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Part 19: Boy Meets His Cousin

Update 19 - Boy Meets His Cousin


Welcome to Monsieur's Mansion. This is actually a decently long romp before we can fulfill our task of giving the Monsieur the tea.

Let's continue on.

You're right, dear... This must be where Monsieur Bud lives...

Where did you come from...?? Are you gonna stay for the Monsieur's Afternoon Tea?


More food from the kitchen has gone MISSING!!
Oh no!! What did they take this time?
Only the Monsieur's absolute favorite dish... PECAN PULL-APART SILABERRY CRUMBLE!!!

Yes, Sugarbaby... They took the Crumble. We must be on high alert until we figure out who and where this food thief is!

Oh, these folks? They are... um... they're from... uh...


Oh yeah, my cousins! They're totally cool. I've known them my whole life...
Well I guess if they're your cousins... it should probably be okay...

Yes of course Rupert!

My name's Sugarbaby. Well... my real name's actually Ethan. But everyone calls me Sugarbaby because it's my job to bring people sugar cubes for their tea! You guys aren't from around here, are you...

I mean, look at those arms!! Your arms have 5 little arms growing out of the ends of your arms!

We were hoping he might try some of this special tea...
It's the best tea in all the Forest!
Ooohh... The Monsieur LOVES new teas! I'll take you to see him right now!! Oh wait...

Are you okay?
Normally, this would be easy. But, there's a slight problem... As you could probably tell from what just happened, someone has been stealing food from the kitchen...

Sorry guys...

Maybe you guys could help us find the thief! We're short-staffed today, so I bet I could get you guys a job here!
You mean we'd get to work here...
In this big mansion??
Yeah! It's pretty easy. People ask for tea, and you deliver it! Plus, you get to eat a TON of free food... Strawberry cake, sandwiches, Silaberry jam, you name it!
That sounds great!
I bet since you're new, the Buds would LOVE to gossip with you... Just do a good job and they'll talk with you and tell you stuff.

If you can help us find the thief, I'm SURE the Monsieur would drink your tea! What do you say... will you help us find the thief? I could get you that job, no problem!
Yeah, let's do it!
Ohhh yeahhh!! Okiedokie, come with me... First we gotta ask Rupert if he'll hire you.

This had better be important.
It is.

Narrator voice: It wasn't.

I have great news!
You found the Crumble-thief?
Not quite... but it's still good! You know how Lester and Flora called in sick today?
Ugh, don't remind me... Today is not the day I want to be short-staffed...
Well worry not, Rupert! My cousins can take their place!

Your cousins.
I thought they were just visiting... Do they even have any experience with waiting tables... or with TEA??

What kind of question is that!! Why, where they come from, they are practically FAMOUS for serving tea!

So... what do you know about tea?

Uhh, well... uh it's from a plant and it can be green or black. And uh...

Well now, that all depends... What would you like me to tell you about?

Fine. Okay, they can work here.

But if anything goes wrong, I'm holding YOU accountable, Sugarbaby.

We're cool with that.

I understand!
The smaller one can work as a Tea Server. Take him and show him the ropes!
Yes, sir!

And since the taller one seems to have an extensive knowledge about tea... I'll have Alfred show her how to assemble the special tea leaf blends.

Yes, sir!
We have a new Tea Specialist to fill in for Lester. Please escort her to the kitchen and see to it that she knows where all of the leaves and ingredients are kept!
Yes, sir! Right this way, ma'am.

Awww. It's a nice reversal, and even the mom is smiling about it.

Have fun out there!
You, too!

Well... What are you two waiting for? Go get your uniform on, and serve that tea! The guests are waiting!
Yes, sir!

I'm so excited you get to work here... it's gonna be so much fun!

Sugarbaby, we met like 10 minutes ago. Are you hyped up on the sugar? Does Rupert know about this?

The red bowtie is the BEST PART! When I grow a little bit bigger, I'll get to wear a red bowtie, too.
Anyways, go ahead and get changed. I'll meet you back in the Servant's Quarters!

See you soon, my new buddy!

So when Sugarbaby said the red bowtie was the best part, he wasn't wrong.

