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Part 24: Sue Meets a Friend

Update 24 - Sue Meets a Friend

After we finished the Kisaburo arc, we turned on a pump to drain the water in the lower levels of the hospital. If Uma is correct, this should also drain the waters somewhere in the Forest. As there is only one place in the Forest we haven't really explored, and only one place with water in it, and also the the damn banner tells you who we are going after today- our destination should be clear.

Tiny Planets (Slow)

The lake has, indeed, been drained. We can now head over to Sue instead of screaming at her, and finally help the poor girl out.

I feel so bad...

I wish I could remember where we were supposed to meet... But I can't remember much of anything anymore...

Who was counting on you, Sue?
My friend. She needed someone to take care of her... She didn't have anyone to take care of her. She didn't have anyone to love her.

We'll find your friend, Sue. I promise.

Wait, what's that on the ground?

...What do you think it's for, Mom?
Hmm, I'm not sure...
But when I was a little girl, I used a ribbon with a bell on it just like this, as a pet collar.
A pet collar?
Yup! The noise from the bell helped us find our cats and dogs when they were hiding...

Mom, look! It says "Puchi" on the side...
Hmm... that name seems familiar...

Mom's right, we did meet a Puchi a long time ago. It could be a coincidence, but I really doubt it. We can go talk to Sue in her little cave area, but she just repeats what she just said. Poor girl is too depressed to really talk to us right now.

If the puchi we need to talk to is the same Puchi as before, then they were hanging out by the Midnight Tea Shop.

Ride with me

It's still sitting by that tree for some reason. Well we haven't had an opportunity to do a side quest for it, so let's see if this bell rings any memories.

Mom, look!
She's sniffing the bell we picked up back there!
Are you Sue's friend? Do you want us to take you to her?

I think she wants to follow us!
Aww she seems like such a sweet dog...
We'll take you back to your friend, little one.
Yay Mom, let's go!

Puchi has now joined the party! I didn't expect this game to make a crossover with Persona 3, but hey pretty neat. All we have to do is bring Puchi to Sue and we can complete this arc! We can't go through the hospital though, so we need to head through the Forest. How do we do that? Well... remember those rocks blocking our path in the southern part of the main village?

They lead to the dragon's den, so we can easily walk across the Forest without having to head through the hospital first. It makes things feel connected and also reduces the amount of time spent loading, as little as that is to begin with.

Anyway, let's bring Puchi to Sue!

Mom... where did she go?
I'm not sure, dear...

Wow Puchi!

Thanks to Puchi, we now have a new door to explore. Let's not delay, we've got a Sue to help!

Puchi of the City

Well okay... But just don't catch a cold. It's getting chilly these days!
I'll try my best. See ya later, Yuki!

We're now in control of Puchi! Puchi is an adorable Shiba and I want to take her home with me. Sadly, the best I can do is talk to Yuki and see what they say.

It's pretty tough for us strays when the weather starts turning cold. I think it might snow soon! Keep warm, pup!

Aww, it's cute to see the strays all working together. Even if the likelihood of that is really slim in reality . Let's walk across the street and see what's over there.

You can't just go running into the street like that! You're gonna get hit by a car!

Jeez, you're not our mom Mickey! Though we aren't sure who Puchi's mom is to be fair... When we go talk to Mickey, he just says hi. At least his duty of preventing strays from running into the road is a noble one, even if he's not one for conversation.

Oooh, there's a lady walking by us! Maybe she'll want to take us home and give us some food?

This is one mean ass lady. We are just a hungry dog! Look at this face:

Is that the face of a dog that will hurt you? (Puchi's normal dog portrait is so damn adorable and precious)

Since we can't head to the west, we head east. We see a little kid over there, let's talk to him and see if he'll take us home!


While it does make me chuckle that they gave the kids an excuse to be running around in circles, Pokemon Go was a bit of a dated reference even a year ago. This game was in production since about 2013 so it might be a victim of fads coming and going. Still, gotta be careful that references don't seem dated by the time the game hits the market.

What are these two animals up to? Rummaging through a bin?

They came and took him away. Be careful! It's a tough world for us strays!

...Oh. Despite the happy music, this section is utterly depressing me so far.


Just our smell being too good for our own well being.

Well, maybe we can find some food in here. Maybe it's a warehouse and we can just avoid the people inside.

...Uh oh.

Time to scram! Let's run to literally anywhere else. Maybe that cat hiding by the alleyway we saw earlier will hide us when animal control comes.

Toma, dude, this may be a matter of life and death here!

It's okay Puchi, we'll protect you somehow.

You're new around here, aren't ya? Where's your litter? Where's your Ma?
I don't know... I just woke up this morning and they were all gone...
Aw, I'm sorry kid... Well, how 'bout this... If you're lookin' for a warm place to sleep, prove to me you're a good pup. Bring me somethin' to eat and I'll let you sleep in the alley back here.

All the nice cats and dogs hang out back there.
Cats and dogs hang out together?
Of course. In this town we strays gotta stick together. Cat, dog... it don't matter...

Hell, same.

So it's a deal, eh? Bring me some food and you can join us.
I'll try my best!

Well, I believe we got our target! Let's examine the items on the way, maybe we can find something to help us or some food out here that someone's missed!

Darn, beat by just a little bit. Toma definitely would have taken a slice of pizza.

I find this really cute, though I'm not sure why.

This, on the other hand, is not cute.

The other two bins smell like newspapers or have no smell, so let's head inside the convenience store and see if we can get some food for Toma (and ourselves).

