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Part 29: A Mother's Longest Day

Update 29 - A Mother's Longest Day

Kami Kabuto Hero

I'm not feeling good, Mom...
I'm sorry honey... I'll see if I can find something for us to do.

We've got control of Mom again. Let's call the nurses, maybe they can give us something for our boy to play with while he's stuck in bed.

>When will the doctor be here?

Your doctor should be making her rounds shortly.

>Do you have any activities?

We do! The children's lounge has all sorts of things, but if your son isn't feeling well enough to leave the room, hm... I believe there should be some paper and crayons in the drawers.

Let's go check and get that for him.

You received Paper and Crayons!

Cool! We got something to maybe entertain him, let's show him and see if that perks him up.

I had another bad dream...

Everyone's gonna look at me funny... I don't want people to stare at me.
Oh sweetie...
You know...
I just remembered something really important... Something your father and I have been meaning to teach you...
What is it?

A helmet that looks like the helmets samurai used to wear in battle!
Will you teach me, Mom... please?
Of course... And lucky for you, I found some paper right in our room!
Let's get to work...

You look great.
Like a real samurai.
Thank-you Mom.


Looks like our mom came to get a bite to eat. I wonder how long she's been at the hospital? We can talk to the Shift Leader, we haven't seen her since we gave her that last Peanut Chew Chews.

How's your son doing today?
He's hanging in there... Misses the rest of the family, but they'll be visiting soon. I think he'll be especially happy to see his Dad. How are you doing today?
I'm on my break right now, and they restocked the vending machine so... Not too shabby.

Restocked the vending machine, eh? I think Mom would like to grab something for herself.

Selecting anything other than Green Tea, just has Mom tell us she doesn't want that. So, Green Tea it is!

You received Greem Tea.

I've been craving this all day.

The screen begins to shake.

Oh my gosh!
I have to find my son!

My home is underwater

During this entire section, the screen is shaking constantly with bigger shakes every 2-3 seconds. So it's kinda annoying to control, but uh considering we're in the middle of an earthquake, it makes sense!

We don't actually know which room our kid is in, just that we have to find him.

Not this one!

It's actually hard to try and talk to people because they are, understandably, freaking the hell out. Most of them running around in circles at a decent speed while the screen is shaking kinda makes it hard to engage in dialogue.

There's an area to the south that's all alone and has no one there. As I'm sure you can guess, this is where we need to go.

Hold tight dear, I'm almost there!

Keeper of the Key

We've got control again for a little bit. Let's see how that nurse is doing, before we talk to our boy.

It's pretty tough getting everything taken care of on a few hours of electricity each day... Still though, I can't complain. We're lucky to have these generators... And VERY lucky so much of our hospital wing was still left intact!

Nothing else in the room has changed.

So let's talk about the setting of the game. I'm sure you can guess that the game takes place in Japan. That earthquake happening wasn't just a random story event, it's the inspiration for the game itself. The setting itself is never actually spelled out to you, though there are a lot of hints dropped, specifically Gemma's arc was hinting at what was to come. Which is why I feel it didn't really get rewritten or worked on later when the devs shifted to less focus on gameplay. It's somewhat needed to drop some foreshadowing that only vaguely exists otherwise.

Anyway, let's talk to our Boy. I'm sure he's got some things to talk about.

Mom... Did you see outside?
There's water EVERYWHERE!
I know, dear... That's why we all have to stay indoors right now.
Will we have to swim everywhere?
The water will eventually return to normal, so no.

You don't need to worry about that...
When it's Dad's time to come home, the plant has arranged for special transportation.

I miss him.
Me too, dear...
But we're gonna see him soon enough.

>Would you like a snack?

Are you hungry at all? Would you like me to grab you something from the cafeteria?
Thanks Mom, but...
I'm not really hungry at all.

>Do you want to draw?

Would you like to draw some pictures? We could draw the dinosaurs from the latest episode of NekoPan Man!
Naw... that's okay...

>Speaking of water...

Did I ever tell you about my friend from Fiji!
Well from what I've heard...

To their friends' houses, to the park, even to school! They just hope in the water and go!
Won't their books get wet?
I think everything they need is just kept at the school.
Which is pretty important if you think about it...



The phone has started ringing. Probably one of the nurses telling us about getting some medication for the kid.

Talking to the boy instead of answering just has him tell you to get the phone. Which I hear him say in that "Mom hurry up!!" voice kids have.

Hi honey, it's me...

Oh honey, I'm so happy to hear from you... We all miss you so much...
I miss you too, I've been thinking about all of you...

Eating Ramen and Singing Fight Songs

Is everything alright?
Our team is gonna have to stay at the plant a bit longer...
But don't you worry... we're a strong bunch!

And when the work is done, we'll all get to go home...

I love you too.
They're calling us back now... take care of them for me.

