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Part 20: Boy Meets Monsieur

Update 20 - Boy Meets Monsieur


Good, because we don't serve cold buns here--

I am giggling like a child. Yes I am 12 hello.

Monsieur's Tea REMIX

I knew I liked this kid for a good reason.

You there, what are you doing over there?
Uh oh... I'm outta here!



Well, that was awkward. You don't expect to see some UncouthDUD to bloom at such a fancy party. But alas.

Let's talk to the tea server next to us.

Oh, don't worry about Rupert... he loses his wigs all the time. But it's okay, he's got like 50 of them.

A very prepared Bud. Speaking of Buds, there's one right on the couch!

Can I get you any tea today?
Oh I'm quite full at the moment, so no. The tea was absolutely delicious though! The buns, on the other hand... were a bit on the cold side.

Sir I assure you, we only serve warm buns here.

Examining the artwork put on the wall by Lil' Budz The artist formerly known as maxwell, leads to this.

How uncouth!

Let's check on the balcony and see if there's anyone in need of a good tea.

Let's try the kid, what kid doesn't want some tea?

Can I get you any tea today?
Mom says I'm too young for tea... But that's okay. I only like cake anyway. Strawberry cake is my FAVORITE!!!

Would a plant eating fruit be...ethical?

Err..moving on. Let's check on the mother.

I have plenty of tea right here, thank-you. I do however wish someone would refill the dirt bowl! I mean, who doesn't like a bit of dirt in their tea now and then?
Mmmm DIRT!!!

Can't believe the game has sunk so low as to use such dirty language. On the other side of the balcony are two fancy looking buds, surely one of them wants tea.

The game is doing a great job of getting me to both laugh and dislike these people.

Oh dear, not this again...
Excuse me?

How bold do you need to be, Nettie? I mean, you're already wearing a hat that has flowers on it...
What's wrong with flowers?
My dear... we ARE flowers!
Your point...?
Oh! That gives me a fantastic idea!


We do actually have a tea with flowers in it, though Minerva does bring up a good point. Wouldn't this be like drinking a coffee mixed with parts of a human? This world is slowly becoming an existential nightmare and I'm not prepared for this!

We are prepared to serve tea, however. Let's go find the right cup to give.


It's certainly taboo and horrifying to think about. If that's what bold means to you.

Please enjoy!
Oh this is just perfect! The aroma... the subtle sweetness... it's so TABOO!
Oh Minerva... Live a little!
We have cousins who are roses!!

I got a cousin who's a sugarbaby, and I'm not crying about how many of those you've requested today!


You're too generous with praise, Nettie. Don't give him a big head now. Although... This child is worlds better than Maxwell...
Maxwell? Don't you mean Lil' Budz? Ah huh huh...
Ugh! Is that what that little hooligan is calling himself nowadays? Lil' Budz? He's a hooligan. End of story. His father was kind enough to get him a job working here, but the child doesn't appreciate it.

Such scandalous langauge! My monacle is popping out as we speak!

No! I refuse to believe Lil Budz would draw crass things on the wall! It can't be true!!

If it were up to me, that child would be sent away to a boarding school in the lands of the Cave Buds!

Some casual classism, I assume. Cave Buds are now the proletarian of this world I guess. What does that make the truffulos?

With Nettie served her tea, we are done with this room! Let's head into the great hall to see the rest of the party.


It continues to be a swanky place. There's a potential candidate for tea on the couch there, let's have a chat, shall we?

This guy, William Budly the third, says nothing else but this. A man of few words, but a man of remarkable names.

Let's head up this first balcony and check out this area.

... I'm sorry sir, I'm no longer paying attention to you because WHAT IS THAT ON THE SIDE.

Do you think the Monsieur longs to dance the way those two are dancing in the lighthouse?

Enough with your cute references to "To the Moon", WHAT IS THAT MAJESTIC CREATURE!?

... Ok, we gotta go check this out.

Wow, is that the Monsieur?