Everyone told me that I shouldn't let you be an "outdoor cat" because it's too dangerous in the city... But I wanted you to be free...

Me? Oh... I'm just really worried right now. My cat, Loony... she usually comes home everynight... but last night she didn't return. I had to come to work today, but I'm just worried sick. What if something happened to her? What if she's lost?
You probably can't understand what I'm saying...
Well doggie, I'm so sorry but I can't let you stay inside... My boss has a strict "no dog" policy, so it's not safe for you here. Please take care little one.

And he sends us back outside. At least he was cool and seems like he'd be willing to give us some food! We did see a cat named Loony earlier when we arrived in the area. Maybe that's the same one?

Hey Loony, you're back! Come on in.

We know where Looney is... but we've got the same problem as before. Let's talk to Toma and see if he's willing to be empathetic to our issue.

Hey pup, did ya find any food?
Not yet... Say, who was that cat who just followed you into the alley?
You mean Loony? Real sweet black cat, bright yellow eyes? She's actually not a stray. She has a really nice owner and lives in the apartments around here. But she still hangs out with us... That's rare, ya know?

I know I don't have any food for you yet, but would it be alright if I went into the alley just for a bit... I have a message for Loony... it's about her owner.
He okay?
He's really worried about her. I guess she didn't come home last night.
Hmm... Okay. You seem like an honest pup. I'll let you back there just for a bit. To talk to Loony.

I'll wait here for you.

There's not much to investigate in this area. The cat at the top is snoozing (as expected for a cat) and none of the boxes or bags have anything of interest for us. If we mess with the trash can though...

Cut it out!
Stop it now! Or all you're getting for Christmas is boogers!
Boogers, you know! The stuff that comes out of your nose! Ah you're just a pup... You prolly just wanna play fetch or something... I can't be mad at ya. Tell ya what. Come visit me sometime when I'm not in the middle of a nap and we can hang out. I know a great trash can a few blocks from here that always gets filled up with restaurant food.
Now if you don't mind, I'm going back to sleep.

Puchi is so cute, she's even winning over the raccoons.

With nothing else to see or talk to, let's go speak with Loony and tell her about her master.

Hello Loony... I um... well... I just saw your owner... And um... he seemed really really worried about you. He said you didn't come home last night.
Oh no... I was afraid he'd worry! You see, I don't usually stay away from home for this long, but this was an emergency! My best friend's owner passed away, so he's really sad and needs my company right now.

You've already been such a great help to me during this time. You should go back to him. I'll be fine now.
Kinny, are you sure?
I'm sure. I think I need a nap now anyway.
I'll come back everyday, just as I always do, because you're my best friend.
You're my best friend, too, Loony.

I'm so happy they all get along, it's really adorable and super damn cute.

Thank-you for letting me know about this. Do you think you could take me to my owner?

Loony is added to our party! I'd make another joke about rpg parties, but I don't know if a cat would be a mage or a rogue. I've seen strong arguments for both to be honest.

To leave, we just talk to Toma who let's us head back to the rest of the city. All we have to do is head into the convenience store and hand Loony over to her owner.

Loony? Loony, is that you??

Is this doggie your friend?

Come here, I've got something for you.

You received Fish Cake.

Take care, little one.

Toma will definitely like this! What cat could resist a fish cake? Let's head back and tell him the good news.

Oh my goodness.. that heavenly scent... Is that fish cake??
You can have it if you like.

Awww Puchi. You are being too adorable for your own good right now.

You give Toma the Fish Cake.

I hope you enjoy it.
We're gonna enjoy it together. Come on, pup... you're one of us now.


Courtesy of our new friend Puchi!
Is that fish cake?
And I must say... Champ, you did an amazing job as well.

There are enough donuts here to start our own bakery.
A cat and dog bakery... that'll be the day!
"Welcome to the first official Tokyo Cat and Dog Bakery."
Ha ha ha!
Okay everyone, let's eat!


Oh shit Puchi, just start running! Don't get caught girl!


No Puchi! Go kicking and screaming! Don't let em take you girl!

Okay pup, you're coming with us now.

She's awfully calm for a stray, isn't she?
Yeah... She's a nice dog. It's a shame no one'll adopt her. Too mangy... Such a forlorn look on her face!
Kinda reminds you of Hachiko doesn't she?
Heh, you're right.
A big mangy Akita like Hachiko wouldn't last too long in today's Tokyo... Such a shame. They'll prolly put her down in 7 days like all the others...

You can't put her down!!
Aw, I'm sorry, little girl. I know it sounds really sad, but... There's just too many stray dogs and not enough homes.
No, I mean... You can't put her down because...

Tiny Planets

She's your dog?

What's her name?
Her name...


Puchi! Did you sneak outside again? I told you to stay in the yard!
I see... And where is Puchi's collar?
Oh, um...
Well you see, she keeps taking it off because it's too tight...
Mom's been meaning to get her a new one... One that fits, but...
She works full-time, so she's really busy...

If the dog gets out, it's very dangerous. For people as well as for the dog!
I understand, sir! It won't happen again!
Keep an eye on her.

Phew! That was a close one!
I can't believe they were going to put you down!
Such a nice and beautiful dog like you... I just couldn't let that happen!
Mom and dad would never let me keep a dog as a pet...

Oh! You must be so hungry...
I actually have some leftovers from lunch that you can have...
But we should prolly go someplace safer... Come on, I have just the place!

And that's how Sue and Puchi met. They lived happily ever after and nothing bad ever happened. This is even where the game ends! I swear! It's a cliffhanger, but hey devs gotta make extra money somehow! There most certainly won't be more content tomorrow.