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Part 26: Boy Meets the Stars

Update 26 - Boy Meets the Stars

It's a little jarring but the game fades in on Danielle after we leave the... dimension between worlds? I'm not sure where we were, other than I'd like to not go back. It was very sad there.

You guys are still here??
Hi Danielle!
Since you're still here, you should come join us for Star Night tonight!
What's Star Night again?

This one is utterly deserved

Only the biggest celebration of the whole year...
It's basically the best. Trust me.
When it's time for Star Night, talk to the Chief and he'll walk over with you! See ya soon!

So! We have free reign over our character again. We could do what I did my first playthrough and head straight for the village and go to Star Night... But that would be incredibly dumb and you'd miss out on some real good developments. So first, let's head through that door and see where it takes us.

These Grey Walls (hospital)


Puchi!? How'd you get here?! Oh wow, Sue you must be ecstatic!

Turns out, she'd been waiting for me all this time at the place we used to meet!
I'm so glad she's safe.

While she doesn't say much, she must be exhausted. Getting her best friend back even after everything must have worn her out. So we'll forgive her for not being chatty.

Speaking of chatty, some other people now have things to say about Sue/Puchi.

Ah yes, someone came by earlier to drop the dog off. They said "Puchi" waited for Sue a long time.
That's really sweet. I've always felt that dogs are such loyal companions.

I wonder who dropped the dog off? They would have had to known that Sue knew Puchi... but who could know that?

Winston has also unlocked new dialogue if you ask him about Sue.

Ever since Sue got "Puchi" back, she's been so filled with happiness. It's nice seeing her this way.

This is really heartening to hear.

Sadly, no one else in the hospital has new dialogue in regards to Sue. So ends us wrapping things up post-Sue. It went pretty quick this time!

Let's head off to see the Chief and start Star Night... but first, what does Mom think about things?

It's so exciting that we actually get to go to a real Leeble "Star Night" festival! We should probably see if there's anything we need to help with back in Leeble Village, and if not... Then we can probably talk to the Chief when we're ready to party!

That's our mom letting us know that we should finish side stuff before we go talk to the Chief. We're about to get locked into the endgame! I hope you're excited!

Now let's head for the village!

Welcome to the Forest

A really cool thing is that it actually is night everywhere right now.

Here's how things look from around the world.

I know I've praised the art before, but hot damn if those aren't some nice looking shots. Now, while it'd be easy to just head over to the chief and go to Star Night... let's chat around with the leebles who haven't gone to the festival yet.

It's a fun festival game where you use a paper net to try and catch yourself a pet goldfish! Come see me at Star Night if you'd like to play.

Well we know Winston's going to be there. Who else is going to be there?

And ever year, I win. I don't think there's anyone on this coat who can eat more Sila Berries than me.

It shouldnt' be surprising Bufkus is going- especially if the food is free.

A lot of the other villagers have already headed over to the grounds to help set things up... I can't wait!

Hell you know what? Neither can I! Let's just head over there right no-

How come you're blocking the path again?
Well... as you may or may not know, Star Night's starting really soon. The chief wants everyone who isn't involved with setting up the grounds to head over there together.

Jeez, you're like the 4th person to tell us that!... Okay, you're the first sign to tell us that at least.

I'd let you through, because you're all good in my book... but I don't wanna get in trouble, you know how it is.
Heh yeah I understand.

Well darn. I guess we have to go talk to the chief now. On our way there though, we can check on each of the huts. Since we finished all their quests, all the doors are locked. However, they did place a note on each one.

Always, ~Cora

Sincerely, ~Panky!

Sincerely, ~Danielle

Sincerely, ~The Blacksmith

I love that Jacky's note sounds almost like a threat. Us puny mortals stand no chance next to the game master. Also that he signs his notes, not with his name, but with his title.

Okay, I've dawdled enough. Let's talk to the Chief and head over to the Star Night festival!

Star Night is about to begin! Shall we walk to the festival together?

Let's do it!

Alrighty then, let's go!

Ao Boshi Matsuri

It's truly amazing... what a beautiful festival!
What would you like to do first, dear?

Weeeeeeeeeelcome to Star Night!! Is it your first time here? What am I saying...of COURSE it's your first time here! Well, come on in... make yourselves at home!


There's a little glass marble inside the top of the bottle!
Oh how neat!
When I was a little girl we used to drink Ramune!
A neighborhood boy once told me there was a way to get the marble out of the bottle without breaking it.
But I'm pretty sure he just made that up.

