
I see... well, perhaps we can talk to him for you.
You would do that, for me?
Well we've come this far, I don't see why we should give up now.
Okay, well Blacksmith Jacky over in Leeble Village could probably fix it. He's good with that kind of stuff.

It's been a while since we've seen Jacky, so it'd be good to stop in on him anyway.

For you guys? Anytime! What do you need help with?
Do you know how to fix music boxes?
Hmm... Well I could certaianly try! What seems to be the problem?
I'm not really sure, it looks like the wind-up part is all rusted over, and...
...Actually, maybe you should just have a look at it, heh.

Hmm... I see what you mean. Well, I'll see what I can do!

*fade to black, sounds of clinking can be heard*

Okay... I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I was able to fix the box itself. It's all nice and new and shiny! Unfortunately, the spindle is still broken.
Did you run out of materials?
We could go find some more for you!

Boy! Stop volunteering for fetch quests!

Ah if only it were that simple... You see... the spindle is like the brain of the music box. It's a small, cylindrical piece covered in pins which pluck the tiny comb to produce music. As you can see, the spindle has been broken to the point where you can't even see where the pins were originally placed. And since I don't know the music, I'd have no idea where to place the pins now. If you could teach me the music, I could rebuilt it for you.
I don't know the music, but I know someone who would!
Mom, let's go back to Tony's island and see if he can teach us the music box's song...
Good idea.

Come back to me when you know the song, and I'll fix the spindle for you!
Thanks Jacky! We will!

A bit of a waste of time, but at least Jacky didn't send us to a desert to find 4 combs and 6 pins.

Let's head back to Tony and gently tell him the news.

Yeah! Jacky was able to fix everything except the tiny part inside that makes the music. The brain part!

I can totally see a little kid being excited to talk about the brain part of a music box.

But the good news is that all we need to do is teach him the music, and he can fix that, too!
Can you teach us the song for your music box, Tony?
*screen shaking* RAAAAAA... I KNEW it was too good to be true!!!
Calm down... are you saying that you don't remember the music that plays?
I used to, I really did... but I've forgotten.

Do you know anyone else who might remember it?
There is someone. She lives on the other side of the Forest, out by the hot springs where Kisaburo hangs out. Her name is Christina.
We'll find her.
Thank-you. Oh and hey... I don't have much in the way of kid-things, but why don't you take this...

You received a Rainbow Marble.

Marble acquired.

Kids still play with marbles nowadays, don't they?

We know of at least one kid who does!

We need to get to the other side of the forest, but we don't know how to get there yet. Let's head back to the hospital and see if any doors have appeared.

Oh hey it's Uma. We should probably apologize for thinking he was a thief.

Fish Heads

Hey kid.
I'm really sorry about earlier...
I didn't know, I just---
Ehh, water under the bridge. Look, I gotta sccot to boot, but I thought you might need some more directions.
You are looking for Christina, aren't ya?

...How do you know that literally 30 seconds after we found out?

Oh... yes, we are.
Well the path that leads there is blocked off, so you're gonna have to find another way. Check the hospital. There was a cold wind blowing from Kisaburo's room. Toodles!

I understand the boy not asking Uma the tough questions, but cmon mom we're counting on you!

May as well follow him in and check out Kisaburo's room.

These Grey Walls (hospital)


We have a marble! Let's take it over to Sue and see what she has to say.

You give the Rainbow Marble to Sue.

Tiny Planets

I think you would REALLY like Rainboy Toyland... It's the most magical toy store in the whole universe!
What's it like there?
Well for starters, this toy store is in the sky. And the only way to get there...

The rainbow's like an escalator. You step on it, and it'll carry you into the clouds!
Each person rides on their own tiny train car across a long bridge...
Which leads to a HUGE room full of toys!
What kind of toys??
Oh... all sorts...
Kid-sized houses, teddy bears, robots, building blocks, board games, tiny pianos...
Do they have marimbas?
What's a marimba?

I could go there, too?
Of course! You're my friend, so you're always welcome there. We can play lots of games!
Thank-you, I would love that!
You know... Games are good and all... but you gotta be careful not to play them too much.
Especially the risky ones.
Risky ones?
Yeah... some games make you lose lots of money.
Sometimes, the person playing the game... They play it so much that they forget to spend time with their family...
Sometimes... those people love the games more than anything else.
But it's not like that at Rainbow Toyland. So you don't have to worry about that at all. Thanks again for bringing me this... it's really special to me.
You're always so nice to me, brining me marbles and listening to me talk about my planets.
Sorry I talk so much...
I wish I could give you somthing more, but for now... I'll just give you my last piece of candy.

I'm not sure if you still need to snoop around for secret doors... If you do, I'm sure you know another one of these will come in handy, heh heh heh...

Sue gave you Peanut Chew Chews.

Haha, thanks Sue!
No problem. Come visit me anytime... Good luck with your wish.

God I love these scenes so much. They are absolutely adorable.

Sue and Uma have directed us to Kisaburo's room, so let's check it out.

Sure enough, the Shift-leader is here trying to patch up the doorway.

And the fact that Kisaburo keeps breaking down the boards to go dig in the mud outside certainly doesn't help either...

No more sneaking outside! It's dangerous!

She seems hungry. Let's offer her a snickers bar Peanut Chew Chews.