Can I help you??
Can I meet the Monsieur?
Ah, I'm afraid not... As you may know, a thief has been stealing food from the Monsieur's Tea Parties... This is a matter of grave importance!

Oieeee, Crumble????
Uh, heh heh sir everything is running smoothly, no need to fret!

As I was saying... if the thief was able to steal something so important, who KNOWS what they're capable of! So I'm very sorry, but I cannot allow anyone to see the Monsieur until this criminal is found... it's just too dangerous.

Welp! I guess we gotta finish serving tea and hope we get to see the Monseiur later. That truly is a hell of a man bud.

... Oh yeah! Looks just like him. Six pack abs and all. Wait, how do buds have abs!? Why does this update keep making me ask these questions!?

Let's...go find someone to serve tea to.

Seems like these guys don't want any tea. Hey wait, is that the sunflower from NO HOLDS BARD!!!?

Yeah... it's my first day on the job!
Welcome aboard! One warning though... This place is weeeeeeird.
What do you mean?
You'll see.

Weird? Sounds like someone isn't used to partying

The pianist has some interesting things to say, let's hit it up.

Sometimes I like to change things up and play something more upbeat.


Blooming, ya know... our petals open and we turn into flowers. And let me tell you, Buds DO NOT like that. A bloomed Bud is considered uncouth around here! We're not in the GARDEN anymore... this here is HIGH SOCIETY!

>So then what do you play?

Beanstalk music. Budthoven. Something chill, you know?

It's worth noting this dude's sprite name IS Budthoven. So the famous Budthoven, is just calling itself a genre now. Mighty arrogant of you, Budthoven. As we know, arrogant musicians don't make it in the world of music!

Only one more guest to talk to down here before we head up to the second balcony.

Actually... ugghh...
Are you okay?
I had 3 donuts...
Oooh, that's a lot of donuts...
And half an apple pie...
Like, half of a WHOLE pie?
A cheese plate, a box of chocolates, 3 more donuts, and a hamburger...
Oh my gosh.

I love our kid.

You gotta help me, man... Desmond is NOT okay...
I'll try my best... Is there something I can get for you?
Uhhhh... Well... I think I'm in pain because I ate too much fatty food. Do you have a tea that would help cut the fat a bit? You know... balance the heaviness out?
I got it!

Yeah, Pu-erh tea! That's what I need! Bring me some of that! Please... ugghhhh... I didn't know my petals could stretch like this...

So we just gotta walk back to the servants quarters and get some Pu-erh tea for this overeating bud. You may notice that we are being told to "fetch" some tea, and that we are on a "quest" of some sorts. And you'd be right! Everything about this is cute and funny so you don't notice this... until you have to walk two rooms over to get a tea and then bring it back. Especially since there's no puzzle here, the kid straight up tells you the answer. Again, this isn't a big issue, just something that can be tedious and make stains on something that is otherwise amazing.

I haven't showed off the little sprite the boy gets when he's carrying a cup of tea. It's pretty cute, even if it's breaking several child labor laws.

Didja bring me some Pu-erh tea? I need it!! I NEEEEEEEEED IT!!!!!!!!!!
Please enjoy!
Oh, sweet relief! Desmond's gonna be OKAY!!


Wow... Now I know how Monsieur Bud must feel...
What do you mean?

Rumor has it that back in the day (when the Monsieur wasn't yet such an impressive size)... he was dating one of the regulars here... a Bud named Minerva.

Minerva!? Really? Have you no taste, Monsieur?

She's cranky, wears a hat with a black bow... I think she's in the other room right now. Anyways... The Monsieur ate so much, and grew so big and SO tall, that he could no longer see or hear her!

He probably did this intentionally, rather than it just being an unintended side effect.

And that was the end of THAT relationship...


Hmm, so far our leads are Lil' Budz and Minerva. I refuse to believe any bad words about Lil' Budz, so Minerva's probably the culprit.

Two more buds up on the left balcony. Let's check them out.

I think my favorite thing is the Monsieur Bud artwork. He just has such striking features, don't you think?