Wait, you know what that means...


Do you think she'd still want it for her collection even though it's inside a bottle?
That's very kind of you dear.
And yes, I'm sure she would very much appreciate that.
Okay then...

Here we are at the fabled Star Night! The area is actually of pretty decent size, we've got another couple of places connected to this one that we'll see. But just about every character in the game is here to be chatted up again! So prepare for a LOT of dialogue. We're gonna jump from one person to the next.

Let's talk up the greeter to begin with.

Checks out.

Ooh a sno-cone sounds fantastic right now! I wonder if Morizora's Forest is hot, I would imagine it's at least humid.

I love checking out all the different treats they have during Star Night. Do you have a favorite?

Oh hey, this is the Minimori who is a food fortune teller. We met his cousin way back in Update 7. Pick your own food, then check your fortune. Don't pick the fortune first! That's cheating!


Takoyaki are delicious! The only problem is that I get too excited and bite into it before it's cooled down! If you eat Takoyaki fast like me, then it means you need to work on your patience. But if you wait for it to cool, it means you are good at savoring life!


Watermelon is my favorite fruit! When I was little, my mom said I kind of looked like a watermelon. Is that good? If you like watermelon, it means that you are easy going and laid back. Hmm... well actually, if the reason you're eating it is because you got really angry and need to cool off... Then the opposite is true!


Dango are so chewy! I think if you like them this means you perservere! You have to chew a lot to finish one!

Hmm, I'm not so sure about these fortunes. But, I'm not the food fortune teller, so you should probably listen to that creature.


Well... this guy showed up too. Let's just move on and hope he doesn't ruin the party for us.

Please tell me you aren't going to get sick later...
I had an eclair, a fruit tart with whipped cream, a sandwich, another sandwich, a pie. a---
I thought you said you were gonna pace yourself!
Wait, does "pace yourself" mean eat until your stomach hurts?
Oh my gosh, no!
Oh, then no, I'm not going to pace myself.

Well, work was pretty good, I had to---OOH LOOK ALICE IT'S PIE!
Yes, there's Sila Berry Pie over there. You had some remember?
Ugh, sorry... Okay so at work today, I was helping to fix---LOOK THERE'S A FIREFLY!!!
Yes, they're everywhere. Go on... you were telling me about work...
Oh my gosh, sorry! Okay so I was helping a customer today at work and---ALICE YOU HAVE EARS!
What? Of course I do! Why would you be surprised by... ugh, nevermind.

I'm not sure what you see in him Alice. I'm sure you could do better.

You can even see one of the lanterns by the bridge!

>What are you doing?

Oh I'm just painting portraits for folks. And face paint for the kids!

>What's the best thing here?

Hm... I really like the Sila Berry donuts over at Panky's! They're delicious!

It's a very special kind of tea that makes you dream the sweetest dreams you've ever had.

Ah, so it's tea mixed with some kind of spirit. Could be good! I don't think I've ever mixed tea with a spirit before, someone get back to me if that's good.

I missed you a lot! Rupert misses you, too... even though he doesn't want to admit it, heh heh.

Still can't believe sugarbaby doesn't have a portrait.

No! Cmon Winston, you gotta let us go again!

Sure enough, he lets us go again and...

The final pet of the game! Saffron the goldfish. We'll see it later on in action, but for now- we've got a party to enjoy!

I'm in charge of coordinating music for the festival tonight, so I wasn't able to bring my sweet Dog Spirit with me... It makes me sad, but I'll see her soon! Anyways, here's a little something to help you remember tonight!

This is the last CD in the game, and it's to the current song! That character is a cameo by Dale North, who composed this song and also guest composed as well as sung Yours- Kisaburo's Mori no Kokoro song.

Moving more to the right, we get to see a lot more booths set up as well as Rupert and NO HOLDS BARD!!! Hmm, who should we talk to first...

Like it was even a question.

That's it for our bards. One last solo before they fade into the night...

I brought many different teas to share with folks tonight. But the most special tea of all, as you know, is our Midnight Tea.
What's it like?

It's really good until you drink so much of it that you think wherever you fall is just your bed for the night because you are NOT getting back up again.

Well... It tastes sweet, though there's no sugar. It will make you feel cozy and warm... as if you were at home. But the real reason it's so special... is that after drinking it, you'll have the sweetest dreams you've ever had.

