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Razor: Freestyle Scooter

by GamesAreSupernice

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Original Thread: A playable advertisement. - Let's Play Razor: Freestyle Scooter [VLP]



Let's Play Razor: Freestyle Scooter

Freestyle Scooter is a Tony Hawk-like originally released on the PS1. It's an advertisement for the Razor brand of scooters, and generally the nicest thing people have to say about it is that it's playable and functions as one would expect. There are only three real levels, and then six "secret" challenges that can be completed to unlock characters. This is kind of pointless though, since all the characters control the same.

What are you doing this for?

This game is pretty weird, and I like to share weird things. Plus, it's a short game. Like, unreasonably short. The fastest Any% speedrun of this thing is just over 2 minutes, including the intro cutscene. I'm not going to be 100%ing this game either, because some of the challenges are boring or downright frustrating to complete. I will still show all of the real levels and at least a couple of the "secret" challenges, but it's still going to be an incredibly short ride.


That's everything!
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