Kami Kabuto Hero

...Well uh, we've got control back. I'm kinda afraid to relinquish control again considering what keeps happening when I do. I guess, we should talk to people around us- see what they have to say about everything going on.

We're so lucky to be this high up... People are saying the water washed away all the food and medicine from the ground floor...

I think it's nice how they've been using the bulletin boards for those articles...
The ones about your husband and all those other workers... I don't have much, but I just wanted to say that if you ever need anything, please let me know.

Danielle, mentions the bulletin board next to the vending machine. Let's see what it has to say.

dangers of their assignment. However, according to Prime Minister Naoto Kan, the workers were "prepared for death"--

If you figured out the setting, then you surely know where the Boy's dad worked... And why there was no happy ending coming from that.

I wonder if they'd let us take the sample drinks outta the display...

There's still water in the hospital. It's... starting to make sense why, in the boy's nightmare version of the hospital, there's water everywhere and no one is around.

Why don't you check back in a little bit... I'm sure he'd love a visit from you.

operators resulted in the successful shutdown of all four operating reactors--

They truly are heroes, and will always be remembered.

likely to appear before a natural death in older workers, some of the younger workers were given the option to leave. However, a strong sense of loyalty to their coworkers and community prevented them from leaving the ill-fated nuclear power plant--

I think that's either an incorrect statement or transcribed incorrectly. Wouldn't it be the opposite, that the effects wouldn't be noticed in older workers before they died? I mean, if you're 60, you are unlikely to really care about the long term effects on your health compared to a 20 year old.

I mean, our hospital's been hit pretty hard by all this... but I still feel like it's nothing compared to what they went through. Your husband's a real hero... staying behind like that to take care of the power plant...

We've talked to everyone in the area. Let's head back to the doctor and see if we can see our boy yet.

Okay, come with me...

...Mom, is that you?
Yes dear... how are you feeling?
I'm okay... I feel like I'm moving, like we're in a car. Are we in a car?
No, dear...
Oh... okay. How are you?

Yes, dear... noodles.


I'm sorry, dear... that wasn't a dream.

That's what I thought...
But I want you to know that no matter what, I will always be there for you.


But Mom...

Dark Heart

We've jumped back to the hospital. There's no more past shenanigans. It's time to save our son...

I'm so scared...

I'm too weak and too sick, how could I ever help anyone with anything?
Go to sleep.

The person who left me did have a choice.
He had the chance to come home, and he didn't.
Why didn't you come home...
Go to sleep.

He left us alone.
But now I'm gonna leave her, too. I'm not ready. I don't want to leave.

Uhhhhhhh, well it's good to see Giygas' kids are getting work.

Go to sleep.

>Talk to him

It's okay sweetie... I'm right here. You're not alone at all.

>Talk to him

It's okay to be afraid. It's okay to feel that way.

>Talk to him

My dear... I don't want you to worry. Everything is gonna be okay.
How can you say that? It's not okay! I'm not okay... I can hear what the doctors say about me. I know I'm all messed up inside.
Sweetie... Remember what I told you before?
You're in good hands. Your doctor is one of the best doctors in the whole world! The hospital is giving you treatments that have helped many other children get 100% better.

I'm too weak and too sick to ever help anyone, I'm no hero.

>Talk to him

Oh sweetie, your Dad loved you so very much...
If he loved us, then why didn't he come home? They gave him the chance to leave the power plant, but he didn't take it.
I know it my heart that your Dad believed this was the best way to protect us.

>Talk to him

Sweetie, you're not gonna die... The doctors are doing everything they can to help you get better. Your latest tests showed so much improvement. I know it's tough, but we gotta try to stay positive.

But what if I do die?
That's not gonna happen.

>Talk to him

It's not gonna happen.

>Sing to him

Mori no Kokoro: Walking Through The Night

Walking Through the Night

It is time
For you to tell the world goodnight
It might be dark inside

Mori no Kokoro

Mori no Kokoro

Mori no Kokoro

It is time
For you to tell the world goodnight
It might be dark inside
But there are still stars shining in the sky

I am here.
And everything will be alright
I am right here by your side as we go walking...

Keeper of the Key

I'm all alone. I'm all alone and I'm so afraid.
Yami... Yami, it's okay! You're not alone. I'm not gonna leave you.
...You're not?
No, I'm not... It's okay...



Kami Kabuto Hero

It's been a long day, huh?
The longest day of my life.

We're almost there, sweetie. We're almost there.

Thank-you, Mom.

Mom's letting us know that this is indeed the end. Talking to Morizora ends the game, I and I'm sure many others walked straight into his den because you're right at the end, why stop? Well, like Earthbound and Undertale with it, almost everyone got a new line or two just now. The game is almost over... but not quite. We will say our goodbyes and farewells before we meet with Morizora...