How is it that you always show up exactly when I'm craving one of these? I guess I can go take a fiver... There's always time for Peanut Chew Chews. Thanks a lot, kid.

This is the last door in the hospital still barricaded off, so that will likely be the last time we give a Peanut Chew Chews to the Shift-leader. Let's get to chopping this barricade down.


We probably just helped get Kisaburo out again, didn't we? We'll have to worry about that another time. For now, we'll head into the next room.

Whoa... what happened here?
There's mud everywhere...
Did Kisaburo do all this?
What do you think he's looking for, Mom?
Hm, I'm not really sure dear...
But it's gotta be something really special, don't you think?
I think so!

Looks like a bunch of dirt and maybe a plant or two. Probably just victims of his digging. He did leave a journal here and, as we proved during Winston's arc, we have no qualms about digging through personal belongings.

Day 24 - no one understands. gathering tools. running out of time. have to send a message. have to send a message. have to send a message before it's too late.

Well so far the message is that you're not all there anymore Kisaburo.

The left side door is locked, but does have a message on it.

Ah yes, a sign, I expect that to stop the man.

Nothing else in the room is examinable, and so we head through the top door.

And through to the Forest...

Ride with me

Welcome to the other side of the Forest. This little part is right off the river, and is quite nice. There's a leeble sweeping around that little hut in the south, let's see what it has to say.

A visitor! We haven't had visitors here in a long time...

>We're looking for Christina.

Oh Christina! She is a good friend of mine! Head east until you see the hot springs... then follow the stairs down. Her cave is at the very bottom by the well.

>What's on this side?

Well I don't mean to brag, but the BEST TEA IN THE FOREST! That hut is the Midnight Tea Shop... it's a lovely tea shop run by Kazuko and Kisaburo. The nicest and most hardworking couple in all the forest! Stop by and have some tea, you won't be disappointed!

>What are you doing?

Oh me? I'm just helping clean up before Star Night. This is the tea plantation where Kazuko grows all her plants. She has an amazingly green thumb, she does! Everytime she visits a new land, she brings back a piece of a plant, or its seeds, and grows it here!

This leeble must be the jolliest leeble in the whole dang forest! By my count they had 16 sentences of dialogue, and 8 of them ended in exclamation points! Hats off to this leeble.

Just before we continue on, there are a couple fireflies and reeds by the river. This brings us up to the amount we need for Cora's sidequest, so we can turn that one in too!

Let's head inside the hut.

A cozy place you got here Kazuko.

I don't know why more folks don't come here... their tea really is good. And Kazuko is truly one of us! She can grow almost any kind of plant.

People probably don't come here because it requires dimension hopping just to get a cup of tea. I don't care how good it is, I'm not going to trust a dang teleporter door.

Forest Kazuko making her debut as a... Fish woman? She's still got a human face but has fins on her face. It's a bit weird, especially when we meet Forest Kisaburo.

What's up?

My husband, Kisaburo has been ill for a long time... When Morizora was still awake, he told him to rest in the hot springs east of ehre in order to recover.

What is this place?

We serve all sorts of teas here, as well as homemade food. We even sell tea in bulk! I grow all the tea myself in the plantation out back... I love gardening, I feel at home when I'm surrounded by plants and nature.

What kind of flower is that?

Oh you mean this?

This is a very special flower... it's called a Hikaribana! Isn't it beautiful? Unfortunately, I just can't seem to get this one to bloom...

That's all Kazuko has to say. We'll be back with more for her later, for now, let's go see if we can find Christine.

... Actually, wait just a second.


...Moving on. The cave bud has something to say about that dog.

I can't help but feel bad for that poor Dog Spirit that's been sitting beneath the tree up there... I think her name is Puchi! I'm not sure what she wants, or why she refuses to move... but I don't dare anger her.

Well, she's got a portrait, so she likely has a sidequest to do with her later. She just sits there for now, so we'll have to leave her be. Behind the cave bud is a chest with 20G and a leeble standing guard.

Sounds like something a sketchy leeble would say, friend.

The objective is to the east, so let's quickling peek at the north and see what's happening up there.

They're... just sitting here. There's no creepy music or anything. Several characters have mentioned that most aren't evil, they are just in between worlds at the moment. And I have to think these are some of those.

Heading east...

What in the world is that creature.

Both Kazuko and Kisaburo have the fins on their face thing... But uh, Kazuko looks pretty while Kisaburo looks like a drowner from the Witcher.

Oh, maybe you didn't notice I was here... I do blend in quite well with the water. I'm Kisaburo, it's nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too. Do you happen to know if Christina lives around here?
Why yes, she does actually. Just follow the stairs down this mountain. She and her family live in the cave at the bottom by the well.
Thank-you, Kisaburo!

Just a little trek south, and we can finally meet the famous Christine.

Oh wow, those baby cubs are adorable!

They're a little sassy, but uh we did just barge into their home for (to them) no reason.

Yes, that's my name... Are you one of the cub's friends?
Actually... we're here on behalf of Tony.
You don't know him?
No no, I know him. I just haven't seen him in a very long time.
He asked us to help him fix something.

Tony had that??
Yes. Blacksmith Jacky fixed most of it, but...
He can't fix the spindle inside without knowing the song that it's supposed to play.
Tony told us that you're the only one who would know the song.

Well thank-you for your efforts... I'm sorry I couldn't have been more helpful.

Looks like you were plenty helpful Christine.

I wonder where this will take us?