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Part 21: When Kazuko Met Kisaburo

Update 21 - When Kazuko Met Kisaburo

Last we left off, we had fulfilled Stormey's request. We need to go turn in this fetch quest important water company contract.

But first, we haven't talked to our mom in a while. Mom, how you doing?

Sugarbaby was telling me that the guests were very impressed by you! Sounds like you did a wonderful job at the Monsieur's.

I had a fantastic time preparing tea! Maybe I should quit my job as an accountant and open up a tea shop...
Would I be able to get free cookies?
...If you finish all your homework, I think I can make that happen.
Yay Mom!

All the mom dialogue is so adorable. Also uh, we may be a bit behind on our homework.

Anyway, let's talk to Stormey.

Regardless of my whining about this whole thing, that is a fantastic prompt.

My sources tell me that you got the job done.
We did!
There were boulders blocking the water, but we cleared them out.
Impressive. Well... now that things are in order, I think I should uphold my end of the bargain. One moment please.

Well then, here you go.

You received Dragon Ash.

See to it that Kazuko grows that flower to its fullest potential. It means a lot to her, you know... Tell me, child...

I'm not sure...
Here in the Forest, the Hikaribana is a symbol of great love. They say it has the power to bring loved ones together. To heal, to bond, to help find someone who has been lost...
Perhaps Kazuko is trying to remind her husband of their love; for she feels he has forgotten her.
He hasn't forgotten her! He mentions her all the time!
Yes, but she does not know that. They have not spoken in ages.
They haven't?

I see...
That's why it is a noble thing you are doing... helping someone who cannot reach out themselves. Good luck, and may you find your own path to happiness as well.
Thank-you Stormey.

This was a good moment between Stormey and the boy. I wish it was more concise and didn't have the fetch quest setup, but this is a positive update.

We've now fulfilled all of Kazuko's requests! Let's go tell her the good news!

Ride with me

>We shared your tea!

How'd it go?
It went great! They all loved---

Welcome! And to what do I owe the pleasure of a visit from Rupert?
M'lady... the Monsieur sends his highest regards. He loved the sample of tea you gave him! We all did!
That is wonderful to hear!
If it's alright with you... The Monsieur would like to place a rather LARGE order within the coming week.
Of course it is alright with me! I will begin preparations immediately.
You are always welcome to join us for afternoon tea in the Skylands.

Thank-you so much for your help. I'm more confident now that folks around the Forest will know of the Midnight Tea Shop.

>We got the Dragon Ash!

Oh, you got the Dragon Ash! Thank-you so much! Well then, I think it's time for me to visit Kisaburo at the hot springs. Now that the Hikaribana has some Dragon Ash to help it bloom, perhaps I can finally bring it to him as a gift.
Oh he's gonna love that!
Actually, on second though... Why don't we all go together? I'm sure that my husband will want to personally thank you both for helping us out with the shop!
That sounds great.

... Where did he go?

I'm so sorry, you two... I was hoping we could all spend some time together with Kisaburo, but... I'm honestly not sure where he went!

Thanks again for all your help!

...Mom, look!
You found another door!
Where do you think it leads?
Only one way to find out.

These Grey Walls (hospital)

We've now jumped into the body of Kazuko. While our baking skills are now through the roof, we need to remember to take our medication at 4 PM or our HP steadily falls.

Let's talk to people as Kazuko and see what they say. Starting with Cora.

Oh hey Kazuko!
Thanks for drawing with me last time. That was so much fun!

Awww. There's a doctor right next to Cora who is conveniently blocking us from the other side.

Good morning, Kazuko. If you're looking for your husband, I believe he's back in his room.

Jacky's on the way between us and Kisaburo's room, so let's say hi!

Hi Kazuko! It's good to see you again. Those homemade cream puffs you brought last time were...
...Out of this world...

Right before we get to Kisaburo's, we see the Shift Leader blocking Sue's door. What's she got to say?

Kazuko! The tips you gave really worked! My little lemon tree is healthier than ever! Oh, are you looking for Kisaburo? I think they brought him back to his room about an hour ago.

Let's head in...


Kisaburo, can you tell me what year it is?
I don't have time for this. I have to fix this order before my supervisor gets back.
Kisaburo, I want you to try to focus on my voice. Can you tell me where you are right now?
What kind of question is that? I have to fix the power lines!