He definitely stands out in a crowd.

This last tea was not nearly strong enough for me. I'm looking for a black tea... perhaps something with fruit?

Credit where it's due, at least this time the answer isn't just given to you. You still gotta walk there and back, but you're not given the solution in big bold letters.


Please enjoy!
Yes, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for... perfect!


Tell me something, will you?
Is it just me, or is there an APPLE working here?
An Apple?
Yes, an APPLE! An Apple who has CLEARLY painted himself pink in an attempt to look like a Sky Bud... but he's not fooling me!

He's an APPLE!!!
Sure, sure... and I'm a banana.

Sadly, we only have two good leads: Minerva and Lil' Budz. An apple, pffft hahaha.

That is it for serving tea though! We just need to head back to the servants quarters and the party will be over.


Time to turn in... you guys can sleep in my room tonight!

Let's see how mom's doing.

>How was your day?

It was great fun!
I've never seen so many tea supplies in all my life!
They had barrels upon barrels of tea leaves, pieces of fruit and chocolate... dried flowers and herbs, bottles of essence from all over the world, fresh cream...
It was fantastic!
Alfred let me invent several new blends.
'Twas a pleasure, ma'am! You are without a doubt, a true Tea Specialist!

>Ready for bed?

Sounds good, I'm exhausted!

Mom's now following us, and will continue to do so. No one has anything new to say, so we just talk to Sugarbaby who leads us to his quarters.

But where will you sleep?
I can stay with Rupert tonight. He's a little stressed out, so I think he'd benefit from my company anyway.

Hmm... We've got a few leads.
Oh that's great! I knew I could count on you! Well then, get some rest and we'll continue our investigation in the morning!


I'm good!

D'awwww. Well we didn't find the thief, but next time we shoul-

Loud thumping sounds followed by glass shattering.


What the heck!? Mom, did you hear that??
I did!
It sounds like it came from the kitchen...
I think we should go investigate...

The investigation team is back together. The kitchen is attached to the servants quarters, its the only room we haven't been in yet.

Loud thump followed by room shaking.

Mom what was that!?
I don't know dear, but it sounds like it was coming from up ahead...
Should we keep going?
We gotta press on if we want to find out who this thief really is!

Every couple of steps, the same loud thump and room shake continues to happen.

...Did we just enter a space odyssey?

That's the biggest refrigerator I've ever seen...
*as room shakes* Ahhhhh, what is in there???
I don't know dear, but you'd better stay close to me.


Monsieur, have you been sleep-eating again??
So it was the Monsieur all along...
Mystery solved!! I knew you guys could do it!

Y-you're welcome??

Well I supposed that's a huge weight off my shoulders.

Ah, you're here! We're all delighted you could make it...especially the Monsieur.
Oieeee, thank-you!!!!!
In exchange for helping us solve our little problem...
Heh heh...
Sorry, Dad...
We would love to repay you somehow...

So... Just say the word and it's yours!
There is ONE thing we'd really like...
Would the Monsieur try a sample of our tea?
It's actually our friend Kazuko's tea...
But it's the best tea in all the forest!

The best tea, you say?
While I find that incredibly difficult to believe, I will permit this request. Pending ONE thing.

I would need to sample the tea first. You know... for safety reasons.
Oh, but of course!
We have plenty to share.
Well i nthat case, I should be able to permit your request. Where is this tea, of which you speak?
Right here, sir!

That flavor... it's so...

He'll come back. Once he composes himself and grabs another wig.
He has more powedered wigs than Budthoven.

Where was I? Ah yes, so this tea is very high quality, indeed. You have my permission to share it with Monsieur Bud.
Oieeee, new tea for meeeeeeeeeeeee??????
Yes, Monsieur... a very delightful blend from...

