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Part 17: Boy Meets Christina

Update 17 - Boy Meets Christina

Storage Area

Still sleeping?
Yami, it's you!
You should really be used to this by now.
So I hear you're becoming a regular hero around here, eh?

Yami you better not be coming here to shit-talk this boy.

Helping out your neighbors, saving little pink cat creatures from angry bears.
Wait... you know about the Leebles?
Course I do.
You think you're so special... The only kid who's been to the Forest?

Uhhhh, if Yami's been, why haven't we seen him?

Oh, no no I didn't mean that at all...

I just...
Before, when you didn't understand why the book was important to me, I thought...
I thought that meant you hadn't read the story before. I'm sorry Yami, I just---
Hey, I was just kidding...It's all good. You don't hafta explain.
Wait... So that means...

Of course I do.
That's great, Yami! Why didn't you tell me?
Oh I couldn't believe it the first time I saw it... Everything is so wonderful there... The creatures are real! Andthey want to talk to me, and help me... and I want to help them, too!

Wait... what?
I'm just saying. It's human nature, ya know? Shouldn't feel bad about it. It's just the way it is.

Yami, stop trying to corrupt this kid

Are you gonna wish for anything?
From Morizora?
I dunno. Last I saw he was sleeping. And even if he did wake up, I doubt he'd grant me a wish.
Why do you think that?
Wishes are for good kids. Kids that help people; kids that are strong. I'm too weak and too sick, how could I ever help anyone with anything?
Oh Yami...

I'd better go.
You've helped me.
Huh? Why...

Haha no!
What are you on about?

Nights are the loneliest, you know? But when you're here...'s not so bad.
Well... thanks for saying that.
I mean it.

Maybe Yami isn't that bad. If he's been in the hospital for a while, it can be hard to think positively. He still needs to stay away from our boy with those thoughts though.

These Grey Walls (hospital)

Hi sweetie... did you sleep okay?
I did!
I feel refreshed!
That's what I like to hear.
So... looks like we're all set! I'll get these tests to the lab, and---

We're having a bit of a... problem.
No worries, Kenji... What do you need?
Well... I hate to tell you this, but...

Oh that's what we forgot to do. Oops.

He broke the new boards we put up and got into the space behind his room...

*whistles innocently*

And I'm pretty sure he got outside too... because there's more boxes, and more mud...
Ugh... WHY. I just don't have time for this now!
I'm thinking we might have to reevaluate Kisaburo's medication...
Unfortunately, I think you're probably right.

Thank-you, doctor.
I hope everything is okay...
Oh, I'm sure it'll be fine. You know how it is...
Just another day at the hospital!
Okay Kenji, I'll meet you at Kisaburo's room.
Got it!

What do you think... Should we go see what's going on with Kisaburo?
Yeah, let's go Mom!

I'm glad our mom is just outright encouraging our behavior

With control re-established, its time to do our post-song cleanup. First up, we've collected a couple of new items for the Patient lounge.



We've got a LOT more items to collect, so expect this place to change dramatically in the near future.

Next, Tony's room has changed a bit!

Christina is here, and here to stay! She's even got a bit of dialogue.

I like your hat!
I folded it myself! My Mom taught me.
Wow, you did a very good job. I used to know how to fold some things out of paper... not sure I'd remember anymore though!

Remember diners?
I don't think so...

The first one is cute, I... don't get the second one. Either way, still neat that she's here. Tony even has a couple new thoughts on it!

That's my daughter, Christina. Like I always say, it's good to have some company now and then, don't you think?

The boy is wise enough to not call Tony out, though maybe he's as awed as we are at Tony being cool again

Finally, at anytime you want, the music box can now be played for your enjoyment. It's the same as before... though how did this get fixed?

Music Box

You can walk into the halls and it will still play for you.

While we're in the halls, there's a nurse by the Towel Cape Heroes who has something new to say.

I might even say he was... happy.

If we head back to the Cafeteria, Danielle wants to share some thoughts on the new Tony.

His daughter and grandkids have been hanging out in his room and he's never been happier.
I knew deep down he was a softy.

There's one last person with new things to say about Tony- Winston!

I've never seen him so happy before!

Tony went from a grumpy old coot to the happiest man in the world.

That's it for changes to the hospital. Let's quickly hop over to the Forest and check to see what's changed over there.

Welcome to the Forest

Tony's now hanging out here with the rest of his family.

I'm doing great! I no longer want to live by myself on that island... I'm really enjoying spending time with my daughter and grandcubs.

I'm gonna do my best each day to help protect the Leeble Village. It's the least I could do after all the vegetable gardens I destroyed... Huh...huh...

This is the official update. Which is good, because the last update was a bit heavy and we need a good palate cleanser.

No...It's...too adorable!!

Thank-you so much for fixing something that was so important to both of us. The cubs love spending time with their Grandpa. He can't say no to them.


If we head back over to Winston's hut, the leebles with the garden have gained some new dialogue. Though it doesn't have to deal with Tony.

What? No. Why?
I just woke up this morning and thought "I'd look good in purple."
You're too impulsive, Dean. Wait a day and see if you still want to be purple tomorrow.
Oh okay...

What? You don't have to shout, I'm right here.
Sorry... Okay, so I heard that the Korshal farmers are selling a Korshal with 3 horns. 3 HORNS!

What for?
So that I can have a Korshal with 3 HORNS!
How much does it cost?
Do you even havve 1000G?
Yes. I have 1001G.
So you're going to spend all your savings on a 3 horned Korshal.
Dean, you're too impulsive! Wait a day, and see if you still want it, okay?
Oh okay...

These two are great, and I completely missed them my first go round.

All that's left for changes is to talk to Winston, the leeble this time.

That's it for the Post-Tony wrapup. Next time, we check out what's going on with Kisaburo.