I think we're gonna have to run some more tests. I'll set something up with the lab this afternoon.
Sounds good.
Are you just gonna keep taking my tools away from me?

Unauthorized people aren't supposed to be here. It's dangerous!
Oh Kisaburo...
It's me... it's your Kazuko...
Did the supervisor send you? Are you here to cover the night shift?

Do you remember this flower?
We really don't have much time... if I don't get the power back up, the boss is not gonna be happy.
You don't remember, do you...

I didn't know you were working today

You've certainly been visiting a lot these days...
Who me? I uh...

I just really like the bread.
Heh heh, sure sure... Whatever you say buddy.

Heh heh...
Stop it Nobu! She'll hear you!
Well, what are ya waiting for?

Go talk to her!
I'm going, I'm going!

I um...

Kazuko! Oh wow, I didn't know you were working today!

Well, um...
We have some new red bean manju if you'd like to try them.
Oh, I'd love to!

Oh, sorry! I just... I just...

Aww... a gift?
That is so nice of you!
Okay, close your eyes...

Alright, you can open them!
Oh Kisaburo... how lovely!
A beautiful flower...
...For a beautiful lady.
Oh you're such a smooth talker...

Kisaburo, she fell for that line. She's really into you, dude.

I'm not just being smooth!
So smooth!
I really mean it.

...This line's a little too on the nose for me, even as a sucker for love stories.

Is that so?
I'm certain of it.
Give him a break, Kazuko... The poor guy was pacing outside for 20 minutes before he came in here.

...No comment.

I'll bring you some tea to go with that dessert.
Well... I definitely can't say no to that.

I just put the baby down for her nap, so we can have a bit of quiet time.
You only get one day off, but you still work so hard on the garden!
What are you planting out here? Is it those radishes you got from the---

Those flowers...
Do you like them?
That's the flower you gave me when I worked at the bakery...
Oh Kisaburo, of course I like them!
I can't believe you remembered...

I always will be.


The flowers are in bloom again.

Mom! Are you still here?

You need to go home and get some rest.
The doctors will call you if anything urgent happens.
I'm not leaving.

I will.

We're going to go turn in some of the paperwork. Mom... It's gonna be okay...
I know... I just need some time with him is all.
Call us if you need anything.
I will.

Oh Kisaburo... is there any of you left in there?

Flowers Forever

You've been working so hard on your garden that---


Kisaburo... Kisaburo can you hear me!?

Get some rest, my dear.
I think the baby's crying... It might be time to change his diaper.
The baby... don't you hear that?


...Our babies are all grown up.
... Right... all grown up...
Try to get some sleep...

Kowareta Omoide

Kisaburo, where are you dear?

Glass shattering

Kisaburo, what's going on in there?

Kisaburo, what are you doing!?
Hey you! Why are you still here? We've been dismissed!
Can't you see we're under attack!!
Kisaburo, please get off the table! You're gonna hurt yourself!

The supervisor gave us all orders to leave... we have to go NOW!
Dad, what are you doing?
Go get help, I'll try to stop him from breaking anything else!
Mom... it's not safe for you...
I'll be fine, just go!


At this point, he's a danger to you.
I am not afraid of my husband.
Mom... you can't do this by yourself.

Dad needs constant supervision.

When he could still talk with me... He told me that if he got worse, he'd prefer to stay in his own home.
I just want to honor that.
I don't mind staying up all night... I can prepare all the meals in advance, and make sure to---

I'm sorry, Mom... It's just... this is better for both of you... if Dad doesn't stay here anymore.

We can move him in the morning.

Flowers Forever

What's it like in there... Inside your head, I mean... Are you scared? Do you feel any pain?

Please... tell me you remember something...

That's odd...



No... I have to find him!


Mori no Kokoro: Part 3

Kisaburo! Oh Kisaburo, I was so worried! I looked everywhere for you, I---

Oh my goodness...

Oh Kisaburo...
Do you like them?
Of course I do...

Mori No Kokoro: Yours


Oh my only
You're everything to me
I have tried
All my life, to
Be just what you need

It may seem I'm
A million miles away
But my dear
I've been here
And always will be...