In fact, the boy now has new portraits to reflect his new attire. By my count, he has 8 new portraits just for this one part! It's a pretty cool thing, yet Sugarbaby and Rupert do not have portraits. It's a bit sad, I'd love to see a Rupert portrait. His sprite is already super expressive.

Now we could head back to the servants quarters... Or we could go digging through people's private quarters.

I'm sure you've guessed which one we're doing.

Wait, a NO HOLDS BARD!!! concert poster? Then, does that mean... this room belongs to maxwell lil budz!?

I usually skip these prompts because they're a waste of time, but I love this one's no prompt acting like snooping is wrong! Yet here we are, rummaging through someone's room.


Work me to the bone, all day serving' scones, And the boss in the white wig won't leave me alone.

I got 18 hour days, and they call it "overtime." But they're payin' me in tea, now that, I call a "crime."

So I'm hangin' up my apron, turnin' in my shoes. From now until the end I'll be kickin' rhymes to you.

And to everyone out there, if you really feelin' me, throw your petals in the air, we be pourin' out our tea...

SAY: TEA TIME we don't want no TEA TIME (x4)

Sadly Lil Budz career was cut short when he forgot to take out the trash, and was promptly grounded for two weeks.

While it may be hard to top that, let's check the other rooms next.

The chest contains some money, but what's that painting on the wall? It looks...familiar.

A sneaky and cute little reference.

I think I know who's room we found.

>Book 1
Wig Whimsy: Why powedered white wigs are no longer just for 18th Century composers.

>Book 2
The Dignified Bud: 5 easy steps that will take you from UncouthDud to GentleBud.

>Book 3
Pink Men Don't Bloom: A guide to being the perfect GentleBud.

I cannot tell you how much I love the phrase UncouthDud to GentleBud.

That's it for Rupert's room. The final door is locked, so we're done snooping.

Ooooh!! You look sharp!

Our first new portrait. The little bowtie is so cute

Okay, so I'm gonna teach you how to be a Tea Server. To be honest, it's pretty easy... You just got around the party and ask the guests if they want tea.

When you think about it, being a waiter is just a glorified fetch quest.

If they do want tea, try to find out which kind they'd like. Then come back to this room to grab the tea for them!If they like you, I bet they'll tell you stuff that'll help us find the food-thief!

Easy, right? But remember... you can only carry one cup of tea at a time. And if you bring a guest the wrong tea, you'll have to come back and try again. Got it?
I think so!
Why don't you practice on Rupert. Bring him a cup of his favorite tea... The Sila Berry Special. Oh! And one more thing!

If you accidentally get the wrong tea and you're still here... You can just pour it out in this sink.
Got it!
Okay, go bring Rupert the "Sila Berry Special" tea.

As Sugarbaby says, if you mess up you just have to redo it. There's no special dialogue outside of "I DIDN'T WANT THIS" or even a straight up Game Over screen, which would be hilarious. A bit of a missed opprotunity, but it's fine. This part is special enough as is.

Now, here are the teas the Monsieur is serving today:

Hell, I'd try 'em. Anyway, let's bring Rupert his Sila Berry Special tea.

What now? This had better be important. Is this the Sila Berry Special you've brought me?

Yay, you did it!!
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to tend to some important business. Sugarbaby! Fuji! I'm heading to the party rooms. I'll be there if you need me. Good luck... and STAY OUT OF TROUBLE!!
Yes, sir!

The party is being held in the rooms to your left. Now... Get out there and serve some tea!!

We're definitely going to do that, but uh... I really want to know this apple's story and why it has a creepy grin.

>How are you?

Me, um... I'm good! Woke up this morning and brushed my Sky Bud petals... Ate a traditional Sky Bud breakfast... Read a book on Sky Bud history... you know... typical things that a typical Sky Bud would do, huh huh huh... Good, I'm good.


>Is that pink paint?

Is that pink paint running down your back?
Oh, so you like asking questions about things! I love things! That's great! Things are great! Questions are totally great!
...It's just, it kind of looks like there's pink paint on your back...
Oh nooooo... that's not paint, that's lotion! Pink lotion! You know, for my petals! All Sky Buds use it! Ahuh huh huh...

...We've got our eye on you... Fuji.

Now let's serve some tea.