It's from Kazuko, at the Midnight Tea Shop!
It's from the Midnight Tea Shop, sir!
I LOVE IT!!!!!!! We must get MOOOOORE!!!!!!
The Monsieur likes it!!!
Needless to say, we are all very impressed. Rest assured, we will be buying LOTS of tea from this Midnight Tea Shop.
Yay!!! Thank-you so much!
Thank-YOU! You and your mother are both welcome here anytime.
Thank-you, Rupert.

You're like... well, you're like the cousins I never had!

The cousins you never---?
The cousins that are my cousins! My real cousins!

Phew, way to save it Sugarbaby!

So don't be strangers, okay! Come visit us anytime! You can stay in my room!


Farewell strange creatures from across the sea!
See ya later, Sugarbaby!

So ends the Monsieur section. We will come back later, but I don't think there's much new dialogue to explore. There's just a couple more things we need to do before going back to Kazuko.

First off, you may remember that the Skylands had the parts for a pickaxe scattered around. Since we've collected them, all we need to do is head over to Jacky and ask for the pickaxe and we can unlock a lot more areas to travel and explore to!

Welcome to the Forest

One moment please...

*Fade to black as tinkering can be heard*

Nice! There are actually a lot of things that are now open to us, but that's for another time. For now, the only thing we need to do is head over to that Dragon Cave.

Ride with me

We can now head inside and-

Wow, that's an actual dragon!

What are you staring at, child?
I'm sorry, it's just... I've never seen a real dragon before.
Well that's because we are not very common around these parts.


It almost comes across like a stitled line, but it kinda gives Stormey some nice characterization as this old as dirt dragon that's just so over how cool it is. If you read her lines as if she's sighing them out, she becomes a lot more interesting than she actually is.

>What do you do here?

I'm a water dragon, so it is my job to regulate the waterways and clouds. I try to keep everything in balance, and make sure the Forest gets the water it needs.

That sounds like the most boring thing ever for a dragon to be doing. A giant mythical creature that does its 9-5 as a water company.

>Do you have Dragon Ash?

I can make Dragon Ash, if that's what you mean. I am a dragon after all...
How do you make it?
Is it hard to do?
You're just full of questions, aren't you child?
It's quite alright.

It's not difficult to do, however... creating fire requires a lot of concentration. And... your natural element (mine being water, of course) must be in balance.
Oh, I see!
Unfortunately, if you haven't noticed... Things around here have not been in balance lately. Besides the increase in negative energy coming from the Envoy, I can sense that something's blocking the flow of water. If something isn't done, the whole Forest could go into a massive drought.
That's terrible!
I know.

No... no kid... please stop this.

If we did that for you...
Would you make us some Dragon Ash?
Hah. You really want that Dragon Ash, don't you?
It's for our friend, Kazuko. She said it would help her flower bloom.
Oh is that right? Kazuko certainly does know a thing or two about gardening. She's trying to grow a Hikaribana, isn't she?
Yes! How'd you know?
Oh, a dragon knows many things.
Okay then. If you clear the waterways, I'll make you some Dragon Ash for Kazuko.
Take this. If there are boulders blocking the flow of water, you should be able to strike it with this...

But be careful... Scale Flint is known to cause large reactions. To get to the water blockage, you might try going through that door up there.

So yes, even the dragon sends us on a damn fetch quest. It's easy but it's utterly pointless in terms of things you have to do.

Sure enough if you remember this screen from Update 13, you'll remember the Envoy are just here chilling around the lake. I guess they stopped up the water too? Either way, let's clear this dam.

Great job!

And... that's it. That's all we had to do for Stormey. There's kind of a conflict here, in that this does add a bit to the world building and the potential that the Envoy are being dickish spirits. But in terms of gameplay, most of that conversation with Stormey was pointless. This entire fetch quest was busy work, and we're going to walk back to her and get what we actually want- decent dialogue and continuing the Kazuko quest. On top of that, Stormey is kinda a letdown for a dragon. There's not much characterization for her, and what you do get comes off as a bit cynical- which does not fit this world.

Next time, we'll let Stormey know the waterways are clear. Then, we'll talk to Kazuko and progress her and Kisaburo's story.