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Part 25: Puchi Meets the Lonely Tree

Update 25 - Puchi Meets the Lonely Tree

Tiny Planets

See this tree?

I call it "The Lonely Tree."
Why do I call it that?
It's all by itself.
It's too tall to talk to the grass...
It doesn't have a whole lot in common with the bushes...

Oh don't worry... the tree isn't lonely when I'm here. And I come here a lot.
It's my favorite place!
When it's hot, the tree gives me shade. When I'm scared, it lets me hide in its branches.
We talk together, and just hang out.
It's nice, ya know?

I'll save part of my lunch for you...
And we can play games together!
How does that sound?
It's a deal then.
I gotta go home now, but...

I wasn't that hungry today, so there's a lot left.
Hope you enjoy!
See you tomorrow, Puchi!

Now it's my turn to hide!
Close your eyes!

Now it is time for the seeking! Unfortunately for Sue, we are a dog and thus have the capacity for sniffing her out... literally.

There's also not that many areas she could be hiding, seeing as how she's not in the bathrooms and we can tell she's not behind the benches. It's funny, I kinda wish this section were a bit bigger because it's utterly adorable from the moment it starts, and I didn't want it to end.

Now it's your turn to hide!


Ha ha, yeah Sue. Tell us how you think they're actually "little planets."
She thinks they're planets?
Ha ha, yeah!!
I don't want to take them out of the jar right now...

Ha ha ha!
She's such a weirdo!
I don't like taking them out at school.

I'm not sure it's possible to hate imaginary child characters as much as I do right now.

They're not just marbles!
So she admits it!
She thinks her marbles are planets!
She's crazy!
Ha ha ha!

Get your scary stray dog away from us!

Oh Puchi... Thank-you.
People don't always like you when you're different.
Maybe it's just how it is. Like how cats and dogs don't get along.
What's that, Puchi?

Wow... that's really cool.
I'd eat at a place like that.

Time to Cross Worlds

No Puchi!
Sorry, girl... it's just that you can't bark around here or we could get in trouble.
Thanks for understanding.

Well... This is my home! I really wish I could show you my room, but Dad's home right now.
He gets pretty angry if he's napping and someone wakes him up.
He came home late last night because he was out playing this grown-up game.

I don't like those games.
But don't worry... I still have lots of cool things I can show you in the yard!

See how low to the ground it was?
I came and checked on them every morning before school.
And one day, the babies flew away!

Hmm... where did I put it?
Here it is!

Sound of glass breaking

Dad's awake... Come on Puchi, we gotta go! Follow me!


That was close. We can hide here until things calm down.

Tiny Planets (Slow)

Wanna look at my marble collection?
I don't have the whole jar with me... but I have a few new ones in my pocket.

Let's see... How about...
This one!

It made me think the tree was giving me a present!
I think this planet has a really big tree in it.
The tree is SO big...
...that everyone lives there together. Inside the tree, there's a room where flower-creatures serve you the most delicious tea ever...

Of course you can sit at the table with me and share my food!
You wanna make up another world?
Okay... what will yours be like?




He just took all his things and now he's gone. He didn't even say goodbye.

Puchi... Do you think he was a bad person?
Do you think he left because he didn't care? Was he afraid? Did he not love us anymore?

I made you something today.
It's your very own collar. I used pink ribbon and a bell I got from school.

Oh! I don't think this collar's gonna be long enough!
That's okay... I have more ribbon at home so I can fix it later.
Okay Puchi, I gotta go early today... Gotta help Mom with some stuff. But I'll see you tomorrow.

Puchi... You're my best friend.

Moving Day

I don't wanna make new friends.
This is my BEST friend.
And she needs me! I can't just leave her!
I don't understand why we have to move anyway... can't I just go to the doctor here?

Sue... I know it's difficult, but your father is not here anymore. Practically speaking, it's just too expensive for us to live here.
Then can I bring my friend with me?
For the last time, no. Now please, Sue, get in the car.

Time to Cross Worlds

I'm not sure, sweetie...
It feels cold... and really empty.
I know, dear.
It's prolly best if we keep walking.

What are you doing here?

I don't know why I'm still here, Boy.
After all the bad things I've done, I don't deserve to still be walking these paths.

I had a life. I had a vice.

So now, I spend my days wandering these worlds, in hopes that I can find something.
To make this pain go away.

Did you take care of her while I was away?

You took care of each other...
She's strong, isn't she.
Maybe you can't change the past. But you can still do something for her, Uma.
What's that?

Even when it didn't seem that way.
Thank-you, Boy. Well... I think the time has come for me to cross these worlds.
It's been a real pleasure.

Mori no Kokoro: Part 4


Oh Puchi... I'm so sorry for leaving you... I remember now... you waited for me by the tree near our old home. I wanted to meet you there, I wanted to so badly...

Thank-you for understanding, girl. I'll never leave you again. I promise.

Mori no Kokoro: The Lonely Tree

The Lonely Tree

Underneath the Lonely Tree.
When I had no one
You cared about me.

You'll be there for me

Only one song left to go. Will we make it there in one piece? I sure won't.