Not only does that description sound like alcohol, but that last part sounds like a complete fabrication. I can't think of a single time where drunk dreams have been a good thing.

Care to try some? Although I must warn you... once you drink it, you'll surely fall asleep.

Yeah...this is the way to end the party. So we are going to tell her no for now, and come back later.

It's strange this random vendor gets a portrait yet none of the other generic leebles do.

>What are you doing?

For the first time in ages, I'm taking a break of course! Actually, I'll tell you guys what I'm REALLY doing. I'm secretly studying the science behind festival games.
The science behind games?
Let's just say the Chief decides to bring out a bean bag tossing game. Check this out... If you flatten the bean bag before you toss it, you have a greater chance of knocking more things over. It's nothing more than maximizing surface area! I've got this in the bag.

Yeah, the bea-


What does it say about me that I thought of that bean bag pun right before the game told it to me, not just while writing this update, but also while playing? Also, Jacky is a bit of a, as the kids say, try hard.

>What's the best thing here?

I would say the bread, except Panky is not baking it correctly. He isn't using the right ratio of flour to leavening agent, so the optimal "bread height" has not been achieved. But "bread height" aside... the bread is very good. TOO GOOD.

Jacky seems like one of those people that would cook by following a boring recipe exactly, and not add any spices or extras to it.

>Where's your husband?

Ugh. He couldn't make it tonight.
He's playing some dumb card game with one of his bear-friends. "Super Dragon Mage Wizard Warrior Wizards" or something...

God, wizards are bad enough but can you imagine a wizard warrior wizzard? Double the wizard, double the dickishness.

>Did you ever get a 5th cat?

I got something even better, actually. Her name is Peach.

>What's for sale?

You're in luck! My plushies were selling like hotcakes, but---

My hotcakes were selling like plushies!

As I was saying... I'm nearly sold out, but I have one very special plushie left! It's yours for the low low price of 10G.

You received the Panky Doll.

I'm pretty sure those Panky portraits are only used there. They made two whole portraits for one joke. This isn't me complaining by the way, I'm smiling like a doofus over it. As well, we received the last doll in the game! This completes our collect-a-thon for the Patient lounge! I'm looking forward to seeing the final look of the lounge.

Hah! I'm a BEAR!

Well ask him this: Did he ever eat so many pancakes that they had to carry him away in a stretcher? Because that was me, the LAST THREE YEARS!

At first, the town was really concerned about it. But now the leebles have a competition to see who can go the farthest carrying Bufkus before they get a hernia.

That' for Panky. It's kinda weird how little content he has for being someone that's somewhat of a major character.

Don't you judge me!

Ah yes, his... "cousins."

It's a beautiful night, though this humidity is terrible for my powdered wig...

Rupert's on my wavelength and asking the true hardball questions- is it hot in Morizora's Forest?

I don't think we need to wait long for that to happen...

But when I listen to his stories with my Ma, she just can't help herself... If she's heard the story before, she always reveals the ending before the Chief has a chance to get to that part!

He was just her long lost nephew in disguise this whole time!
Maaa! Why are you always giving away the endings?
Oh, I just wanted to make sure you understood because it's kind of complicated.
But he hasn't even gotten to that part yet!

My brother was always like this when he was younger. He'd tell me about a new movie/game that he liked and would tell me why he liked it by starting at the ending and working backwards. Making things... a bit hard for me to get interested in these things.

That's all for the chief. He was actually a non-entity this story. It's kinda surprising. Usually village chiefs are supposed to be like very involved in things and quest givers. This one sent us to the blacksmith immediately and just kinda wished us luck on our adventures.

Not only is that it for the chief- that's it for Star Night! It was pretty cool to see everyone in the game for another hoorah! But it's time for us to go try a cup of spiked tea Midnight tea!

I just brewed a fresh pot of Midnight Tea... I guarantee it will give you the sweetest dreams. Care to try some? Although I must warn you... once you drink it, you'll surely fall asleep.

We are all done here, we may as well try some of this tea and see if we like it.

Are you sure you're done experiencing Star Night? I'm quite serious when I say it will make you fall into a deep slumber...

This is the game giving you the second prompt to make sure you're doubly aware that this ends the festival. It's real nice of the devs to do this since, even today, some games will still be a little vague on if doing an action locks out side stuff or puts you on the path of no return.

What will our Boy dream about?